Wallace Shawn
250px-Wallace Shawn
Birth Name
Wallace Michael Shawn
Gender   Male
Date of birth
November 12, 1943
Place of birth
New York, NY
Characters portrayed

Wallace Shawn is a U.S. actor, playwright, and essayist. His best-known film roles include Wally Shawn in My Dinner with Andre (1981), Vizzini in The Princess Bride (1987), and Rex the toy dinosaur in the Toy Story animated film series. Among his other known voice acting roles include Mr. Huph in The Incredibles and Bertram in Family Guy. He provided the voice of Saul, the nebbish cavern tour guide in "Phineas and Ferb Save Summer". He also played the recurring role of Grand Nagus Zek on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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