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"Weaponry" is a song from "Norm Unleashed". It's sung by Norm while he rampages through the city.


Norm: La, la, la, la,
It's the way to get it done,
It's effective, and it's fun!
If you want to make them fall on bended knee at your command,
Bow their heads and swear that you're the leader of the land,
State your wishes in a language they all understand
With weaponry
That's the plan!

If power's on your shopping list
Then use the elbow and the fist,
Pummel 'em until they get the gist
Just make an example of
Representative sample of
And most of them will not be missed

You can beat 'em up by any means
Or blow them all to smithereens!
A favorite of this sentient machine
Never mind the fatalities
Where there's municipalities
To crush a set of with the threat of

Will inspire Dr. D,
To have confidence in me!
If I'm gonna be a conqueror and win my father's love,
I'll take it to the people with the eagle, not the dove
If there's one thing that obedience is symptomatic of,
It's W-E-A-P-O-N-R-Y:
From above!


BMI Work #15550988

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