Winifred Fletcher
Winnifred Fletcher
Gender: Female
Age: Elderly
Nationality: British
Hometown: London, (The Fletcher Homestead)
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Reginald Fletcher (husband)
Lawrence Fletcher (Son)
Adrian Fletcher (Son)
Angus (Possible son)
Maura (Possible daughter)
Ferb Fletcher (Grandson)
Phineas Flynn (Step-grandson)
Candace Flynn (Step-granddaughter)
Eliza Fletcher (Granddaughter)
Three grandsons named Beckham
Two grandsons named Pelé
A Scottish grandson (Possible grandson)
Linda Flynn
Lucy Fletcher
Mr. Fletcher (Father-in-law)
Mrs. Fletcher (Mother-in-law)
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "A Hard Day's Knight"
Final Appearance:
  "Happy New Year!"
Voiced by:
Jane Carr

"Dinner's at 19:00. That's 7:00 for you Yanks!"
— Winifred in her house.[src]

Winifred Fletcher is the wife of Reginald Fletcher, mother of Lawrence Fletcher and Adrian Fletcher, and grandmother of Ferb, Phineas, and Candace. She lives with her Husband somewhere in England's countryside at the Fletcher Homestead.


Winifred and Ferb2
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Background Information

  • She has a great passion for tea.
  • She is a great fan of the Sherlock Holmes book series and has the complete set of the book series. ("Elementary My Dear Stacy")
  • She wears plugs in her nose because of the smell of her husband's feet. ("Picture This")
  • She is nicknamed "Winnie" by Reginald because of her first name.


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