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"Dinner's at 19:00. That's 7:00 for you Yanks!"
— Winifred in her house.[src]

Winifred Fletcher, also known as Winnie (by her husband) is the wife of Reginald Fletcher, mother of Lawrence and Adrian Fletcher, and grandmother of Ferb Fletcher, as well as Eliza Fletcher and her five little brothers. She might be the grandmother of Ferb's Scottish cousin. She is also the step-grandmother to Phineas, and Candace Flynn.

Winifred is British and lives with her husband at the Fletcher Homestead. The house is located somewhere on the English countryside, next to a large castle. (”A Hard Day's Knight”) She is a great fan of the Sherlock Holmes books and has the complete set of the book series. ("Elementary My Dear Stacy") She also has a great passion for tea.

Physical Appearance

Winifred is an old, plump woman, although she has thin legs. She has white hair ties back in a low knot. Her nose is very long and she wear glasses.

Winifred wears a purple dress with white lace and a button close to the neck. She also has purple ear rings. Outdoors, she wears a long, light brown jacket and a hat with a red feather.


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Background Information

  • She wears plugs in her nose because of the smell of her husband's feet. ("Picture This")
  • She is nicknamed "Winnie" by Reginald because of her first name.