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The first Big Idea Homework.

Jihye is temporarily away because of a load of schoolwork and projects or preparing for the exams. However, she is not leaving the Wiki forever and may return occasionally. (August 31, 2012)

Hi. Welcome to my user page! I started watching Phineas and Ferb when it was first aired in Disney Channel Asia. I am a rollback user here, so if there are any problems with multiple edits or a blog, please contact me.
Candace with her brothers
One awesome image that oddly was never linked to.
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Nationality: United States
Born: December 11
Nemesis: Phineas and Ferb haters
Emily Kinney
among others
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Only child
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"My life is full of coincidences. I'm used to them."
— Me[src]


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  • I am female.
  • I am 14 years old.
  • My interests are entertainment and transportation planning.
  • My least favorite feature is article commenting.

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Agent R fighting
It's a mac!
It's a mac!
Boys relaxing
GitcheeGitcheeGoo - cropped
ITunes Vol 6
Looking sternly at the proprietor
Danny and Love Ninjas
YNF 19
My Custom Userboxes
Title Sequence creator credits
Candace with Ducky
No Screenshot
Does that mean we can go to the movies?
Boys' hair switched - avatar
Baljeet's dream
Our lives should be a rollercoaster!
Candace Loses her head13
What just happened - cropped
Less Bulgarian Folk Dancing
Perry the Inaction Figure
Perry - Rollercoaster avatar 1
Buford and Baljeet scared
Oh, going for the more dramatic wide-angle shot
Emily Kinney
Candace is crowned
Visit Delightful Danville
Jeremy TipOfTheDay Avatar
Candace has that Christmas feeling
Street performers got served
Audio tour finished
You've Exceeded Your Login Attempts
You've Exceeded Your Login Attempts
Phineas Birthday Clip o Rama promo shot - slider
Candace Disconnected Image8
Bad Hair Day Image1
MCR (1)
AT2D Angry Phineas
326b - UFO Poster
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