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Where's My Perry? was the name of a Phineas and Ferb-themed spinoff game of the popular Disney Interactive game "Where's My Water?" featuring Perry the Platypus (aka "Agent P"). The game was released on June 28th, 2012 for Apple iOS systems as well as Android powered devices. Its current version was 1.6.1.

On December 6, 2013, a version called Where's My Valentine? was released, with 12 loved-themed levels, featuring Swampy and Perry.

The app is no longer available in the Play Store or App Store.


In Perry's attempts to reach the Organization Without a Cool Acronym's headquarters, he manages to get stuck. So, in order to help him out, you have to guide water through the game's various levels.

"Where's My Perry?" keeps the familiar game mechanics of "Where's My Water?", challenging players to guide water with their fingers across the levels of game play. The game includes the addition of several "-inators", Dr. Doofenshmirtz's gadgets, which instantly turn a body of water into steam, ice or sludge, even a "Celebrate-inator" turning whatever is around into confetti. Locked missions can be unlocked with The Lock Pick Without a Cool Acronym (L.P.W.C.A.), which costs $0.99. "Where's My Perry?" also features original voices from Phineas and Ferb, and animated outro scenes to create the game's unique storyline.


Where's My Perry?

  • Mission 1 - "An Agent I Can Trust"
  • Mission 2 - "A Thousand Times Over"
  • Mission 3 - "The Puppetmaster"
  • Mission 4 - "The Fall of Major Monogram"
  • Mission 5 - "A Platypus Never Forgets"
  • Mission 6 - "Memoirs of a Monogram"
  • Mission 7 - "The Last Laugh"
  • Mission 8 - "The Voice of Destiny"
  • Mission 9 - "The Test of a True Agent"

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated

  • Evil Mission 1 - "In the Hot Seat"
  • Evil Mission 2 - "No Agent Left Behind"
  • Evil Mission 3 - "Falling to Pieces"

Calling All Agents

  • Mission 1 - "Danger Comes in Threes"
  • Mission 2 - "The Unblinking Eyes"
  • Mission 3 - "Battle a la Mode"


An Agent I Can Trust

Power to the Tube

Around the Rock

Unification Day

Out to Launch

Fruity Rainbow Flakes

Behold: The Celebrator-inator!

Over the Top

Behold: The Heatinator

Steam Stream

Warning: Lasers Convert Water

Mysterious Force

Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror

Swimming Up Steam

Steamed Up

Pool Party


Rainy Day


Block Party

Trip the Lights Fantastic

A Thousand Times Over


Cold Fusion

The Great Switcheroo

Frozen Waterfall

Warning: Don't Chill Out

Chill Out!

Tortoise vs. Hare

Sludge Stopper


Jump the Sludge

Explosion Maze

Self-Destruct Mechanism

Reverse Icicle

Don't Do It

Tri-Gnome-ial Cubed

Floor After Floor

Over the Frozen Waterfall

Open Sesame


...Try, Try Again

The Puppetmaster

Boiler Maker



Ice Bridge

Ice Maker

Rise and Fall

Big Red Button

Double Tap

Note the Manually Operated Spout

Connect the Ice

Ice Skating

Block of Ice

Fill in the Cracks

The Many Many Uses of Sludge

Down Up Down

Under the Frozen Waterfall

Over the Wall

Two Shot Wonder


Secret Files



More Agents

More Doof-Inators

Doof's Evil Agents

  • Evil Agent R (Radio)
  • Evil Agent M (Microwave)
  • Evil Agent CH (Chair)
  • Evil Agent AC (Alarm Clock)
  • Evil Agent LT (Laptop)
  • Evil Agent DL (Desk Lamp)
  • Evil Agent PP (Potted Plant)
  • Evil Agent S (Sunflower)
  • Evil Agent C (Cactus)
  • Evil Agent TB (Teddy Bear)
  • Evil Agent T (Train)
  • Evil Agent D (Doll)


  1. "An Agent I Can Trust" - Complete all levels in "An Agent I Can Trust".
  2. "A Thousand Times Over" - Complete all levels in "A Thousand Times Over".
  3. "The Puppetmaster" - Complete all levels in "The Puppetmaster".
  4. "The Fall of Major Monogram" - Complete all levels in "The Fall of Major Monogram".
  5. "Tri-Gnome Mission 1" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "An Agent I Can Trust".
  6. "Tri-Gnome Mission 2" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "A Thousand Times Over".
  7. "Tri-Gnome Mission 3" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "The Puppetmaster".
  8. "Tri-Gnome Mission 4" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "The Fall of Major Monogram".
  9. "Secret Agent" - You found your first secret file.
  10. "Top Secret Agent" - You found 10 secret files.
  11. "Super Secret Agent" - Find all of the secret files.
  12. "Friend of Balloony" - You unlocked a bonus level.
  13. "Best Balloony Buddy" - Complete all bonus levels.
  14. "Efficient Cut" - You cut the dirt with 2 fingers at once.
  15. "Confidence" - You completed level 1-10 "Warning: Lasers Convert Water" with only 1 cut.
  16. "Persistence" - You completed a level after retrying or more times.
  17. "Quick Finish" - Completed level 4-19 "Party Time" with a time bonus of 50 seconds or more.
  18. "A Platypus Never Forgets" - Complete all levels in "A Platypus Never Forgets".
  19. "Tri-Gnome Mission 5" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "A Platypus Never Forgets".
  20. "Memoirs of a Monogram" - Complete all levels in "Memoirs of a Monogram".
  21. "Tri-Gnome Mission 6" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "Memoirs of a Monogram".
  22. "The Last Laugh" - Complete all levels in "The Last Laugh".
  23. "Tri-Gnome Mission 7" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "The Last Laugh".
  24. "The Voice of Destiny" - Complete all levels in "The Voice in Destiny".
  25. "Tri-Gnome Mission 8" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "The Voice of Destiny".
  26. "The Test of a True Agent" - Complete all levels in "The Test of a True Agent".
  27. "Tri-Gnome Mission 9" - You Tri-Gnomed all levels in "The Test of a True Agent".

Background Information

  • There's dossiers of the other O.W.C.A. agents, and some of Doof's inators, which are unlocked in each of the levels.
  • Balloony is featured in the bonus levels.
  • Swampy from Where's My Water? make cameos in the trailer.
    • A crudely drawn Swampy is seen drawn on the fence next to the tree in the Main Menu screen.
  • Mrs. Monogram's middle name is revealed at the end of Mission 5.
  • In the title screen, sometimes when one clicks the play button, Perry puts on his fedora and the trash can lights up revealing an elevator. The music on the elevator is the original version of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" as sung by James Baskett in the controversial 1946 Disney movie Song of the South.
  • The game spawned two free spin-offs, "Where's My Holiday?", which has both Swampy and Perry-themed games, and "Where's My Summer?", which stars Perry.
  • This is the first time Pinky the Chihuahua battles Doofenshmirtz.
  • Second time a Major Monogram puppet is seen. ("Sci-Fi Pie Fly")
  • There are at least three hidden levels:
    • On the credits page, touch the rubber duck.
    • On the achievements page, scroll past the bottom and touch the snowflake.
    • On the secret files page, scroll past the top and touch the rollercoaster car.


  • At the end of "A Thousand Times Over", Major Monogram and Carl celebrate Perry's 1,000th lair entrance, possibly meaning that this took place the day after the events of the episode "Skiddley Whiffers", where they were celebrating Perry's 999th lair entrance.



  • On the app store, there was a free version of the app with advantages for users who purchase the full version.
  • Sometimes when you press play on the title screen, Perry will not jump into the trash can, but instead put his finger against it, which make the can resemble an elevator with blinking lights opening a door and elevator music. Perry will then step inside and the lift will go down briefly before the elevator shows its can guise again.
    • The music that plays in the elevator is actually “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” from the Disney film “Song of then South”.


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