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Phineas, Ferb, and Perry by J. Severe

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About me

Who am I? I'm Batman!

Okay, maybe I'm not Batman, but I just had to say that. :P

When was I first exposed to Phineas and Ferb, you inquire? Well, it all started on a day I like to call August 17, 2007. I had finished watching High School Musical 2 or whatever was on, and it was around 10:05 PM (taking into account I live on the east coast of America) and I was becoming drowsy. I recall seeing the rating "TV Y7" and some tree with a couple of kids under it, but I was far too tired to venture into yet another program. So I went to sleep. From then to February 2008, I became interested in the show and once I started watching the new episodes, I was hooked. And the rest is history.

SpongeBob was previously my favorite cartoon until its quality started declining, and P&F got awesome-er (is that even a word?) and...well, you could say PnF took over my TV. I've known about this wiki since the few months after it was created, around the same time the pic on Candace's page was of her entering the backyard and telling P&F she was in charge (from "Rollercoaster"), and sometime after that when I established myself as a Wikian, I came onto this website.

You can see me make very intelligent comments. At other times, you can see me be very casual or even goofy and random. It's as if you don't know how I'm going to act next. I'm like an enigma wrapped in mystery... I'm like a code that can't be deciphered...

... I'm Batman! * thunder boom *

What? That quote is too epic NOT to use.


J. Severe: So first we should attack this area and then go over here for the --.

Random Kid: Uh... J?
J. Severe: What is it, Random? Can't you see I'm in the middle of planning my revenge?
Random Kid: I think there's someone watching us.
J. Severe: What the --?! (looks at camera) Random, get my shotgun.

Camera Man: OH NO!!!
Random Kid: Hey J. Severe, did you know there's gonna be a Phineas and Ferb movie?

J. Severe: (silence)
Random Kid: J. Severe?
J. Severe: (faints)
J. Severe is rushed to the hospital, where his life hangs by a mere thread. Family and friends surround his deathbed.
Mom: (cries) I didn't want it to be this way...
Dad: Son, is there any thing left you want us to do?
J. Severe: (raspy voice) Yes...
Dramatic music plays.
J. Severe: (jumps out of bed) Butter the popcorn and inflate the chair! We're gonna see the Phineas and Ferb movie!
Random Kid: Actually, the movie's not till Summer 2011.
J. Severe:(stares at Random Kid, then faints)

Random Kid: Here we go again!
J. Severe: Oh boy, just a mere month until the premiere of the Phineas and Ferb movie!

Random Kid: You mean "Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension"?
J. Severe: Yes. Yes, I do. ... That's rather a long title, y'know.
Random Kid: They could've just called it "Phineas and Ferb: The Movie."
J. Severe: Yeah, but then people would confuse it with the upcoming theatrical film.
Random Kid: Well then, why not just call it "Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension"?! Why have the out of place "The Movie"?!
J. Severe: Because they need to distinguish the fact that it's a film, not a special like Summer Belongs To You. Besides "The Movie" makes it sound more epic.
Random Kid: Why's the theatrical movie live-action AND animated? Why can't it just be animated?
J. Severe: I'd reckon that it'll be mostly animated with a brief live-action scene ala the SpongeBob movie. Either that or have it Who Framed Roger Rabbit-style.
Random Kid: What if it's like Yogi Bear?
J. Severe: *spits out tea* Random, you idiot! Disney's never done those types of movies before. Besides, those types of movies are reboots of old cartoons, while P&F is relatively new.
Random Kid: Are you just afraid of seeing Phineas and Ferb played by actors, with a CGI-rendered Perry the Platypus?
J. Severe: Where would they find an actor with a head shaped like a Dorito?
Random Kid: It's called motion capture.
J. Severe: Shut up. Let's talk about AT2D.
Random Kid: Okay. It has a video game, an online game, two books, a soundtrack, a bus tour, it's being featured at Comic-Con...
J. Severe: DC's pulling out all the stops on this one.
Random Kid: And to top it all off, it's in cinemas in Belgium and the Netharlands~!
J. Severe: *spits tea out* You mean all this time I thought I'd only be able to watch it on TV, it really IS on the big screen somewhere?!
Random Kid: (stained with tea) ... Yes. Please stop having spit takes.

J. Severe: Random Kid, get me my Dutch to England dictionary, I'm going to the Netharlands!
Random Kid: So, JS, what did you think about Across the 2nd Dimension?

J. Severe: Frankly, I thought it was awesome. It had everything a great movie needs, action, humor, and heart. Plus, the animation was improved from the show.
Random Kid: Your favorite part?
J. Severe: Definitely the Robot Riot scene. Phineas and Perry's hug, the dramatic introduction of all of the bro's invention, and the action sequence were all just very well done.
Random Kid: Your LEAST favorite part?
J. Severe: The Phinbella kiss, hands down. It had nothing to do with the plot. It was just thrown in there for the nonsensical Phinbella shippers. The saddest thing is that it came after a truly heartwarming farewell between Phineas, Ferb, and Perry and all people could talk about were the kiss.
Random Kid: Plus the fact that you're an anti-Phinbella shipper.
J. Severe: Yes, that too. I'm actually disappointed that Isabella didn't get poked by Phineas's pointy nose before the kiss. It would have made that scene a bit more tolerable.
Random Kid: I'm sure it would have. I, personally, liked the Goozim scene. Such an epic part.
J. Severe: Well, of course! The main characters of the show, Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Candace, and Doof interacting, while trying to escape a large monster with lava underneath them, subsequently followed by Candace-2 destroying a bunch of Normbots with a giant lawn gnome and tossing Phineas a remote with which he opens a portal after heartwrenchingly telling Perry to let go, and them running through a jungle of plants with robots shooting after them --
Random Kid: That's a mouthfull.
J. Severe: You bet it is.
Random Kid: The mine cart part was pretty nice too.
J. Severe: Monogram in the shower. That had me laughing out LOUD.
Random Kid: What would you say is the best song?
J. Severe: Summer (Where Do We Begin?). With "Robot Riot" at a close second. "I'm gonna rip out your CPU and see it to you still processin'!
Random Kid: Ha ha! Ah yes. Well, I enjoyed Brand New Best Friend. It may have been a departure from the typical dark villain song, but it was still grand. Come on man, it has TWO Doofs!
J. Severe: That reminds me of the convo between Doof and Doof-2. "When I was a young boy back in Gimmelschtump, I had a toy train... then one day I lost it."
Random Kid: Heheh, yeah. "We should do lunch sometime."
J. Severe: Just hilarious. And that thing with the self-destruct buttons on the robots' feet? Priceless.
Random Kid: Yeah. The DVD's out now, y'know. It's a shame it ain't on Blu-ray.
J. Severe: If it were on Blu-ray, though, it should be like this.
Random Kid: Yes, that would be great. So, did you hear the new news about the theatical movie? Dan & Swampy finished writing the WHOLE script already. It's all them.
J. Severe: Uh-huh. The plot of the movie, all the lines... it's already done. Since no one knows the creation more than the creators, I trust Dan & Swampy won't make the movie a disgrace, and it absolutely WON'T suck. It may even be as good as At2D.
Random Kid: Let's hope so. Y'know, this is getting pretty long.
J. Severe: Yeah, and I feel this was pretty corny. We should stop it.
Random Kid: Ditto.

My contributions

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My Opinion on the One Called "Shipped-ing"


I'm not really on board with this whole "shipping" thing (I mean, they are only 10 year-olds!), but there are some pairs who I feel like I should support to some extent.

There are some that I truly despise though, such as Fernessa, or Ferbnessa, or whatever. I mean really, has it ever occurred to you how Perry & Doofenshmirtz would react at Ferb & Vanessa's wedding? Also, Ferb and Isabella? Are you crazy?! Everyone knows that Isabella likes Phineas, and that goes for the even more foolish Baljeet & Isabella. Now if someone has Isabella & Buford, I'm gonna grab my rubber chicken...


Well, my opinion on shipping has, uh, changed a bit. Not to say that I'm some crazed shipper or whatever, but I'm NOT! Actually, I've developed a hatred for shipping. A flaming hot hatred, so to speak. Why, you ask? Well, it's simple. People who ship simply go overboard! Look at the crazed Phinbella shippers. Why, just when there was one promo that showed Phineas teleporting right next to Isabella, numerous blogs were made, with shippers theorizing if the two would kiss and date and all that junk. Sickening. Makes me want to upchuck... something. I don't know. Whatever I last ate.

Actually, with the recent * SPOILER SPOILER SPOILEEERRRRRRR AAAAHHHH!!! SPOILERZZZZZZ NOT GOOD NOT GOOD * Phineas and Isabella kiss in Across the 2nd Dimension (to which their memories were erased shortly afterward, thankfully) * END SPOILERS! WHEW! WE'RE ALL SAFE NOW! * I'm sure the Phinbella shippers will go crazy all over the internet with their nonsense and spam. I don't want to be here for that. I'm running with my wife and kids up to the hills, away from all the mind numbing danger.

Oh, and I know this guy who hates this awesome movie just because it features a shipping he's not too fond of. You know who you are.

So there you go. I hate shipping. EXCEPT for three: Phinessa (PhineasXVanessa), Ferbella (FerbXIsabella), and Baljinda (BaljeetXLinda). As a matter of fact, I'm DYING to see Ferb and Isabella make out in one of these episodes. If * SPOILER AGAIN SPOILERZZZZZZ! AAAAHHHHHHH! * Phineas and Isabella can do it * END SPOILERRRZZZZ * then so can they. :P


What does "URL" mean? Anyway, go to this website. I customized the entire page.


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