Around two years ago, I ended up becoming part of the Phineas and Ferb Wiki's social networking team by chance. I had submitted a number of posts on the Wiki's Facebook page linking to news and interesting links regarding Phineas and Ferb, which caught the attention of one of our admins and the proprietor of the Wiki's social media feeds, Topher208. Since then, I've been doing the bulk of the tweeting, Facebooking, retweeting and posting links to articles about the show and reminders of new episode airdates. When Jeff "Swampy" Marsh joined Twitter last year, it led to Dan Povenmire becoming a compulsive tweeter on his own long-active account and the both of them, along with a number of the cast and crew, have been tweeting some interesting and even often amusing behind-the-scenes photos. This year, even Dr. Doofenshmirtz joined the Twitterati, with a comical authorized Twitter feed tied in to his own series of YouTube videos commenting on Internet culture. The P&F Wiki Twitter has been retweeting these as well.

Today, I'm pleased to announce a third member to our social networking team, who caught my attention the same way I caught Topher's. Besides writing some great blog posts and articles for the Tri-State Gazette, Mouseinphilly has been posting links to the Doof's Daily Dirt videos and more recently doing some nice and often amusing reminders of cast and crew birthdays. It's because of this that I brought the possibility of him joining the team to Topher's attention. He agreed that he'd make a nice addition, and I'm pleased to announce that Mouseinphilly has accepted my invitation. Alongside Topher and myself, we hope to continue to be the social networking universe's top source for Phineas and Ferb-related news, information, and general insanity (because, let's face it, that always seems to be a part of the equation whenever Phineas and Ferb are involved).

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