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"Ah, Agent Pinky. Professor Poofenplotz has made a barrage of inquiries, about hairspray of all things. It's all very suspicious, so suss it out and put the kibosh on it!"
— Admiral Acronym

Admiral  Wanda Acronym is presumably one of the leaders of the O.W.C.A. She is the head of the Division that Pinky is in, acting as Pinky's commanding officer in the same fashion as Major Monogram to Perry. She mentions that Pinky's nemesis, Professor Poofenplotz, has stolen handbags in the Tri-State Area ("Day of the Living Gelatin"). She later sends Agent Pinky to stop Poofenplotz when she inquires about hairspray ("Isabella and the Temple of Sap"), as well as when Poofenplotz researches royal jelly ("Bee Story")


Background Information

  • The credits to "Isabella and the Temple of Sap" refer to this character as Admiral Acronym, with her voice being provided by Jane Leeves.
  • The first letter in her name is an upside down M, the first letter of "Monogram." Also, "Acronym" and "Monogram" both describe a group of initials.
  • She talks in a British accent and has met Perry.
  • Much like Monogram, she has an intern. Her intern is named Carla and it is implied that she is related to Carl in some way, since Acronym states that she "comes from an entire family of unpaid interns".


  • In "Phineas and Ferb Save Summer", the O.W.C.A. was declared to be shut down because of its budget going over thanks to a ballroom fiasco. However, Major Monogram suggested that he just create a new O.W.C.A. and fires his superior in order to keep costs down on leadership. It is unknown if Admiral Acronym is affected by this, either she would be fired because of the original agency shutdown or she would go on to join in Monogram's new agency to keep her job.
  • Admiral Acronym was first referred to as Wanda, her first name. Until Bee Story, her "code name" was not revealed.


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