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  • This isn't me. This page is a lie. Oh, wait. I was confused with something else.
  • I enjoy long walks in the beach, and... sorry.
  • I am Tvwatcherpf2694. As the last numbers in my name state, I was brought into this world on November 26th, 1994. It shares the date of my favorite NASCAR Racer, Dale Jarrett. I am proud of this fact.
  • I live in Ohio, which is not as bad as TV makes it sound! I am a big fan of the Ohio State University Buckeyes, and I feel sorry for Tressel. Don't judge me!
  • I feel the duty to uphold proper grammar in the name of fiction and fan fiction! Grammar be the key to the good life!
  • Favorite Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb
  • Live Action Show: Big Bang Theory
  • Favorite TV Animal: Perry the Platypus

Career Aspirations

  • Become a Professional Animator/Direct an Animated Film
  • Write/Direct a Award Winning Film/Play
  • Create a Successful TV Show


  • ShootingStar29 (A Fellow Ohioan)
  • Wayfan

What I am on other Wikis

  • I am a Chat Moderator on My Babysitters a Vampire Wiki.
  • I am a constant Editor on the Phineas and Ferb Wiki
  • I am the founder and Administrator of the American Film Institute Info Center Wiki
  • I am the founder and Administrator of the World Film Archive Wiki
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