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Season 1

Our lives should be a rollercoaster!.jpg
Lawn Gnome Beach party of terror 1.png
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Hole in one, I mean goal, I mean....jpg
Perry in Candace's body.jpg
Vanessa as Candace and Candace as Vanessa.jpg
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Season 2

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Looking for the imperceptible enigma - cropped.png
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Come home perry20.png
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Three Note.png
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There's a party behind me, isn't there - cropped.png

Season 3

Sunstroke versus heatstroke.JPG This user wants the salamanders to quit singing.
Jeremy with turkey and milk.jpg
Phineas Birthday Clip o Rama promo shot - slider.jpg
Candace's dinner is all dried out.jpg
Sc up.JPG
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You're not my son!.jpg
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Candance and Linda in lotsa latkes2.jpg
Norm at Barber Shop.jpg
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Can-tok is proud.jpg
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Phin in the hot tub .jpg
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327 - Still Falling Down.jpg
Love Handel reveal.jpg
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Horrified at What Doof Has Become.jpg
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Season 4

Linda's camera battery is low.jpg
Candace sees a sandwitch woman.jpg
Candace and Jeremy at the Ro-DAy-0 2.png
Candace loves the restored car.jpg
A great hand.jpg
Doofenshmritz and Perry falling down a waterfall.jpg
Candace eating the licorice gordian knot.jpg
May your Fireside Girl experience be a treasured one with memories for a lifetime.jpg
Phineas and Isabella on a 'Date'.JPG
Roger turning 90 degrees.jpg
Mission Marvel promo image.jpg
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I'm a castle at a castle party.jpg
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I remember this hair clip.jpg
Thank you Candace.png
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TFTR 8.png


Season 1

Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror64.jpg
Phineas and Ferbettes.jpg
Phineas playing guitar while racing.jpg
S'Winter skating - cropped.jpg
Candace and stacy backup.JPG
Perry pulls the plug on Doof's plan.png
Bobbi being pointed at.jpg
Danny and Love Ninjas.jpg
Pirate Isabella.jpg
Leading the chariot race.jpg
You're the one who stays calm.jpg
The Best Lazy Day Ever188.jpg
Chearleader Ferb2.jpg
Pyf-squirrels in my pants.jpg
Invisible box 1.jpg
Two blue scary faces.jpg
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Candace gets a brother - part 2.PNG
Boys think inside the box.jpg
You put a crown on my head.png

Season 2

Dancing gelatin - cropped.jpg
Armed and dangerous.jpg
Ferb Driving.jpg
Phineas isn't very street.JPG
Buford with bellyache.jpg
You'll do what I say.jpg
Mix and Minglers.png
He's not so bad a dad.jpg
There is no candy in me - cropped.jpg
On the Fence.PNG
Shining Star.PNG
Candace trying to think - What Does He Want.JPG
What just happened - cropped.png
Testing the Bounce 2 - SBTY.PNG
Lady singing behind Isabella.jpg
Everyone singing SBTY.JPG
Love for Science experiment.jpg
Close encounter.png
Brain Drain (147).jpg
Candace signs Stop.jpg
Isabella signing Whatcha Doin'-1.png
Candace's Party.JPG

Season 3

With These Blueprints.jpg
I just want the truth known.jpg
AtSD DXD promo 8.jpg
HNI 0063.JPG
Doof is a bridge.jpg
We've got heads full of dreams.jpg
Playing Soccer!.JPG
The caveband.JPG
322b - Light on Her Feet.jpg
Actorpus 004.png
Phone Call.jpg
WPp2 Livin' With Monkeys5.png

Season 4

Fireside Girls Gangnam.jpg
Candace and Jeremy driving to the Doo Wop Hop.jpg
Bee Story-Waggle Dance2.png
Candace painting.png
We're going to try.jpg
Phineas and Isabella in a limo.JPG
Candace and Isabella at the bottom of the stairs while singing only trying to help.jpg
Candace's hair and isabella's hair standing up on end.jpg
3D scrapbook first kiss moment.jpg
Lots Of Me1.png
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Isabella and Phineas singing in two separate columns.jpg
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About me

My first exposure to Phineas and Ferb happened in the year 2011, a little while before Across the Second Dimension premiered. This is when I was in my earlier years of elementary school, and though I don't remember much, I can vividly recollect watching some songs like Gitchee Gitchee Goo, Squirrels in My Pants, Gimme a Grade, and Summer Belongs to You. After some time, my interest in the show started to wane, and I stopped watching it around the same time Season 3 ended. Fortunately, I rediscovered it during the summer of 2019. Needless to say, I think it's a great show.

My work on the wiki

Technically, I'm one of the most prolific editors here with about 30K edits, but it should be noted that my edit count is rather bloated since a good percentage of those edits were made using automated bot scripts. That is to say, the number of significant, meaningful contributions I've made is far less than that number displayed under my username.

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