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"Wedding Adventure"
Wedding Adventure Chant
Song by Phineas, Ferb and Cast
Genre(s): Pop, Punk, Skate punk, Alternative Rock
Length: 1:12
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Phineas and Ferb - Wedding Adventure

Phineas and Ferb - Wedding Adventure

"Wedding Adventure" is a song sung mainly by Phineas and Ferb, to celebrate Tiana Webber's and Bob Webber's Wedding Day ("Candace's Big Day").


Phineas: With every step you take,
The journey of your life
And your adventure begins
As husband and wife,
The one you love is here,
He's making things okay
Bob: Okay!
Phineas: Just think of all the adventures on their way!

Ferb and Chorus: Bull running!
Bungee jumping!

Hang gliding!
Base jumping!
All: Wedding adventure!

Ferb and Chorus: Snowboarding!
Scuba diving!
Treasure hunting!
Whip cracking!
Head banging!
Foot stomping!
All: Wedding adventure!

Phineas: Bob and Tiana are husband and wife,
They're gonna have the time of their life

Ferb and Chorus: Ski jumping!
Snake charming!
Cow tipping!
Hamster chasing!
Cake baking!
Car washing!
All: Wedding adventure!

Phineas and Ferb: Remember every step that you take
Started with Candace's chicken cake!
Chicken: Ba-kaw!

Phineas: It doesn't matter how you choose to toss the dice,
All: Your marriage is the adventure of your life


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BMI Work #12118331

Background Information

  • Ferb's wearing the same sunglasses he wore in "Ride From Outer Space".
  • Some things mentioned in the song, such as car-washing, bull-running and treasure hunting, have also been done by Phineas and friends.
  • This is similar to the songs "Spa Day" and "Atlantis" (starting off slow, suddenly everything goes fast).
  • In the line bull-running, Buford is the bull, which could also be a reference to when Candace earns the "Running with the Bulls" and the "Running with the Bullies" patches ("Fireside Girl Jamboree").
  • During the "foot stompin'" line, Isabella is seen wearing an outfit typical from Andalusia, a zone of Spain.
  • This song might be also a reference to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song "By the Way" which has a quite similar song structure.
  • The scene where Bob and Tiana kiss was deleted when it premiered in India as it was considered different from Indian culture.


  • While Isabella is bungee-jumping, her top is all orange when it was supposed to be orange and white.

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