aka Jadon (but my nickname is Jay)

  • I live in US
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is Student, Disney fan, and a fan of a bunch of other things
  • I am Female

Jadon aka Jay
Why do my nostrils whisper to me?
Why do my nostrils whisper to meee?
Gender: Female
Gender appearance: Like...a female?
Age: 16
Height: 5'3
Nationality: American...Baltimorean...Floridan...Marylander...Black...I don't know!
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Born: 1996
Nemesis: Bad music...ehh!
Professional Information
  Mind reader
Major: Animal training
  [[File:-JayTehSpongetta (talk)~"No, I don't have a third arm...silly fans!"-Joe~"Why do my nostrils whisper to me?"-Candace 18:21, July 16, 2012 (UTC)|150px]]
Friends and Family
Spongebob..they call me Spongetta for a reason...
See here
Love interests:
Jonases, 1972-1984 Daryl Hall
Pets: A dinosaur, a dragon, a unicorn...the usual
Everything in the is 100% true:
I like pie.
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
a combination or a AA Baltimorean and 10 year old little girl

About me


Princess Isabella... possibly as a Disney Princess? You decide.

I'm Jadon and i love animated shows and movies. Disney is my favorite source of those things, obviously. My other favorite thing is music...i can't make it but i love hearing it'.' My box has all 100% true facts about me. My username is JayTehSpongetta because my first Wiki EVER on Wikia was Spogebob Wiki and Spongetta is the ACTUAL name of a lady who auditioned for America's Got Talent (if you've watched the show like i have in a past couple of years you know who i'm talking about) and Nick Canon (the host) said her name "Sounds like Spongebob ghetto girlfriend" or something along those lines and that's how i decided on my username. And that's pretty much all about me. Check out those pictures of Candace and Isabella i made on More pictures later. As you can see...i'm a typical girl.

My contributions

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If i've talked to you before on chat and you want to be on my list leave me a message!

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User Boxes

Why do my nostrils whisper to me?
It's a mac!
Phineas makes Isabella blush - cropped
I Got You Isabella
Phineas and Ferbettes
Firing rivets
There is no candy in me - cropped
Phineas and Ferb in Pajamas - cropped
Agents tip hats
Looking sternly at the proprietor
CM Big Brain Yeah
Linda - Rollercoaster avatar 5
Pyf-squirrels in my pants
Invisible box 1

More Pictures


Candace as a Sailor Senshi character


Isabella as made on Dream Avatar Maker.


2nd D Candace as made on Dream Avatar Maker

Goofy and me

Me and Goofy!

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