Wazzap?!!? Welcome to my profile! I am just a guy who likes PnF, MLP:FIM, and Minecraft. I'm not here right now...OR AM I?? So leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you follow me on Twitter @perryfan1337 it'd really help. :) You will NOT be RickRoll'd if you click here.



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About Me

Check out the top of the page. Next subject. Oh wait, you want more? OK then.

True story: (BTW, I wasn't the first kid to my parents. My older brother was 1 at the time I was born, so...yeah.) One rainy day in 2001 (November 27, to be exact), my grandma from Mom's side of the family was driving to her home in Toledo, Ohio, when suddenly, she got a call from my dad saying they were about to have my mom's new baby (ME!). Immediately she turned around and, after about an hour of driving, she finally got to my birthplace, a hospital in [WITHHELD]. At perhaps 10:00 pm, I was born. About 3 years later, on October 6, 2004, when my ultra-annoying sister Ella came along, we all moved to my present hometown of [WITHHELD]. I've lived a happy life until September 17, 2011, the day of the annual family reunion, my baby brother Grant was born. I couldn't stand life in the household since, but I still manage to struggle through.

LIKES (in no particular order): Phineas and Ferb (Duh!! That's why I joined the wiki in the first place!), the Internet, TV, Perry the Platypus (biggest fan right here), pizza, technology, Pixar movies, LEGOs, arts and crafts, moar TBA

DISLIKES (in no particular order): When things don't go my way, preschooler shows, school, SpongeBob being a "blimp hog" (see "Pnf VS. SpongeBob" on my talk page), boredom, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black's "Friday", more TBA

Random Facts About Me!

  • I was born and have spent almost all my life in Michigan. (Please don't come after me. I'm not too cool about the idea of someone following me every second of everyday.)
  • I have been in 6 states (counting my homestate).
  • I am the universe's biggest fan of you-know-who, no matter what anyone else says, though you probably already know that. (If there ever is an argument about who's Perry's biggest fan with him there, I picture myself saying to him "Don't listen to any of these FOOLS! (no offense) I'M your biggest fan!" LOL)
  • I dislike Justin Bieber completely. (Who doesn't?)
  • I think Dora the Explorer is torture. (Again, who doesn't?)
  • I miss Nickelodeon's Splat Era. (R.I.P. Old-Skool Nickelodeon 1984-2009: You'll be missed...)
  • I was born in [WITHHELD], and at present, I am [WITHHELD].
  • I went to see Wreck-It Ralph during my 2012 Disney vacation. (It was awesome!)
  • I am counting down the days till when the Phineas and Ferb theatrical movie comes out.
  • I am anxiously looking forward to our next Disney vacation. (That is, IF we go again.)

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If you want to be my friend, leave a message on my wall with the topic "Request for Friendship" or something similar. I will then evaulate if you'll make the cut, and, if you do, you will be a friend of yours truly, as well as having your name listed here.

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