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"Walking Through an Alien Landscape" is a song originally intended for "The Chronicles of Meap" to be played as the kids wander through Mitch's alien zoo. It was replaced with a more upbeat instrumental.[1]


I'm walking through an alien landscape
Lit up by 27 moons
Flying trees land atop a ginormous bird
Who's singing colors instead of tunes

I'm walking through an alien landscape
Hearing sounds that I ain't never heard
If I was ever forced to describe 'em
I'd have to make up brand new words

I'm walking through an alien landscape
But I better be prepared to run
This path might lead to brand new danger
The next might lead to brand new fun

I'm walking through an alien landscape
With shapes passing by in a blur
I'm talking to the sky – who, what, when, where, why
And the stars hang on every word

Background information

  • Description given by Jon Colton Barry:
This was intended for the "Chronicles of Meap" episode when the kids go exploring through all the various alien terrains in the "zoo" on Mitch's ship. There were spoken lyrics written for it, but they were never recorded, This was made on Garage Band by looping something like 30 different samples. The vibe is pretty trippy, but the episode ended up needing a little more fun than mental freak -out during that section, Oh well.[1]



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