Wendell is a member of the Bug Trio. He is neither as dim as Floyd nor as bright as Napoleon.


Like the rest of the bugs, Wendell lives in Danville High School. He is first seen with Napoleon and Floyd spotting Heinz Doofenshmirtz giving his genetics lecture to the students. Napoleon suggests of having himself and his friends to become the first insects to communicate with humans, to which Wendell and Floyd agree. To do so, they would have to do climb up to the table and hoist up a banner to greet the humans. Wendell attempts to throw up a hook to the top of the table, but accidentally grabs a beaker instead, triggering an event when one of Doofenshmirtz's students (Johnny) becomes a mutant. Despite several difficulties, the bugs manage to make to the top of the table, but Napoleon is annoyed that Wendell and Floyd have misspelled their banner. As Napoleon berates the two for their stupidity, the bugs are then accidentally squashed by Doofenshmirtz's Evil Science 101 book, just as Doofenshmritz finishes his lecture to the students after turning Johnny back to normal. After Doofenshmirtz leaves with his daughter Vanessa, the bugs are revealed to have survived the book squash, with Wendell claimed that he 'bivouacked'. ("Doof 101")

Wendell and his friends later try to apply to O.W.C.A. in person after their paper applications are lost among New Year's party confetti. Although inadvertently helping O.W.C.A.'s new agents defeat the infamous Professor Parenthesis, Wendell and his friends fail to be noticed and are last seen at the site of an impressive explosion, which he survived.[1] ("O.W.C.A. Files")



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