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"It has three simultaneous story lines that interconnect. Genius!"
Dr. D making a meta-reference.[src]

After Perry is fused with a toolbox by the Combine-inator

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: I think we're in trouble.
Norm: Sure, now it's we.

-Dr. D and Norm.[source]

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Hello, I'm Danny. Here's a few things you should know (or maybe not, I don't know, does it really matter? What actually matters in life... oh, wait, I'm getting off topic...).

  1. I am a Christian
  2. I was homeschooled and am an only child.
  3. I have a monopoly on the username, "dantheman007a."
  4. Find me on Twitter (dantheman007a). Or Facebook. Or Myspace. Or...
  5. I tend to be sarcastic (in a good a way) and try to be funny. Not sure how well I'm doing. People are laughing, but are they laughing with me or...
  6. I also try to make deep and profound statements. Most of the time I'm just making stuff up, but it sounds good.
  7. I really have no idea what the heck I'm doing, but it's worked pretty well so far. :)
  8. I like ice cream.
  9. I like to be random. But then again, I don't really believe in coincidences or random. So I'll just say I'm randomly unrandom. Or is it unrandomly random...
  10. I have a logical, calculating side and then an absolute crazy side. The people that think I'm "quiet" have only seen one side.
  11. Time travel, it's kinda my thing.
  12. Some of my favorite movies, or rather series, include: Star Wars, Back to the Future, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, Batman Begins, The Dark Night, and Ocean's Eleven.
  13. Some of my favorite TV shows, in no particular order(or rather the order I thought of them in, with PnF at the end for dramatic effect), are: Mythbusters, Burn Notice, White Collar, Psych, Leverage, Justified, Castle, The Mentalist, Chuck, Monk, MacGyver(through the magic of reruns), Clone Wars, Transformers, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Phineas & Ferb (uh-derr).
  14. I'll probably sooner understand the real laws of time travel than "Quantum Boogaloo" or women.
  15. I can make odd references that no one else in room gets. And if they get one, they probably won't get the next.
  16. I hold a vast knowledge of random useless facts..
  17. I'm not necessarily what one would call "social."
  18. I'd be a very different person if it wasn't for the internet and wikis, for better and for worse.
  19. My favorite episode is "It's About Time!", but the Perry subplot is one of my least favorites.
  20. I like the show the way it is and I like how the creators are taking it so far, and I'm not going to start complaining about them ruining the show (I don't see them doing that) and I'm not going to get into any flame wars over which character is better or etc.

You can oft find me traversing the vast, near and far places of this internety thing, under the username "dantheman007a." You can call me Dan, 007a, Danny, Daniel, DJ, D, etc. Oh, and just to be clear, I am not this Dan nor this Danny. Although, I have to say they have awesome names. I can be a bit obsessive and a bit of a perfectionist at times. I triple guess (at least) every decision I make. I also believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth over doing, always. Is it too much to ask that my cell phone be water proof? And bullet proof?


  • Princess Baldegunde - Featured Article for April 2011
    • After only a few days of being a member on the wiki I made a few small edits to "The Great Indoors" and it suggested this article to me. So, I took a crash course on how to edit on the wiki and rewrote the entire article. (I only made a few minor edits to the infobar, though.) I made a couple re-edits to fix grammar and such (didn't help that I wrote it at 1am).
  • Gallery:Canderemy
    • I took several screencaps using YouTube (specifically AyisandLeen's videos). Why? I don't know. So, again, crash course, edit, edit, edit, blah, blah, blah. After quadruple-guessing myself, I uploaded the pics and the rest is history. I didn't upload all the pics I took. I figured 300 was too much... Curse you random obsessive perfectionism!
  • Userboxes
  • My Sandbox

Favorite Characters

  • Phineas
    • Ever the optimist and idealist. Oblivious to Isabella. But still, one to admire. More mature in most things than most people. Except romance. Loves to help people and would do anything for his friends. Would do anything for Candace. Now if Candace would just realize that... She's about as oblivious to Phineas as he is to Isabella.
  • Ferb
    • More a man of action, but apparently not a man of few words. If anyone would ever let him finish that sentence... I kinda can relate. I talk more than Ferb, but people still think I'm a quiet person. I'm much more "vocal" on the internet, as evidenced by this page.
  • Candace
    • Most enjoyable to watch. Have to feel sorry for her sometimes, feeling like a constant failure. Really does care for her brothers, which is at least part of the reason she tries to bust them for doing dangerous things, though the main reason now seems to be to prove to her mom that she's not crazy. Possibility for the most character development. Sometimes makes you wonder if the series actually revolves around her (especially with some [most] of the recent episodes [i.e. Season 3]), as all of Star Wars seems to have actually revolved around Anakin/Darth Vader.
  • Perry the Platypus
    • Made of pure awesome. He's a platypus and a spy. Loves Phineas and Ferb. I love spy fiction (hence the "007" in my username). He has an awesome theme song. He's a semi-aquatic, egg laying mammal of action. Despite always getting trapped by Dr. D and the trivial purposes of Dr. D's -inator plan thingies, Perry seems to be a very capable spy, evidenced by "Undercover Carl" and "No More Bunny Business."
  • Dr. D
    • Like Candace, you just have to feel sorry for him. And then laugh at him. He is comedy gold. The slapstick on the show seems to be limited to him and Candace, sometimes Ferb, and one time, ONE time, Phineas ("Are You My Mummy?"). One of his inventions that worked must have been a Durability-inator and zapped both he and Candace. Maybe it bounced off that dang satellite, dang it. Guess I can't really pull that off..

Favorite Episodes

In no particular order.

  • It's About Time!
  • Quantum Boogaloo
    • Confusing, but there's the whole time travel thing. See above. I guess you could say time is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff.
  • Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together
    • Lots of fun, great songs and general awesomeness.
  • Out to Launch
    • I love space travel almost as I love time travel. Love Star Wars. And I guess space travel is another reason a certain sonic screwdriver wielding doctor is awesome.
  • Unfair Science Fair and Unfair Science Fair Redux
    • Again space travel. Plus Redux can be inspirational and is a Candace centered episode.
  • The Lake Nose Monster
    • If not just for the part where Bob is explaining to Candace about how the lake nose monster isn't real like other things and Candace's face when he mentions the face on Mars. Perhaps I overemphasized that in my mind, but still. *snaps fingers* Okay!
  • Gaming the System
    • Fun trope. Like the whole concept of getting sucked into a video game. By the way, I looked up "cotillion", and it turns out it's a fancy French square dance.
  • The Chronicles of Meap
    • I've got a good feeling about this (epsiode).
  • Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers
    • Love it because it shows (especially at the beginning) that Candace actually has a normal relationship with Phineas and Ferb when she's not trying to bust them.
  • Summer Belongs to You!
    • Umm, hello? Watched it about a month ago on YouTube just before Phineas and Ferb hit Netflix Instant. Have watched it several times since. I have no life. ;) Something makes me think that their summer solstice is a lot later than ours...
  • Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!
    • Again, hello? Saw it this past Christmas. Mad that the Netflix Instant version doesn't have What Does He Want?. Even though Candace is one of my favorite characters, she annoys me in this episode when she pretty much tells Phineas he ruined Christmas. Character development, Danny, remember the character development...
  • Nerds of a Feather
    • Interesting to note that all 3 story plots take place in the same building and hardly effect each other at all. And all 3 are awesome. Tons of Star Wars and Star Trek references. Doof n Puss was awesome watching Perry and Dr D allied fighting on the side of good. Plus ninja vampires. But Candace's plot is just one of those that I have a love/hate relationship with because it's a cartoon on Disney and almost tears me up and I'm a 20 year old man. That's not supposed to happen.
  • Split Personality
    • Another fun trope. Course, I do wonder where exactly Stacy would have fit into the picture.
  • Rollercoaster: The Musical!
    • It's a remake of a good episode and it's a musical! And Phineas isn't annoying. 4th wall? What 4th wall? Ends with a song that completely and utterly destroys the 4th wall. It also makes me think that life would be just a little bit more awesome if people broke out into spontaneous song and dance with no discernible music source.
  • Make Play
    • I'm not biased... ;)
  • The Great Indoors
    • Strangely has more Canderemy in it than the episode it is paired with... With just a dash of Phinabella. The ending is just a bit annoying, but I should have seen it coming after it happened to Dr. D earlier. The good thing is at least Candace found out. I think...
  • Canderemy
    • Title sequence reference with the giant robot dog. Candace trying to hide Jeremy the whole episode (failing horribly). Wait, Stacy knew the whole time? So why did they go down the slide or that whirly, spin-y thingy ride? And where were the ride operators? They allowed them to just dangle Jeremy over the edge?

In general, episodes where Candace isn't trying to bust Phineas and Ferb or gets pulled into their big idea are better. Course if Candace gave up trying to bust Phineas and Ferb altogether the show wouldn't be the same. And that's not good.

Favorite Songs

  • Gitchee Gitchee Goo
    • Awesome song, so much better when Candace goes with Phineas and Ferb. It's the reason we have all the other songs, too, so, yeah. It's also very catchy. However, never put it on eternal repeat, ever, because you can't stop.
  • Busted
    • Because I like the rockier type-y of songs and I also tend to like Candace's songs and Vanessa's, too.
  • Me Myself and I
    • Again, a rockier type-y song from one of my favorite episodes. And I mean, it's not like I made the userbox for it or anything, oh wait, I did. ;) Here's hoping for an extended edition!
  • Summer Belongs to You!
    • Great song from a great episode. Like Gitchee Gitchee Goo it is a fun song with a bit of heartwarming because Candace is going with Phineas and Ferb. A positive Candace is like a "woot, woot." I'm not quite sure what they would do to extend it...
  • Phineas and Ferb Theme/Today is Gonna Be a Great Day
    • Um, hello? Wait, did I hear something about the mission involving yogurt? Sounds like a certain spy I know.
  • Perry the Platypus Theme
    • Again, referring to my username: Dantheman >> 007 << a. Hmm... I wish I had a theme song... That's it! I know what I'm going to do today! I'm going to write a theme song! ;)
  • Elementary
    • Did I mention I also like detective stories? And is it just me or does this song remind you of "Let's Go Digital"?
  • Let's Go Digital
    • I have a very wide palette musical tastes thingies. From a great episode, too, but we've already covered that.
  • Phinedroids and Ferbots
    • Similar to above. The whole wide palettey thingy.
  • You're Not Ferb
    • Again, similar to above... Plus Candace's actions during the song. Slightly different side of her, too. Question, what exactly is the purpose of those glasses?
  • Bouncin' Around the World
    • Another good song from "Summer Belongs to You."
  • Hey Ferb
    • Love all the references to old musicals.
  • Mom Look
    • Love all the references to past episodes. And you know, I think the rocket was a reference to "Out to Launch" except they changed it to moon for the sake of rhyme. The same with S'winter. They also changed their names to Larry.
  • Rollercoaster
    • Again, the rockiery thingy. Rollercoaster: The Musical just has so many great songs. You know, I don't actually like riding rollercoasters... Heights, falling, going upside down, seasickness... I do like designing them on Rollercoaster Tycoon, though. Some reason the guests always scream and run away from my rollercoasters...
  • Carpe Diem
    • It's Latin and you can't argue with Latin. The entire song is complete break of the 4th wall and virtually every single character that has been on the show ever was in it.
  • Set the Record Straight
    • Total Canderemy, and I'm becoming a sucker for romance.
  • Come Home Perry
    • I really hate that this tears me up. But it's awesome.

Favorite Quotes

After Norm and Doofenshmirtz are fused together by the Combine-inator

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Prepare to face the wrath of Normenshmirtz!
Normenshmirtz begins to fire at Perry
Dr. Doofenshmirtz: You can't get away from me now!
Norm: Don't you mean us?
Doofenshmirtz hits Norm in the head.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Hey! Don't step on my moment.
After Perry is fused with a toolbox by the Combine-inator

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: I think we're in trouble.

Norm: Sure, now it's we.
As the rollercoaster cars are poised to descend the first drop
Phineas: You all signed the waivers, right?
Linda sees Candace giggling about Phineas and Ferb
Linda: I worry about you sometimes, Candace.
As the coaster is plummeting to Earth
Phineas: We should have charged more.
Ferb: Hmm, what assurance would we have that everyone else will also break into song and do the same thing?

Phineas: I don't know. I think they probably will.

Ferb: Fair enough, I'm in.
Linda: I'll be in the dairy section if you want to yell at some cheese. Would you like that, honey? Would you like to yell at some cheese?

Candace: A little.

Linda: Well, come on then.
TV Announcer: Today, on the Uncovery Channel, we'll talk about the fastest land animal in the world. Possessed of incredible speed, the cheetah can outrun almost anything alive.

Candace looks at her watch and motions as if to cue Phineas

Phineas: Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today! We're gonna build fast shoes, so we can run like a cheetah!
Candace: (Angrily) Don't you have a catchphrase to say or something?

Phineas: What is she talking about? Hey, have you seen Perry around?
Ferb shrugs

Phineas: 'Cause I haven't.
Major Monogram: Agent P, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is up to his old tricks. He's made fifty-seven phone calls in the past hour. We don't know to whom or why. (Perry points toward the Chimney-Vator) No, not to Santa!
Candace: What?! Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Can't you guys just find some old nuts and bolts lying around and jerry-rig up some machine-y-deal-y-bob and gets us out of this situation?

Ferb: Candace, we are just kids.

Candace: Argh! Why am I arguing with this? Hand me the suit.
Norm: Aren't you a little old to be building a fort?
Dr. Doofenshmirtz: No, no I'm not. Shut up!
Norm: Well next time you can do all the cooking and I'll stand around coming up with evil plans that ultimately fail.

Awkward silence, stares at Norm

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Wow. Cuttin deep, man.
After Busting Candace squeals like a pig and runs toward Romantic Candace

Phineas: If the molecular splitter doesn't just disappear when this is over, we should really consider destroying it.

Ferb: Agreed.
Major Monogram: Well, in focus group tests, 6-year olds overwhelmingly preferred singing animals to a piece of paper with numbers on it.
Princess Baldegunde: See? I never get to do anything for myself.

Candace: And I have to do everything for myself.
Both: I got it!
Candace: Let's go to the laundrymat and fill the dryers with cheese!

Princess Baldegunde: What? No, let us trade lives! I thought for sure on same page we were.
Frosty: Hello! Winter time's fun! Follow me! Come on, follow me! (walks away)
Frosty:Plow! (screams and loud crash, carrot rolls to Perry)
After Perry makes another Frosty come alive

Frosty: Hello! Winter time's fun! Follow me!
Frosty walks off and Perry winces and waves his hands in warning before Frosty yells Plow! Then there is a scream and loud crash, carrot rolls to Perry; scene flips to the middle of the street, showing Frosty standing next to a truck driver whose truck just ran over a vegetable cart
Frosty: You know, on second thought, don't follow me. Man, that was close.

Episode ends.

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