We have a warning for those of you who reside in Broward County, Florida this Friday: If a character or cast member from "Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!" invites you to do the Platypus Walk, join them!

Bailey Callahan, who plays Candace in the theatrical staging of the show, posted on her Facebook page that the cast will be in South Florida dancing with "flash mobs" on the morning and afternoon of March 2 (no word if they will be dressed in costume) before their weekend shows to promote Platypus Day a day beforehand, more commonly known to Disney Channel promoters as Platypus Eve, by the way.

And speaking of the aforementioned Platypus Day, Disney Store shops around the USA will be giving away a free secret Perry the Platypus gift just for visiting on Saturday, March 3rd. Supplies, though, will be limited to what's at hand, so please try to get there early.

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