Welcome my comrades to the Blog of Bob, I've recently noticed a trend of people begging for a new series in which Phineas and Ferb are in school, I ask you my civil collegues why would anyone wish to see Phineas and Ferb in school. Thus as part of my newest blog, I'm actually asking for response not just comments about shipping.

As everyone knows Phineas and Ferb is the tale of two stepbrothers of indeterminable age(less then 15) as they enjoy the 104 days of their summer vacation, sometimes with friends, sometimes with family, but always trying to make the day as exciting as their imaginations will allow.

The concept is simple, Phineas has an epiphany moment to decide what they will do, Ferb(often assisted by the Fireside girls) builds Phineas device, children play, candace attempts to bust, fails, Perry shows up having just defeated Doofenshmirtz. A television series detailing the boys school escapades would be reduced to the period of time for Lunch and Recess, perhaps an hour at most. Due to the different situation they would have no reason to wonder about Perry's whereabouts nor would Candace have any reason to suspect they were up to anything given her own life in a different school. Thus for this series you would effectively remove 2/3rd's of the staring cast(people in every episode: Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry, Doof, and Monogram) not to mention a large portion of the auxilary cast aside from Baljeet, Isabella and the Fireside Girls, and maybe Django, not Buford considering he has only recently "befriended" the boys(he started the series as an adversary of sorts) and would likely revert to his original position in the hierarcy as a bully once school resumed or Irving(who they didn't know obviously) since the boys would try their best to avoid considering he scares them.

Aside from a possible special, such as the Christmas episode, I don't find it logical to have the cast planted into a situation other then their typical ones...well maybe not typical for most people but still. My friends I implore you allow Phineas and Ferb to keep their summers the only exploits we see because I for one am not really looking forward to "Phineas Gets Detention" or "Ferb's Big Math Test" Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday, and always make every day the best day ever

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