Trivia from the episodes of Phineas and Ferb during Season 2.

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The Lake Nose Monster

Interview With a Platypus

  • This is the first time that Phineas and Ferb's Big Ideas didn't disappear due to Dr. Doofenshmirtz.
  • First season 2 appearance of Isabella.
  • When Candace says "[I'm an animal and I] bite my own hiney", it may be a reference to S'Winter, when Perry escapes from the chocolate casing by "eating his own hiney".
  • Phineas and Ferb mistake first Isabella's, "Hi, Phineas," for something Perry had said, and then the bird's, "I sure love worms!" for something Isabella had said. In "Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!," Candace thinks a squirrel is talking to her, only to find that it is her grandmother's voice.
  • Doofenshmirtz invents the BO-AT, but he already knows what a boat is when he is loaded onto one in "Toy to the World." It's possible this happened before the events of that episode.
  • The singers of My Nemesis from "It's About Time!" return to sing Perfect Day.

Tip of the Day

Fireside Girls errors

Gretchen's combination eye style.

  • Although Gretchen has been seen with regular eyes many times, this is the only time in the entire series she is seen with a combination of eye styles.
  • Doofenshmirtz's toilet video is played in the Milo Murphy's Law episode "Disco Do-Over".

Attack of the 50 Foot Sister

  • This episode occurs "days ago", after the Portal to Mars get built. ("Unfair Science Fair" and "Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)")
  • Three new agents show up in this episode, which are all fish. They are given hats and made agents to avoid a lawsuit.
  • This is the first time the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated jingle singers show up, presumably in a recording studio in the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building.
  • Candace is 5' 8".
  • Assuming that Candace grew to exactly 50 feet tall as a result of exposure to the growth elixir, she became 8.824 times as tall as she was when the day began. Likewise, the Earth and the rest of the objects in the universe are now also 8.824 times larger than they were. Nobody notices because all measuring devices have grown by the same amount - as Einstein pointed out, everything is relative.
  • This is one of few episodes where Stacy appears in person but her name is not spoken once.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz tells Perry that he went to his cousin Gertrude's baby shower. Gertrude is also Candace's middle name. ("Fireside Girl Jamboree", "Hip Hip Parade")
  • This is one of the rare times Phineas and Ferb are laughing at Candace (or at least trying not to).
  • Phineas says the growth elixir only works once, which explains why Candace stayed the same size while the rest of the universe grew. Although it doesn't explain why the rest of the universe didn't continue to grow, and Candace, and the watermelon continues to shrink.
  • This is the first episode of Season 2 that Baljeet appears without Buford.
  • In "Out of Toon", the Control Freak (a.k.a Candace) grew 50 feet tall to destroy Team Improbable.
  • The two boys from the Flawless Girl commercial are the two boys from Candace sees in One Good Scare Ought to Do It!
  • While on top of the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building, Candace says, "Giant Candace is out, peace!" In "Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)", she says, "Queen Candace is out, peace!
  • As the carnival trucks pass the Flynn-Fletcher house, the melody they are playing resembles the Phineas and Ferb Theme right after the section "Like maybe..."
  • Second time the "Evil Jingle" gets referred to by name. ("I Scream, You Scream")
  • Isabella does not make any appearances in either this episode or "Backyard Aquarium" .

Backyard Aquarium

  1. "Rollercoaster" and "Rollercoaster: The Musical!": When Candace checks the backyard and sees Phineas and Ferb are not there.
  2. "Run Away Runway": When Linda thinks Candace brought her over for a Pharmacist Convention.
  3. "Leave the Busting to Us!": When Lulu presents the water slide.
  4. "Comet Kermillian": When Candace doesn't see the observatory.
  5. "The Flying Fishmonger": When Linda sees the ordinary lawn.
  6. "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!": When Candace unwittingly points out Baljeet as the "ugly mess".
  7. "Hail Doofania!": When Candace realizes Linda will get a ticket. (Pitch +1 each time she realizes something else)

Day of the Living Gelatin

Elementary My Dear Stacy

  • Based on Monogram's dialogue, this episode takes place immediately after "A Hard Day's Knight".
    • However, there are some contradictions. In "A Hard Day's Knight", Candace was seen calling Stacy on the phone, meaning that Stacy wasn't with her in London. In this episode, however, Stacy was seen with them on their vacation. These two days must have taken place on separate vacations, and due to dialogue in the episode "A Hard Day's Knight", where Lawrence was heard saying "How I love our yearly holiday to my parents' home.", these episodes must have taken place on different years.
  • This is the only episode set during the summer vacation that lasts longer than one day.
  • This is the first episode where the Perry the Platypus side plot has a main character with dialogue other than Doofenshmirtz, Monogram or Carl (Agent 0-0).
  • Once again Stacy has a hard time focusing on busting Phineas and Ferb. ("Put That Putter Away")
  • The first person to be shown going up the water slide is the boy in the commercial of Bust 'Em. ("Leave the Busting to Us!")
  • Candace and Stacy appear wearing the Sherlock Holmes and Watson outfits. ("Toy to the World")
  • Candace mentions "motor oil for [a] giant robot". ("Traffic Cam Caper")
  • Double 0-0 makes an appearance. ("It's About Time!")
  • Stacy's love for shoes is mentioned again. ("Day of the Living Gelatin")
  • Stacy witnesses the boys' big idea disappearing, but Candace does not.
  • The real Water Street in London resembles the Water Street shown in the episode, except that there is no wood barricading the buildings.
  • Stacy comes very close to seeing Perry with Dr. Doofenshmirtz prior to "Happy Birthday, Isabella" when she is watching Big Ben rocket up. The only reason Stacy never saw them is because they were on the opposite side from her view, where Phineas and Ferb's water slide started.

Don't Even Blink

  • Phineas and Ferb's invention disappears, reappears and disappears though it does it more times this episode. ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!")
  • The image of Phineas and Ferb playing electric guitars with Candace peering behind them was used on a Phineas and Ferb lunchbox.
  • Doofenshmirtz uses the phrase "You forced my hand" for the second time. ("Flop Starz")

Chez Platypus

  • This is the first time Buford and Isabella interact with Doofenshmirtz.
  • This is one of the other times Phineas and Candace see Doofenshmirtz.
  • This episode reveals Doofenshmirtz has an evil tattoo. Although it is not seen in future episodes, even in the instances when he is in his underwear such as in "The Remains of the Platypus".
  • This episode reveals that Buford can play the violin.
  • This is the fourth time Doofenshmirtz has dated a woman since his divorce. The other three were when he tried to erase the messages off one woman's machine ("I, Brobot"), the other was a blind date and the third was mentioned by Heinz as the one that kept stabbing him with a fork both which were during the Bigfoot events ("Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!").
  • The inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head makes an appearance ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!", et al.).
  • The man offering to buy Chez Platypus looks exactly like the host of three different shows: The Next Super American Pop Teen Idol Star (although, he was covering a story about it), and the program Phineas and Ferb are watching about cavemen. He is a constant reused animation ("Flop Starz"' "Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C.").
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz is the second person to have a definite height. He tells his date he is 6'2" tall but slouches. The first is Candace who is 5'8" ("Attack of the 50 Foot Sister").
  • When the restaurant disappears, the tables are still there, making this one of the Big Ideas that Mom at least partially knows about. Others include her birthday party, the Love Händel reunion, the animal translator, Nosebud, and likely Aglet Aid ("Mom's Birthday", "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together", "The Lake Nose Monster", "Interview With a Platypus", "Tip of the Day").
  • The love satellite made by Doofenshmirtz crashing may refer to when her Linda told Candace that if a satellite crashes on the house, she's in charge ("Rollercoaster").
  • Isabella says "Whatcha eatin'?" again ("Hail Doofania!").
  • This is the first time one can see a living fish inside Phineas's fish tank. This may be Goldie, their goldfish ("Backyard Aquarium"). Although, it may not be it because they also let their pet goldfish go. Strangely enough, the fish in this event multiplies into 2 in the next event the tank is seen, only this time, it somewhat looked like a glow-in-the dark plastic toy stuck to the tank ("Oh, There You Are, Perry"). In the song When You're Small, the goldfish was mentioned ("Hide and Seek"). In a later date, the fish disappears, leaving the tank empty ("Not Phineas and Ferb") but then show up again as toy-looking fishes ("Brain Drain").
  • In the part wherein Phineas says "So, are we pairing the chicken entrée and the soup?", this may be what Irving, in a later event, was referring to. Although, this is very unlikely because the picture was taken inside the house, not in the restaurant ("Hide and Seek").
  • Nearly all the events take place at night ("Traffic Cam Caper").
  • This is the second time Candace meets Doofenshmirtz. The first was when she was hallucinating ("The Ballad of Badbeard").
  • Doofenshmirtz is still using an online dating service ("Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!", "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World").
  • Horseback riding: Candace ask Jeremy what he has planned for them that night, one of them including horseback riding which Stacy and Jeremy kept on wanting to do ("Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!").
  • Doofenshmirtz's girlfriend mentions that she is usually attracted to blond men, possibly referencing Doof's original appearance. ("Original Pitch")

Perry Lays an Egg

Gaming the System

Gaming the System pitch comparison

Doofenshmirtz waiting until 11:00 to start his scheme (below) was taken from the Original Pitch (above)

  • This is the second time someone appears nude, although it's censored via Candace's towel (First was Ferb in "Run Away Runway").
  • The gag with Doofenshmirtz checking his watch to make sure Perry is too late is recycled from a joke originally used in the Original Pitch.
  • The song "Let's Go Digital" sounds very similar to one that appeared in "Out of Toon" when Phineas tells Candace about the creation of the cartoon film of Team Improbable.
  • This is the first time Phineas gives any indication of feelings for Isabella. The next is in The Chronicles of Meap.
  • Monogram tells Perry what he's getting for Christmas from Doofenshmirtz (a vase), and this is in fact true. Doofenshmirtz gives Perry a vase in "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!".
  • Candace's new hairdo from the end of "Got Game?" reappears when she slips into the ballgown.
  • What happens to the outfit of a man who gets zapped with the Ballgown-inator is unknown. It may either be destroyed, or teleported somewhere else.
  • Isabella's line "The bigger they are, the harder they depixelate" is a reference to the expression "The bigger they are, the harder they fall".

The Chronicles of Meap

  • Candace said "Meap" in "The Fast and the Phineas", "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World", and "Backyard Aquarium" which sounds like "Meap", a character in this episode.
  • The calendar in Mitch's ship has the same number of days and starts on the same day as the calendar Candace holds up in "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together", even though they do not live on Earth.
  • This is the second time the boys make something not "street legal', the first time being the chariot race. ("Greece Lightning")
  • This is the first episode wherein the sub-plot causes no development (or counter-development) at all to the main plot, not even indirectly. (This excludes the episodes where the main plot causes development to the sub-plot.) In fact, the ending of this sub-plot isn't even seen, as Doofenshmirtz doesn't even 'Curse' Perry.
  • Second customized title card, with the first being for "The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein".
  • Phineas accidentally hurts Ferb like in "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!".
  • This marks the first time Doofenshmirtz has mentioned backstories that haven't been shown.
  • Meap's rainbow power is similar to the one Isabella wanted for her character in "Out of Toon".
  • The second time Doofenshmirtz says "Not to put too fine a point on it..." since "Tip of the Day".
  • Candace says of Meap, "He found me," just as Ferb says of Nosey in "The Lake Nose Monster", "He found us."
  • This episode is featured on the A Very Perry Christmas Bonus Disc.
  • Lawrence is the only main character to not appear in this episode, although Buford, Baljeet, Vanessa, and Linda only made cameo appearances.
  • This is one of the rare times that Earth is seen in animated form. Most times, a live action earth planet is used when Earth is seen from space.
  • Buford and Baljeet are the fifth and sixth characters to be shown in underwear. The other characters being Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Phineas, Ferb,and Perry.
  • Phineas and Ferb mention Taco Night like in "Got Game?" and "Journey to the Center of Candace".
  • This episode, along with "Meapless in Seattle", were named #8 on's Top 10 Phineas and Ferb episodes.[1]
  • When Meap is first introduced, a theremin version of Isabella's "Whatcha doin'" theme music is heard.

Thaddeus and Thor

De Plane! De Plane!

  • "De" is Dutch for "the" in English.
  • This is the first episode that Doofenshmirtz has a back-story that has no in-depth effect on his life.
  • Once again, Candace does not try to bust Phineas and Ferb.
  • Candace had the same zinc sunblock just like the sunblock Linda gave to Phineas before they went out onto the lake. ("The Lake Nose Monster")
  • Ferb sings Big Ginormous Airplane in a voice other than his own, similar to when he sang "Backyard Beach". In both songs, Ferb's mouth is covered with the mic the entire time excluding the first three lines. ("Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror")
  • When the Paper Pelican flies over Jeremy's house, a girl from "S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants)" can be seen. ("Comet Kermillian")
  • The girl whose sitting in the first row of the plane is one of the "kids that's going to have a conniption". ("Are You My Mummy?")
  • Candace writes "C+J" in a heart while brooding about what will happen if they don't go back home the same way Jeremy signed Candace's cast. ("It's About Time!")
  • The girls from Shimmy Jimmy Toy commercial appear again dancing with the Fireside Girls. ("Toy to the World")
  • Buford's seat in the plane has the same background color as Candace's (and Nicolette's) swimsuits. The white floral pattern is similar to the single white flowers on the two swimsuits.
  • In one scene, a teen seen in "S'Winter" re-appears.
  • Other than Isabella, Katie is the only Fireside Girl to speak in this episode.

Let's Take a Quiz

  • When Perry shrinks Doofenshmirtz, his hand is left huge in comparison, sort of making him like Huge Hands Hans. ("Out to Launch")
  • The man who delivers the infomercial product to Doofenshmirtz is the same man as seen in "Out of Toon".
  • In this episode, despite Candace always having a disagreement with Phineas, she seems to value his opinion of her.
  • This is the first time Major Monogram's mouth is being controlled by another person, the second being "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!".
  • During the program, Ferb wears 4 costumes different from his normal clothes.

At the Car Wash

  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz finds his information on seismic activity on Carl's website, while Carl had mentioned the website to Perry and Major Monogram earlier in the episode.
  • This episode is one the rare moments in which Doofenshmirtz calls Perry by his first name.
  • Isabella and Gretchen break the fourth wall by washing the inside part of the screen before the song.
  • When we see Katie with broken arms from the lemonade stand, the Fireside Girls jingle plays off-key.
  • Places where Dr. Doofenshmirtz looks for a battery (in order):
  • An electric toothbrush
  • A toy car
  • A flashlight
  • Frankenstein's head
  • A cymbal-banging monkey toy
  • A radio (He looks excited at first, but then he realizes that there's no battery)
  • A smoke detector
  • An alarm clock
  • Norm's rear end
  • Things seen on the floors of the D.E.I. building when the sphere of compressed nitrogen molecules crashes through them:
  • People working on laptops. There is a bookcase and a large graph, so it could be a library.
  • Two old men sitting in an animation studio. It could be the show's animators.
  • Three men in an office breakroom
  • Bathroom (toilets)
  • A man sitting in a recliner
  • A woman feeding her cats
  • A woman and a boy who is playing the piano
  • This is the only episode Phineas and Ferb ask money for a ride in their invention apart from the rollercoaster (as shown when Phineas states that they should have charged more).
  • The car Jeremy drives is a mid-1960's Ford Falcon Futura.
  • Star-nosed moles are found in Canada and north-eastern USA so Danville might be near there.
  • The Cyrillic script on the Doofenshmirtz family's refrigerator translates to "Coldbox."
  • The Giant floating baby head reappears again, passing a window while Candace is talking on the phone with Stacy.
  • Buford and Baljeet are wearing mascot outfits again ("The Flying Fishmonger").
  • The giant shoe from the "Un-Stuck-inator" is similar to the "Who's Blinded by Sand-inator", otherwise known as "Who's Crying Now-inator" ("The Flying Fishmonger").
  • When Doofenshmirtz finds out that the Mountain out of a Molehill-inator is working, the Mr. Slushy Burger stand in the forest gets seen ("Rollercoaster").
  • Bab's Beauty gets seen when the molehills start growing ("The Magnificent Few").
  • Ferb is wearing his cap backwards ("The Chronicles of Meap").
  • Jeremy vows to Candace that she will be safe from what she gets scared of and the two embrace. ("Bowl-R-Ama Drama")
  • This is the second episode in which Doofenshmirtz had actually succeeded in his scheme (making mountains out of molehills, literally). The first episode was Hail Doofania!.
  • Fifth time Phineas says "What'cha doin'?". ("Flop Starz", "Run Away Runway", "Traffic Cam Caper", "I Scream, You Scream")

Oh, There You Are, Perry

Swiss Family Phineas

  • Second time Ferb loses his clothes. First was in "Run Away Runway"
  • Since this was paired with "Oh, There You Are, Perry," they were both about characters (Namely Phineas and Baljeet) worrying about Perry being lost.
  • Second time Doofenshmirtz wears a dress. He did it for the first time in "Gaming the System".
  • The clothes that Carl is taking from the laundry in his song are Monogram's common uniform and the Hawaiian shirt that he (Monogram) was wearing in "The Best Lazy Day Ever ".
  • Second time when someone says "Where's Perry?" and does something with it ("Oh, There You Are, Perry")
  • In addition to "Storm Warning," the Fireside Girls manual shows flag symbols for "High Sea," "Bermuda Triangle," "Pirates," "Calm Sea," "Bermuda Shorts," "Clear Sky," "Piranhas," and "New Wave."

Hide and Seek

That Sinking Feeling

The Baljeatles

  • Linda, Lawrence, and Isabella all do not appear in this episode.
  • Candace doesn't try to bust her brothers because Stacy tells her to stop in this episode. Or because they didn't do anything actually bust-able here.
  • Django makes a cameo in this episode.
  • This is one of the few times Phineas gets annoyed.
  • Phineas and Ferb do not build anything spectacular, however they do use 2 handheld earplugs which they presumably made.
  • This is Coltrane's third appearance, and his first by name.
  • Even after Baljeet puts his guitar back in his case, it still appears to the right of him when Phineas gives him an A+ at rock.
  • Even though Baljeet says he can't say "F", he almost immediately says "Fail Wail". But this is probably because when he tried to say "F", he had it in mind that it was a bad grade. But when he says "Fail Wail", he had it in mind that it was a song.
  • Baljeet DID play an A chord when Phineas said it near the beginning.
  • Perry never takes off his diaper, even though it's soaked with milk from his bottle.
  • First time the "Oh, there you are, Perry" line isn't said.
  • First time Perry is seen in a diaper.
  • Django is seen wearing a kilt, which means that he could be part Scottish.
  • Third time Perry is trapped in something baby-related.
  • Doofenshmirtz forms an army of babies, similar as he did with the army of pigeons and the army of robot penguins. ("Tree to Get Ready", "Bowl-R-Ama Drama")
  • When Doofenshmirtz is flying over the concert he says "Hey, is that the Baljeatles?", and the invention he happens to be strapped to also explodes into heart-shaped fireworks, just like what happens at the Love Händel Reunion Concert. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")
  • Stacy and Coltrane's apparent dating relationship is part of the girls' subplot. ("The Best Lazy Day Ever")
  • The girl that appeared in the song "Leave the Busting to us" could be seen in the concert of the Baljeatles. ("Leave the Busting to Us!") Her nickname was also revealed as Sassy Miss K.
  • One of the kids watching the mime Candace ran over is in the front row during the song Gimme a Grade. Also, one of the 2 Guyz N the Parque members appear in a cameo while the Baljeatles sing Gimme a Grade. ("Comet Kermillian")
  • One of the singers that sang Perfect Day and My Nemesis can be seen when Candace and Stacy are walking to Jeremy and Coltrane. ("Interview With a Platypus, It's About Time!")
  • As Major Monogram is acting for Carl, at the start, the tune of the piano from Doofenshmirtz's trap is played, except faster. ("S'Winter").
  • Jeremy calls Stacy "Stacy-Ru", It could be an allusion to Bango-Ru Toys ("The Chronicles of Meap")
  • Second time Doofenshmirtz's explanation catches up to real time ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!").
  • When the nanny-inator is powdering Perry, the powder is in the shape of a heart.

Vanessassary Roughness

  • This is the second time Vanessa sings (the first time occurs in "I Scream, You Scream").
  • Isabella and Jeremy are absent in this episode, though Jeremy is mentioned.
  • This marks the first and only time Ferb has more screen time than Phineas, despite having less lines.
    • First episode that Phineas isn't the main character.
  • First episode in which Doofenshmirtz gets arrested.
  • First time Perry wears normal clothes instead of just his fedora.
  • This is one of the episodes where Doofenshmirtz doesn't curse Perry, as Doofenshmirtz doesn't recognize Perry in this episode, either.
  • Ferb's yellow umbrella from "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" reappears during the song "I'm Me".
  • Ferb gets interrupted again. ("Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!", "Ready for the Bettys")
  • Vanessa kisses Ferb on the cheek for the first time.

No More Bunny Business

Spa Day

  • "Spa Day" is the third episode that focused more on Candace and Stacy instead of Phineas and Ferb, the first two being "Ready for the Bettys" and "Elementary My Dear Stacy".
  • This episode reveals Stacy and Candace have known each other at least since third grade.
  • Doofenshmirtz said "Ha, ha, I'm painting!" the same way Lawrence did in "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World".
  • Doofenshmirtz said "I'm going to have to do the right thing here, aren't I?" just like Candace at the end of "The Lake Nose Monster". The crowd around him goes "Aww," just like they did when he saved the kitten in "Voyage to the Bottom of Buford".
  • This is the third time that someone (in this case Candace and Stacy) goes to a spa. The first two were Linda and Charlene ("Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror" and "Hail Doofania!", respectively).
  • Candace said "and mud..." like Buford said in "Jerk De Soleil".
  • This is the twenty-ninth time Isabella appeared with the Fireside Girls while not in uniform. This is also the only time she went barefoot while in her regular clothes, performing the backwalking massage on Candace and Stacy.
  • Doofenshmirtz doesn't trap Perry in this episode.
  • Candace, mentions her future sons which is "Xavier", "Fred".

Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo

  • The giant bone appears in the present, when it is about to be displayed; future, in the same location; and altered future, on top of the time machine in the city dump.
  • 2nd time we see Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz as elders. ("Lights, Candace, Action!")
  • When Future Candace makes the boys promise never to travel to the future again, she was mistaken. Paradoxes are caused by traveling to the past, (as she did), not the future.
  • Carl still works at OWCA, which means he must have been hired after his internship.
  • This is the first episode that the future has few plots of the first episode, Rollercoaster.
  • At the end of Charmed Life, Doofenshmirtz holds a long note, along with the music at the end, it sounds the same as "My Goody Two-Shoes Brother". ("Tree to Get Ready")
  • In the alternative future, Doofenshmirtz changes everyone names to Joe so he doesn't have to remember any names. Sort of similar to when he names his crocodiles "Susan and Susan". ("The Ballad of Badbeard")
  • Candace shimmies up the holographic tree the same way she did in Backyard Aquarium.
  • Third time Phineas and Ferb went to the museum. First is in ("It's About Time!") and the second is ("Greece Lightning").
  • Linda's line, "You two are in so much trouble", echos Candace's line, "Those two are in such big trouble", from "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!".
  • Third 2-part episode where Lawrence does not appear ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!", "The Chronicles of Meap").
  • This episode was named #7 on's Top 10 Phineas and Ferb Episodes.[2]
  • The second verse of the full theme song is sung during near the end of the first third.
  • If "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" took place before this episode, there would be a discrepancy between the size of Future Candace and the world as it was in "Rollercoaster".
  • Isabella went to the past and gave them the steel-wood fuser they needed. This would stop the episode from making an alternate ending on Rollercoaster and stop messing up the Future. In the episode, Phineas and Ferb inadvertently created a temporal paradox. There are many other paradoxes in the episode, most of which are hand-waved away.

About the Future

  • Future Phineas and Ferb are not shown, but they are mentioned.
  • Candace has three children, identical to her own family - two sons, Xavier and Fred, and a daughter, Amanda and it is implied that she and Jeremy have gotten married (due to the fact that Xavier bears a resemblance to Jeremy, also Candace mentions several times that when she marries Jeremy she will name her kids Xavier and Amanda).
  • Perry is alive (albeit old) in the future, still battling Doofenshmirtz but at checkers.
  • Any relationship (Phineas & Isabella, Candace & Jeremy, etc.) is not shown in this episode. However, it's mentioned that Isabella becomes the aunt (through marriage) of Candace's kids, meaning that Isabella ends up marrying Phineas or Ferb as an adult.
  • The antique shop still exists and is running.
  • 30 year old Phineas is in Switzerland to receive an award. Most likely NOT the Nobel Prize since it is awarded in Sweden (or Norway, in the case of the Peace Prize). He may be receiving the Marcel Benoist Prize, which is awarded for achievements in science.
  • 30 year old Ferb is in Camp David. Most likely in an advisory role, since being 30 would be too young to be President (35 years old is the minimum age for president). Of course, it was the future, so several amendments may have been passed by that time, making it legal for him to become president.
  • Stacy is the President of Uruguay.
  • If the current time stream stays the way it is seen to end up going, the only time Phineas and Ferb will ever get busted is 20 years in the future, and nothing will come of it. However, since Isabella gave them the invention Phineas and Ferb that they had to time travel for at the beginning of the episode, they might not be busted at all since they no longer have a reason to time travel and undid the whole episode.
  • It is unknown if the Doofenshmirtz empire holds in the alternate future, because it is unknown if he remarried or if Vanessa becomes next in power.
  • Ferb might have not married Vanessa because future Candace doesn't know who Doofenshmirtz is.
  • It is possible that Candace never got her driver's license, since she isn't seen driving in this episode.

Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown

  • First episode where Phineas and Ferb haven't been shown full on screen (although make a speaking cameo appearance and seen through the videos).
  • The introduction reveals Major Monogram's first name: Francis.
  • Candace appears in the videos of all the top 10 songs except for "Ain't Got Rhythm". Her voice appears in eight of the ten, the other two being "Ain't Got Rhythm" and "Little Brothers".
  • If you don't count the music clips, this is the first episode that Candace does not appear in.
  • Isabella's outfit keeps switching from her normal outfit to her Fireside Girls uniform during the extended Gitchee Gitchee Goo. This is probably due to the fact that parts of the old video for the song was re-used in this extended version. Also, the background changes from "Phineas and the Ferb-Tones Reunion Concert" to "PFT".
  • Linda neither appears nor is mentioned in this entire episode. Though, she briefly appears in "I Love You Mom" and "Little Brothers"
  • Perry isn't in any of the clips (excluding Gitchee Gitchee Goo).
  • Second instance of Major Monogram and Dr. Doofenshmirtz working together in some fashion. The first was during the 2009 Radio Disney premiere to promote the release of the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack.
  • Doofenshmirtz says "It's working, it's working!" exactly the same way he said it in "At the Car Wash".
  • Monogram says "googly moogly" again ("Ready for the Bettys").
  • This is the first Phineas and Ferb clip-show.
  • Irving Du Bois makes a brief cameo in the in-between segments.
  • This is the only episode where Doofenshmirtz has said Phineas and Ferb's names.
  • Doofenshmirtz's comment about the "final four [songs]" is a direct reference to Kirby Super Star Ultra's The True Arena.

Bubble Boys

Isabella and the Temple of Sap

  • First episode to have Isabella go into Phineasland. 
  • This episode is the first one to limit Ferb, Candace and Perry to cameo appearances.
  • Major Monogram and Dr. Doofenshmirtz are absent, making this the first episode where they don't appear in.
  • This episode focuses more on Isabella, the Fireside Girls and Pinky than Phineas, Ferb and Perry.
  • This episode occurs during the episode "Bubble Boys".
  • This episode reveals that Ginger has a crush on Baljeet.
  • This is the second episode when the Fireside Girls have extended dialogue (the first being "Bubble Boys").
  • This is the first episode where every Fireside Girl has a speaking role.
    • Gretchen, however, spoke the most besides Isabella, making her role more prominent.
  • Adyson's and Katie's names are revealed.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Professor Poofenplotz.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Wanda Acronym, Pinky's mission dispatcher.
  • This is the only episode so far in the series where Dan Povenmire has no new lines (due to Doofenshmirtz being absent in this episode.)
  • First episode title using Isabella's name.
  • This is the second episode that occurs during another episode ("Bubble Boys"), the first being "Unfair Science Fair" and "Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)".
  • In the beginning, Isabella is seen in pajamas, which was also seen in "I Scream, You Scream". However, this time their color matches that of the bow on her head.
  • During the scene where Professor Poofenplotz is in the store, Gitchee Gitchee Goo and I'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun! can be heard in the background.
    • However, it cuts to Lindana in the middle of Gitchee Gitchee Goo.
  • This is the third episode to use the "hearts in eyes" technique. In this episode, Isabella imagines Phineas with hearts in his eyes when he "confesses" to her. In ("Rollercoaster"), she is seen looking at him with hearts in her eyes. Candace also used hearts in her eyes looking at Dennis in "No More Bunny Business".
  • This is the third time Isabella has a part of the "Too Young" line. ("The Chronicles of Meap", "That Sinking Feeling")
  • The place Prof. Poofenplotz's Me-Mobile is stuck is around the place Dr. Doofenshmirtz parks and goes to the science fair ("Unfair Science Fair").
  • This is the second time the Fireside Girls had to use their sashes to get them out of a dangerous situation. The first time was in "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!" when they rescued Phineas from falling.
  • This episode substitutes a Perry plot for a Pinky plot, since the main plot is about Isabella instead of Phineas and Ferb.
  • This is the first episode where Major Monogram does not appear in, he would later be absent in "Canderemy" and "Phineas and Ferb Interrupted".
  • This is the fifth time that Ferb does not speak ("The Fast and the Phineas," "I, Brobot," "Interview With a Platypus" and "Tip of the Day").
  • Candace would later make a cameo appearance in "Brain Drain".
  • This is the second episode where someone mentions a "cute little tree." The first being Phineas in "At the Car Wash."
  • Isabella uses big pleading eyes in this episode, and for the first time. This is the second time a Fireside Girl (counting Isabella) uses this, and the first was Katie and Gretchen in "Don't Even Blink".
  • In the close-up of Isabella's sash as the girls say "We wear our patches upon our sashes", an "I Just Saw A Cute Boy" patch can be seen. This is most likely referring to Phineas.

Cheer Up Candace

Fireside Girl Jamboree

The Bully Code

  • This is one of the few episodes to have Doofenshmirtz address Agent P as Perry, not Perry the Platypus.
  • This episode takes place the day after the events of Sidetracked, since Monogram mentions it being Canada Day while addressing Perry, and Perry and Lyla Lolliberry saved the Canada Day celebrations in said episode, which take place the day before Canada Day.
  • Mr. Slushy Dawg was founded the same year as the infamous stock market crash. It is unknown whether this was intentional or not. It's probably why "it never gets better."
  • It is weird that Buford would say to Candace that she is his slave because Buford is not a nerd and Candace is not a bully. This could be because Buford is in love in Candace and wants to have her as her servant for being with her
  • Isabella does not make any appearances in either this episode or "Finding Mary McGuffin".
  • When Perry taps his feet on the bathroom floor tile, a bit of music from Disco Miniature Golfing Queen plays ("Put That Putter Away").
  • Dr. Bloodpudding has the Giant floating baby head with him. It also appears to have signed Dr Doofenshmirtz's cast under the spot Doofenshmirtz saved for Perry ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!", et al.).
  • The show's Theme Song can be heard when Candace is on Phineas and Ferb's contraption, it sounds like the Original Cut, the more cartoonish version.
  • The Slushy the Clown jingle is heard briefly when the kids debate on going to Slushy Dog towards the end of the episode ("Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?").
  • This is one of the few episodes that Linda actually sees Phineas and Ferb's invention, even though she thinks it is public art.

Finding Mary McGuffin

Picture This

Nerdy Dancin'

  • First Phineas and Ferb episode that has focused on Jeremy.
  • This is one episode where Doofenshmirtz does not create or use an "inator" against anyone.
  • A musical version of "Go Perry" can be heard right around when Agent P dismantles the disco ball's support.
  • Pink shirt Slack is seen again on his own.
  • Candace doesn't interact with Phineas and Ferb in this episode. She also didn't interact with them in "I, Brobot", "Hail Doofania!", "De Plane! De Plane!", "Vanessassary Roughness", "Bubble Boys" and "Isabella and the Temple of Sap".
  • This episode reveals that Ferb is a really good dancer.
  • When Ferb shows some moves to Jeremy, the hip hop instrumental from the song Spa Day is played. ("Spa Day")
  • Phineas says "Wait for it..." as Ferb did and Isabella did ("Bowl-R-Ama Drama", "Got Game?").
  • Norm appears for the second time in Season 2. His last appearance was in "At the Car Wash."
  • The guy from the song Squirrels In My Pants appears dancing with a contestant from Flawless Girl ("Comet Kermillian", "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister").
  • Dana is also a participant in the dance competition.
  • One of the judges is the same guy who announced at the backyard beach and who mentioned the Paisley Brothers Concert was sold out. ("Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror," "Fireside Girl Jamboree").
  • "Rodney" is one of the names on Doofenshmirtz's cast ("The Bully Code").
  • Doofenshmirtz notes that Norm made a lot of potato salad, a nod to when Stacy notes on Linda's plans for purchase, "Wow, that's a lot of potato salad" ("Vanessassary Roughness").
  • Jeremy wore the same formal attire as he wore in the Chez Platypus ("Chez Platypus").
  • This is one of the episodes that Candace doesn't spend trying to bust her brothers.
  • The outfit Candace wears to the show is a pallet swap of the outfit she wore in "Comet Kermillian".

What Do It Do?


  • This episode reveals that Candace was once good at making sandcastles and sculptures.
  • Irving appears for the third time in this episode (he apparently stowed away in the trunk when Linda stopped for gas).
  • Candace wears the same swimsuit from "De Plane! De Plane!".
  • When Doofenshmirtz told Perry he was going upwind of him, it was because Perry had defecated in the fertilizer.
  • Second time a bag of manure gets used ("I, Brobot").
  • Ferb's, "Perhaps the lost city of Atlantis wanted to stay lost" echoes, Phineas's, "He must not want the world to know he really exists" ("The Lake Nose Monster").
  • Following "Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)", this is the second time the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated jingle plays instrumentally.
  • Second time Candace doesn't see the Big Idea ("Hail Doofania!").

Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!

  • Santa Claus is responsible for the events of this episode.
  • Throughout the majority of the series, Phineas's height is less than Isabella's. However, possibly because this episode occurred AFTER summer had ended, Phineas had a growth spurt, and is seen as about the same height as Isabella.
    • This episode is the first one to not take place during the summer.
  • What everybody got for Christmas:
    • Phineas: A snowboard and the ability to be like Santa.
    • Ferb: Two bouncy balls and a harmonica.
    • Candace: Earrings (from Jeremy), and two pairs of her summer clothes.
    • Jeremy: A silver guitar (a les paul to be exact)(from Candace)
    • Linda: A Lindana T-Shirt.
    • Isabella: A Santa's Helper patch.
    • Buford: A baseball bat and his friends thinking of him as nice.
    • Baljeet: A calculator (which Buford immediately smashes to pieces with his bat), and a kiss under the mistletoe from Wendy Stinglehopper.
    • Irving: A pair of Phineas and Ferb's clothes.
    • Perry: A new bowl (from Phineas and Ferb), a vase (from Doofenshmirtz), and a Sal Tuscany Christmas CD (from his Secret Santa who is really Santa Claus; not Carl).
    • Doofenshmirtz: Almond Brittle (from Perry the Platypus) and the ability to hate Christmas.
    • Monogram: A nice picture of him and Carl (from Carl).
    • Carl: A signed picture of Monogram, saying "To whom it may concern, Merry X-mas" (from Monogram).
    • Meap: A picture of Phineas, Ferb, and Candace.
  • All Christmas wishes that are known were granted:
    • Phineas - To be just like Santa Claus
    • Ferb - A Harmonica
    • Buford - To be thought of as a good person by his friends.
    • Baljeet - To kiss a pretty girl (Wendy Stinglehopper) under mistletoe.
    • Doofenshmirtz - To have the ability to hate Christmas.
  • The vase that Doofenshmirtz gives to Perry was foreshadowed on a previous episode. Major Monogram accidentally tells Perry to expect this vase for Christmas.
  • Ferb, when one realizes it, got his harmonica on Christmas EVE, not Christmas Day. Although news presses regularly insert breaking news as the paper go to press, potentially past midnight making it Christmas Day 1 second past 11:59:59PM Christmas Eve.
  • Baljeet may have some affection for Wendy because he acts shy around her and kisses her. He also saves her present.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz has an Uncle Justin hiding in Barneo. Although, the plans for the "Naughtyinator" are really from Santa Claus so Uncle Justin may be elsewhere!
  • It is still unknown how the book Oh, Christmas Tree! fits in with the events in this episode.
  • The other name for Danville for Niceness is "Santa, What Gives?"
  • When the Sal Tuscany CD breaks, Doofenshmirtz notices the letters are an anagram of "Santa Claus with an embarrassing extra 'Y'". "Sal Tuscany" is an anagram of "Santy Claus", similar to the name "Sandy Claws" in The Nightmare before Christmas, but the writers seem to have used "A Sal Tuscany" for the anagram instead. At the end of the scene Doofenshmirtz exclaims "Sal Tuscany is Santy Claus?"
  • This episode reveals that Candace can play the contrabass. (Although prior to this episode, it may have been obvious since "Mom's Birthday" reveals that she can play the bass guitar, which is basically a guitar-sized clone of the double bass.)
  • This special further confirms Isabella is at least part Jewish, as it she affirms her celebration of Hanukkah.
  • Isabella says that she writes letters to Santa in the beginning, but later she says that she doesn't celebrate Christmas and that she celebrates Hanukkah. She may have just said that to help Phineas's point, or she may be half-Jewish. (If one's mother is Jewish, then they are considered a Jew as well.) Although, Garcia is a common Hispanic surname (and typically the maiden name in her name configuration while Shapiro is a relatively common Jewish surname.) This could also mean that Isabella does not celebrate religious Christmas, just commercial. Santa Claus is generally considered a more commercial part of Christmas, not tied down to a particular religion.
  • Candace called Jeremy "her little drummer boy" and "her little town of Bethlehem". Since "The Little Drummer Boy" and "O Little Town of Bethlehem" are Christian Christmas carols, this may signify that Candace and, presumably, the rest of her family, are Christians.
  • In this episode, Isabella, Candace, Grandpa Fletcher, and Grandma Fletcher are the only ones who wear their regular outfits. Although Isabella, Candace, and Grandma Fletcher also wear winter outfits in outdoors scenes.
  • Vanessa, Stacy, and Gretchen are the most recurring characters that don't appear in the episode, although Olivia Olson who voices Vanessa is heard singing That Christmas Feeling, as well as Stacy being mentioned when Candace is talking on the phone. Stacy also has a cameo appearance in the extended episode during the song What Does He Want?
  • Isabella's voice is slightly higher pitched every time she sings in this episode. It could just be because she sings using a different voice than The Ballad of Badbeard and In the Mall.
  • This is one of the rare chances to see Phineas angry, or just plain old unhappy.
  • Santa Claus uses the Yiddish word "shvitz," which means "sweat." This usage, combined with the stereotypical Yiddish music that plays as he says it, may imply that Santa is at least part Jewish.
  • While the kids are singing Danville for Niceness, Phineas is looking bored until Isabella comes in shot, then he looks at her with admiration. This suggests some attraction between the two.
  • This is the second time Buford is seen with a baseball bat. ("Swiss Family Phineas")
  • Doofenshmirtz, after tying up Perry, placed a partridge on his bill and sang, "And a partridge on a Perry. The platypus!" Coincidentally, the name "Perry" actually does mean "pear tree".
  • A running gag in this episode is that Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford say the same thing at the same time.
  • The pictures on the wall of Doofenshmirtz appeared in "Finding Mary McGuffin".
  • Based on Candace's dialogue in this episode, it takes place after the summer in which the rest of the episodes so far occur. This is additionally confirmed by Swampy Marsh (Talk:Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!#Chronologically).
  • Both the Yeti in the shower and the Yeti being carted into the backyard past a gossiping Candace are direct parodies from the regular opening credits.
  • When Buford comments on the "cool clubhouse", the melody from S'Winter can be heard in the background.
  • When Baljeet says "Well? Aren't you going to ask me what my Christmas wish is?" it could be a nod to Mom's Birthday, when Candace says nearly exactly the same thing. ("Mom's Birthday")
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz is wearing panda slippers, likely an homage to Peter the Panda, his temporary "other nemesis", who appeared in "It's About Time!". He's also been seen wearing them in a handful of other episodes ("Comet Kermillian").
  • This is actually the third time one of Doofenshmirtz' plans actually succeeds in any measurable degree (first was in "At the Car Wash", second was "That Sinking Feeling"). This scheme lasted for the majority of the episode, but this was also the first plan Perry himself did not foil, but rather Santa (disguised as Sal Tuscany). Santa may have given Doofenshmirtz the plans, as well. (It can also be considered that his scheme in "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" worked, because he made a party for his daughter, also in "Finding Mary McGuffin" because he found the switch).
  • All of the regular cast has either a speaking role or a cameo appearance except for Django, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (due the fact that her voice actor is heard singing "That Christmas Feeling"), Charlene Doofenshmirtz, Gretchen, and Norm.
  • Agent P is again wrapped in Christmas lights by Dr. Doofenshmirtz, as he was in One Good Scare Ought to Do It!.
  • Candace's explanations about idioms (by mouth I mean Jeremy) in the same way that Doof said "by fire I mean Perry the Platypus" ("Cheer Up Candace") and Monogram when he denied Agent P's vacation ("Put That Putter Away").
  • When Candace says "Whatcha doin'?" to Jeremy in her phone, Isabella is across the street in her house and reacts to it being said by someone other than herself. This is the second instance of long-distance perception, the first being when Doofenshmirtz felt a "disturbance in the cup stacking universe" ("Thaddeus and Thor").
  • Meap from The Chronicles of Meap and Irving ("Hide and Seek", "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown" etc.) make a cameo appearance.
  • The Farmer and Farmer's Wife from "Leave the Busting to Us!" are seen during Thank You Santa, where a larger present falls out of the sky onto her. They've also been seen in a few other episodes ("Put That Putter Away", "Picture This", "Hip Hip Parade", "Suddenly Suzy").
  • During the song I Really Don't Hate Christmas, there is a photo of Dr. Doofenshmirtz with four of the scientists from Nerdy Dancin'.
  • This episode marks the return of Suzy Johnson ("Crack That Whip", "Comet Kermillian" et.ali.). However, she does not have an active part in the story nor does she have any speaking lines. She only gives Candace an angry glare when she came over to visit Jeremy.
  • Phineas and Ferb use the same pajamas as in "Chez Platypus", they are different than the ones used in the first season. Phineas and Ferb use this pajamas since season 2 onwards.
  • This is Vincent Martella's favorite episode.
  • This episode was named as an "Honorable Mention" on's Top 10 Phineas and Ferb Episodes.[3]
  • This episode was Number One on ScreenRant's Top 10 Best Disney Animated Christmas Specials.[4]
  • As of 06 2, 2020, only the edited version is available on Disney+.

Just Passing Through

Candace's Big Day

I Was a Middle Aged Robot

Suddenly Suzy

Undercover Carl

Hip Hip Parade

  • First time Candace can't hold her urge to bust.
  • Love Händel makes another appearance.
  • Bobbi's Hair Salon makes a reappearance.
  • The tow truck Dr. Doofenshmirtz bought is very similar to one that towed away both his Anti Gravity Evil-Launchinator and Norm ("Undercover Carl").
  • When Buford and the other nerd are on the rooftop the music during the scene where the pigeons are getting ready to poop on Mayor Doofenshmirtz (Roger) plays. ("Tree to Get Ready")
  • This is the second time Baljeet saves Buford's life. ("The Bully Code").
  • This is the second time someone says "You're dead to me!" The first being Doofenshmirtz in "It's About Time!"
  • Fourth time Candace spends the whole episode with her mom. ("Hail Doofania!", "Bubble Boys", "Isabella and the Temple of Sap")
  • The attendent from "Are You My Mummy?" reappears.
  • Tri-State Area Unification Day is July 15th as shown by Baljeet's calendar.

Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers

Ain't No Kiddie Ride

Not Phineas and Ferb

  • This is the first episode where Perry enters his lair without someone saying "Hey, Where's Perry?".
  • The episode marks the first time any of Buford's family members are seen (his mother, Biffany is shown) and the first time any of Irving's family members are seen (his brother, Albert, and his mom).
  • This is the first time Candace hurt Phineas and Ferb. She did so by pulling their faces, thinking they were Buford and Baljeet.
  • This is the first episode Doofenshmirtz says the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

Phineas and Ferb-Busters!

The Lizard Whisperer

Robot Rodeo

The Beak

  • This is the first episode in which Phineas and Isabella interact frequently.
  • Chairs are used several times throughout the episode: Carl shreds a chair; KPP is hit with a chair twice by his wife; Perry throws a chair at Dr. Doofenshmirtz.
  • It seems that Phineas has problems lying to Isabella, but not Candace or Linda. He can be seen speaking nervously and scratching his ear when lying to her during this episode.
  • The phrase "Thank you very much" is said ten times. Nine times by KPP, and once by the Dangiraffe (Candace). This phrase was also said by Isabella in "Hide and Seek", but in a genuine manner.
  • First episode Isabella is never seen with her bow on her head (Of course, it might be under her hat).
  • This is the first time Ferb shows annoyance by one of Phineas's ideas (with the "Bulgarian folk dancing" being a "function" of The Beak).
  • Everybody was crediting Phineas for being a good superhero, but Ferb appears to be the one doing most of the movement and weapon release (for most of the weapons).
  • In "The Fast and the Phineas", Perry's hovercar is shown coming out of the tree, so when Phineas and Ferb built their "Nest" hideout, they should have stumbled upon Perry's lair.
  • This episode marks the first (and only) time Isabella swoons over anything in the series being The Beak or Phineas. This is unless you count the time she blushed when Phineas took her on that romantic cruise ("That Sinking Feeling") and in "The Magnificent Few" when Phineas was talking about being a cowboy.
  • This is one of two times where Isabella says "Hello" to Ferb before Phineas, due to "letting her down 4 times today alone". The second time is in "Disney's Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!".
  • This is the first time a character is knocked unconscious, unless you count the time in "Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror" when the coconut fell on Candace's head.
  • The boy who raises rats from the Mix and Mingle Machine appeared. ("Cheer Up Candace")
  • One of the new Fireside Girls make an appearance by delivering the Fireside Girl Gazette. ("I Was a Middle Aged Robot")
  • This is the second episode where Isabella wears a fedora. The first time was at the episode "Rollercoaster", where she was wearing Perry's fedora when Perry unexpectedly drops in the rollercoaster.
  • Phineas and Ferb wear The Beak suit the same way they wore a suit of armor in ("A Hard Day's Knight").
  • The Doofanian National Anthem can be heard during Dr. Doofenshmirtz's public announcements.("Hail Doofania!")
  • Shady Joe can be seen during Heinz Doofenshmirtz's public announcements ("Bowl-R-Ama Drama")
  • 4th time Phineas shows affection for Isabella. First was "Gaming the System", the second was "The Chronicles of Meap", and the third was "That Sinking Feeling" .
  • " out, peace." is heard 3 times in this episode. ("Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)", "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister", "Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers")
  • Lewis, who gains a wife, a promotion, and a full head of hair upon learning what an aglet is, is one of the cheering fans after The Beak destroys the falling Bango-Ru sign. ("Tip of the Day")
  • The Beak is repeatedly referred to as the defender of "the best day ever". This refers back to the lyrics of the extended Theme Song.
  • Carl goes incognito again. ("Undercover Carl")
  • Phineas pokes out of the egg in the lair with his nose. This could possibly be a jab at how pointy his nose is, and also "Are You My Mummy?", where Perry uses Doofenshmirtz's nose to pop a bubble, to which he remarks, "Is my nose really that pointy?"
  • The director from The Princess Sensibilities appeared in danger of the falling sign. ("Lights, Candace, Action!")
  • Phineas says "What's up with the getup?" to Isabella. This is the same line Candace uses to Linda in "Picture This", when she is going to a Mexican-Jewish Cultural Festival.
  • This was second time that Phineas saves Isabella from danger. First was from the bug eye-bot in "Hide and Seek".
  • The picture of himself that Doofenshmirtz is standing in front of when announcing his taking-over the Tri-State Area closely resembles his 1914 counterpart.
  • The 11-minute episode length is referenced again, this time by the narrator at the midway point of the episode.

She's the Mayor

The Lemonade Stand

  • This is the first episode that Candace and Stacy actually argue with each other.
  • This is the first episode that Phineas and Ferb had a long argument in planning the Big Ideas, however it was never shown. (could be the second if we count their little argument about Bulgarian Folk Dancing in "The Beak")
  • This is the 6th time Phineas and Ferb have cleaned up their invention on purpose, and the second time they have done it entirely.
  • In production order, this is the 100th episode.
  • Balthazar Horowitz, seen in a few different episodes, makes another appearance.
  • This is one of the few times Phineas and Ferb are charging money for one of their Big Ideas. Other instances of this can be seen in "Rollercoaster", Chez Platypus, and "Out of Toon", though the latter was actually Buford scamming admission fees.
  • The Fireside Girls had previous attempted to run a lemonade stand for charity in "At the Car Wash," inexplicably leading to serious injury (at least for Katie).
  • A girl from the Shimmy Jimmy commercial from Toy to the World made an appearance buying lemonade from Phineas and Ferb. ("Toy to the World")
  • This is the second time someone was trapped by flypaper ("The Flying Fishmonger").
  • The girl from the "Bust Em" commercial makes an appearance. ("Leave the Busting to Us!")
  • Ben Baxter makes a cameo in line for lemonade. ("Flop Starz", "Run Away Runway" and "Finding Mary McGuffin")
  • Doofenshmirtz says "do not bother it is a double leaf," as he said, "do not bother, it is a double knot" in "Suddenly Suzy".
  • The music that plays as Jenny speaks was also heard in "Day of the Living Gelatin"
  • Katie is the only Fireside Girl who did not appear.

Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation

  • Perry is revealed to use a litter box, much like a house cat.

Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!

  • First episode in which the episode does not include one line in the theme song in at all, but with the logo, the episode's title and the creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.
  • Ferb speaks a total of nine times in this episode, making it the episode where spoke the most frequently at the time of its release. The majority of his lines were in Act IV (the stop in Paris).
  • This episode explains most of the romantic pairings in the series, mainly in Paris: Candace and Jeremy's relationship, Isabella and Phineas's relationship, and Ferb and Vanessa's relationship.
  • First episode that Vanessa interacts with Major Monogram and Phineas.
  • This episode features seven songs, tying "Wizard of Odd" for the episode with the 3rd most songs. ("The Ballad of Klimpaloon" appears on the soundtrack album, but was not performed in the special itself, and "Bouncin' Around The World" and "Follow The Sun" were sung offscreen during montages.) If one includes "What Does He Want?" from "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" extended edition, it has 8 songs (though 4 were sung onscreen, the other 4 were heard offscreen during montages). "Rollercoaster: The Musical!" though has the most at 9 songs.
  • Assuming that Phineas' estimate of "sixteen hours of daylight" is accurate, this places Danville at about the 48th parallel.
  • This special seems to take place after all episodes that have aired before it (or at least a good number of them), based on how many references the characters make throughout the episode.
  • "Pair of ducks" is a play on words (paradox) which also describes Candace's situation. In an episode of Home Improvement, Tim Taylor mistakes the word "paradox" for "pair of ducks."
  • In the episode, a person who lives in the country speaks English and one of the people in the group speak the native language three times: when Ferb said they are friends of Stacy to Bāchan Hirano, when Candace asked for directions to the hotel, and when Buford asked for cooking oil.
  • It is proven that Ferb can speak at least some Japanese.
  • It is also proven that Buford can speak French fluently with a French accent. He has also read Voltaire well enough to quote his works.
  • Between Buford being able to speak fluent French and his line "Oh, I can't help it, Paris does it to me every time," it is hinted he may have been in Paris before.
  • This is the first time O.W.C.A's name is said in the show.
  • This episode marks Candace and Jeremy officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.
    • This is also the first time Jeremy and Candace kiss in the series.
  • This episode marks the first time Isabella cries, due to not having Phineas return her feelings in Paris.
  • This is the first time in the series where Phineas has actually doubted that his idea could work, when he was on the island and went insane, being obsessed with trying to get off the island.
  • It is made clear that Ferb knows about Isabella's crush on Phineas, because when they were stranded on the island, Isabella talked to Ferb about it.
  • The "Hey, where's Perry?" line is said by Chaka Khan after "I Believe We Can".
    • Phineas also says this line at the end of the episode, and says "Oh, there you are, Perry" at the beginning, the reverse of the usual pattern.
  • "Poubelle" is the French word for "trash can". Therefore, the hotel Jeremy is staying at is called "Hotel Trash Can".
  • Candace and Stacy are seen eating noodles with chopsticks for breakfast. This may be to a reference Stacy's Japanese heritage.
  • When Phineas is reminding Candace of what she has accomplished, an instrumental version of "I Believe We Can" plays.
  • First episode to never play the theme song or a different version of the theme song.
  • During a scene in "Bouncin' Around the World", in what appears to be China, a sign that says "Missing bike: Call Rob" can be briefly seen, and it also appears on a lamppost in Paris when Candace is going to see Jeremy.
  • When Stacy answers Candace's phone call at 5 A.M., her bow is seen attached to a hairband.
  • This is the first episode where all five of Phineas and Ferb's friends (Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Django, and Irving) appear. The second is "Rollercoaster: The Musical!".
  • Fourth wall breaks:
    • Phineas breaks the fourth wall when an ad appears over the triangle that Ferb was holding by saying "Hey! Do you mind? We've got a visual gag going on here! Thank you!"
    • Phineas breaks it again when he says "No matter where we go Ferb knows everyone" because he looks straight at the camera.
  • Buford wanted to use Baljeet as luggage, just as he did in "Don't Even Blink" and "Not Phineas and Ferb".
  • This is the second time Doofenshmirtz interacts with Major Monogram. The first was in "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown".
  • Major Monogram's mouth being moved by someone's hand to make him talk was seen again. First was by Carl in ("Let's Take a Quiz")
  • Buford saying "I want the bug" may be a nod to the line "I want the mud" in ("Jerk De Soleil").
  • Ferb folding the giant map to pocket size could be a reference to the time he unfolds a giant blueprint, or when the Wrapped-Up-In-A-Nice-Little-Bow-inator shot their landing pad and it folded up into a tiny parcel. ("The Ballad of Badbeard", "Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers").
  • 3 references to "Swiss Family Phineas":
    • Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella are wearing the same life vests.
    • Candace questions Phineas why he had not built a giant slingshot and Phineas questions her if he can use that idea someday. The kids slingshot back home.
    • Phineas, Ferb, Isabella and Candace get stranded on an island after their boat falls apart.
  • Scenes from "Rollercoaster", "Go, Go, Phineas", "I Love You Mom", "S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants)", "My Chariot", "Shooting Star Milkshake Bar", "Gotta Make Summer Last", and "Gimme a Grade" are shown at the end.
  • Doofenshmirtz called Major Monogram "Monobrow". ("Spa Day")
  • The paper map briefly turns into a Ferris wheel, a possible reference to "Leave the Busting to Us!"
  • This is the fifth episode that had a kiss scene. Previously were ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together", "Candace's Big Day", "Split Personality", "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!")
  • Jenny, Irving, Django, Coltrane, Balthazar Horowitz, the blond Fireside Girl, and the Unnamed Pinhead Pierre actress all make a cameo during the "Summer Belongs to You" song.
  • Ferb sings "Baby, baby, baby, baby" during "Summer Belongs to You" just as he did in "Gitchee Gitchee Goo". ("Flop Starz")
  • Isabella suggests to give up again, this time from Phineas not noticing her feelings on the island from Paris. ("The Lizard Whisperer")
  • When Isabella was invited to go with them to Paris, she goes through a line of questions like she did in ("That Sinking Feeling").
  • Phineas says "Oh yeah!" again when the boat speeds up. Wind is also blowing his face. ("The Fast and the Phineas")
  • The plane falls apart in water leaving only the seats, which is similar to what happened to the 'Paper pelican' ("De Plane! De Plane!")
  • When Ferb got on Vanessa's scooter, the background music of the song "Forever Summer" is played. ("Run Away Runway").
  • The group flying back to Danville in the paper airplane could be a reference to the line about paper airplanes in "When You're Small" ("Hide and Seek").
  • One of the substitute teachers looks like Fifi from "Leave the Busting to Us!".
  • When Vanessa asks Candace what "Ferb" is short for, she says "I. Don't. Know." in a rather similar way that Lawrence said it in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!".
  • Vanessa uses a hair dryer as a "weapon", just like Candace in "Gaming the System".
  • While talking to Candace on the boat, Phineas reminds Candace of several of her past adventures. The dialogue here is similar to a conversation between Stacy and Candace in "De Plane! De Plane!".
  • Fifth time a mime is shown ("Comet Kermillian", "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown", "Cheer Up Candace" and "Picture This").
  • Second time a French to English dictionary is shown ("I Was a Middle Aged Robot").
  • The waiter is the fourth person to imitate Perry's chatter. First was Candace, second was Phineas, and third was Ferb ("Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?", "Oh, There You Are, Perry", "Interview With a Platypus").
  • Monogram says "Cheese and Crackers" again ("The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein")
  • Second use of a statue like the famous discus thrower, Discobulus ("Greece Lightning").
  • This is the second episode Phineas actually yells angrily at someone, the target this time being Candace. She refused to get on the little kid trike so they can get home. Phineas reminded her that they were running out of time and when that still didn't work, he angrily yelled, "GET ON THE TRIKE!" and it finally worked. This time, however, is the first time where his yelling is actually sincere and not planned, as the last time he had yelled angrily, it was because it was part of his "Big Idea" for the day. ("Flop Starz")
  • The idea of lengthening time was once mentioned in "I, Brobot": Phineas said that "We either need more days of summer, or more of us."
  • Second time a Big Idea was not seen disappearing ("Phineas and Ferb-Busters!").
  • Second time Phineas and Ferb dress as Italian chefs ("What Do It Do?").
  • One of the few times that Candace does not attempt to bust her brothers.
  • Exactly 20 seconds before the song "Summer Belongs To You" starts, Irving makes an appearance behind Phineas under the "Welcome Home" banner.
  • In the Milo Murphy's Law episode "Missing Milo" Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota have the same conversation about "Flooding It" as Phineas and Ferb did in this episode.
  • Linda mentions Candace not calling her again, only this time she isn't worried ("Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror", "Tree to Get Ready", "Bowl-R-Ama Drama").
  • Phineas has a bike when he is a toddler, but he wouldn't have been able to ride it since he could not reach the pedals.
  • This episode was named #1 on's Top 10 Phineas and Ferb Episodes.[5]

Nerds of a Feather

Wizard of Odd

  • Candace has only seen Doofenshmirtz 4 times in real life ("Tip of the Day","Fireside Girl Jamboree", "The Ballad of Badbeard", "Chez Platypus"), and she doesn't even know his name. A speculated theory of why she dreamed with so many details of Dr. Doofenshmirtz is her subconscious remembering the events she thought she was hallucinating in "The Ballad of Badbeard".
  • This is the first episode where Dr. Doofenshmirtz interacts with Buford, Baljeet, Suzy, Isabella, Phineas, and Ferb. Although this may be unofficial, since it was in a dream.
  • The Coolest Coaster Ever makes a brief appearance when Candace is going to Odd for the first time. ("Rollercoaster", "Rollercoaster: The Musical!")
  • Rusted in the closing credits has the same melody and image mix as "Busted". ("I Scream, You Scream")
  • This is the second episode in which everything was all a dream. First was "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!". This episode, however, was dreamed by Candace, not Perry dreaming Candace within a dream.
  • All 7 characters who were in the monster unicycle at the end have at least 1 scene with Dr. Doofenshmirtz in this episode when he is almost never in the same scene as them, and all of them except Isabella have seen Perry in secret agent mode at some point in the story. However, since Candace dreamed all of that up, and she is the only one at the end of the day who still knows Agent P and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, there was no need to erase their memories like at the end of "Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension".
  • This is the third time that Isabella (The Good Witch) has a significant singing role. She had a handful of singing lines in "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" and sung most of City of Love and part of Summer Belongs to You in "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!".
  • This is the second time that Candace has seen Perry as Agent P, though both times, she was hallucinating or dreaming about it (or thought that she was). ("Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!")
  • Doofenshmirtz bangs on the crystal ball to get it to work like he did in his monitor in "Hide and Seek".
  • Baljeet says "Boy howdy" again. The first time was during "Phineas and Ferb-Busters!". Isabella also said this same line in "The Magnificent Few".
  • Doofenshmirtz has another Be-Gone-Inator. ("Just Passing Through")
  • This is the second time Ferb says Candace's name. The first time was in "Out to Launch".
  • The Talking Zebra reappears again ("The Ballad of Badbeard", "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!", "Nerds of a Feather").
  • This is the second time Baljeet says that he prefers something and then screams (the first was "The Beak").
  • This is the second time Candace uses the phrase "the ultimate bust" ("Picture This").
  • This is the 4th episode to mention summer ending ("Rollercoaster," "I, Brobot", "Ain't No Kiddie Ride").
  • Jeremy is the seventh character to be shown in underwear. The other characters being Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Buford, and Baljeet.

We Call it Maze

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!

  • This is the first episode when Ferb says the "I know what we're gonna do today" line and Phineas's name, apart from in the song Backyard Beach.
  • This episode reveals that by this point in time, Phineas and Ferb know Lindana is Linda, but Candace does not.
  • This is the first episode where Lawrence is shown singing alone.
  • This episode reveals that Lawrence knows how to play the keytar and the keyboard.
  • The Charity Girl from "Finding Mary McGuffin" makes an appearance in this episode. Her name was also revealed as Sally.
  • This is the second episode when Phineas and Ferb don't make something. They just help Lawrence to create a non-existent famous singer of the '80's. ("Tip of the Day")
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz stands on a soap crate, like Phineas in "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!".
  • During the song "She's Got An Alien Heart!", the front row chanters are the same people from the Aglet Awareness concert, and are wearing aglets. ("Tip of the Day")
  • When Max, Phineas, and Ferb enter the Danville Arena together, the rhythm for the What Do It Do? (song) is played.
  • When Max, Ferb, and Phineas walk into the Arena, one of the dancers from S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants) makes an appearance.
  • This is the second time when money falls along with Perry as he enters his headquarters ("Atlantis").
  • When Max Modem walks in the convention center, one of the bystanders resembles Clive Addison. ("Nerds of a Feather")
  • The Alien-inator picture of Agent P is the same pose as in "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown".
  • The line "Thank you, Tri-State Area!" is a nod to the lines "Good night, Tri-State Area!" and "Good night, Gimmelshtump!" ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together", "Thaddeus and Thor").

The Secret of Success

The Doof Side of the Moon

  • This is one of the few episodes where Perry does not defeat Doofenshmirtz.
    • In fact, Doofenshmirtz's Cork with a Jellybean taped to it may have been what TV Tropes calls a Xanatos Gambit. Where the villain prepares for the hero's inevitable success, and prepares to turn it on them. He supports this with the quote, "I told you it was a layered idea." But Doofenshmirtz might have simply taken note of Perry's misfortune.
  • Quirky Worky Song is heard twice in this episode. Once while the gang are gathering materials, and a differently-arranged version is heard during the tour of the building.
  • Despite the show's frequent stance against "imitatable acts of violence", Albert is seen swinging nunchucks in this episode, which is a very dangerous weapon.

Split Personality

Brain Drain

  • Vanessa reveals that Johnny is her boyfriend.
  • Ferb is shown to be the World's best videogamer and got an award for it.
  • This is the first and only episode where the boys are sick.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Candace doesn't try to bust Phineas and Ferb.
  • This is technically the only episode that Phineas, Ferb, and their friends fight Dr. Doofenshmirtz. 
  • Carl says he fears the smell of garlic.
  • This is the first episode where Phineas and Ferb both see Doofenshmirtz (not counting the dream sequences in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!" and "Wizard of Odd").
  • Major Monogram mentions that Perry is a germaphobe, although it may not actually be true as Monogram said so merely because of the mask Perry dons.
  • In the background, when the punk mentions the Caribou Lodge, Charlene (or someone who looks similar to her) is seen behind the girl with pink hair.
  • Phineas, Ferb, and their friends unknowingly help Perry fight Doofenshmirtz.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Dr. Doofenshmirtz has no real scheme. Just to have fun by messing around with Perry.
  • Second episode to limit Candace to cameo appearances. First is "Isabella and the Temple of Sap".
  • Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford and Baljeet are the second set of people to get sick. The first set of people are Candace and Stacy ("Put That Putter Away").
  • This is the third Big idea inspired by or involving a video game ("Tree to Get Ready", "Gaming the System").
  • This is another episode that uses the gag of someone mistaking a literal statement for a metaphor. The first two times were in "She's the Mayor" and "S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants)".
  • This is the second time in the series that the boys make a video game ("Gaming the System").
  • This is Johnny's second appearance ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together").
  • This is the second time that Buford is beaten by Isabella ("Got Game?").
  • Third episode Isabella is shown wearing pajamas ("I Scream, You Scream", "Isabella and the Temple of Sap").
  • Isabella's sickness may be considered her second indisposition after she had her tonsils removed ("I Scream, You Scream").
  • This is the fourth episode that has shown someone's school, Vanessa's school. The first one is Phineas and Ferb's school ("Are You My Mummy?"), the second is Candace and Stacy's elementary school ("Nerds of a Feather"), the third was a lab in Buford's school ("Voyage to the Bottom of Buford", during the song "Fish Out of Water").
  • This is the second time Phineas and Ferb see Perry as a secret agent, but don't realize it's him. The first time was in "Toy to the World", when they thought he was another rejected toy design.
  • The big-lipped girl appears again as one of the teenagers at the dump ("The Lemonade Stand").
  • This is the second time Vanessa kisses someone ("Vanessassary Roughness").
  • This is the second time Dr. Doofenshmirtz controls Perry ("Raging Bully").
  • Whenever Doofenshmirtz is singing about a platypus controlling him, he is referencing Perry the Platypus, so when a kid mentions his teacher being a panda, it could be referencing Peter the Panda, a fellow agent ("It's About Time!").
  • Charlene's car appears again ("It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World").
  • Second time Candace doesn't see the Big Idea ("Hail Doofania!").
  • Third time Dr. Doofenshmirtz is referred to as a pharmacist ("Run Away Runway", "The Ballad of Badbeard").

Rollercoaster: The Musical!

  • Perry left his agent hat on for a part of the last song, though no one seemed to notice.
  • This is the first episode where Linda's parents and Lawrence's parents appear at the same time.
  • This is also the first time that Phineas and Ferb repeat a project.
  • This episode is tied with Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension for the episode with the most songs, as they both have a total of nine songs (although if jingles and shorter songs are counted, the movie would have more).
  • This is the second "2 Part" episode to feature the most songs during the first half, from "Hey Ferb" to "Back in Gimmelshtump ", a total of seven songs. It also features two songs playing directly after each other, "Mom Look" plays just before quickly switching to "Aren't You a Little Young?" 8 seconds later. There are 9 seconds between "You're Goin' Down" and "What'cha Doin'?"?.
  • Linda is correct when she says that "moose" is the plural of "moose". "Meese" plays off the joke that since the plural of goose is geese, the plural of moose should be meese.
  • There were eight fourth wall breaks:
    • Buford calls the two boys with the fliers "extras"
    • Doofenshmirtz acknowledges the cut to black at the end of the first act
    • Major Monogram's song is cut off the 2nd time (he's cut off by the next video clip) and 3rd time (he's cut off by the end credits).
    • When Kenny Ortega interrupts during Carpe Diem, Phineas says, "Ladies and gentlemen..." when there was really no audience.
    • At the beginning of Carpe Diem, Phineas said "Well we hope you all enjoyed the show".
    • When Isabella says that Ferb is still a man of few words, Phineas states that earlier Ferb had two lines.
    • When Isabella sings What'cha Doin?, she asks if she can be in the show.
    • Two cameramen appear in the last shot before the credits.
  • Stacy's name is mentioned three times: Once each by Candace, Phineas, and Isabella. Isabella also says Jenny's name for the first time.
  • During the song You're Going Down, when Candace is being the teacher, the chalkboard says "I will not build cold fusion reactors."
  • As Candace is talking to Stacy on the phone as the boys begin construction on their roller coaster, Stacy and Jenny appear to be getting dressed for their appearance during You're Going Down, meaning they somehow knew it was meant to be a musical, also proven by Isabella saying she was "next" after Candace and her friends leave the backyard.
  • For the entire Rollercoaster song, Phineas is smiling and does not focus on the screaming. However, he is not smiling when he sings his Spanish line.
  • Right after the song Rollercoaster, Doofenshmirtz talks about the economic downturn, and is stuck holding a house. During the same song, he talked about buying a bunch of houses then selling them at a higher price during the housing market boom.
  • During the song Mom Look, Linda appears to be bouncing to the beat.
  • During Back in Gimmelshtump, Balloony appears in the background in one scene.
  • During the song Rollercoaster, Isabella and Ginger took the most prominent appearance, making the passengers mostly focused on besides Phineas and Ferb.
  • Ferb reads the same book he read in "Rollercoaster" and the same one Charlene read in "Finding Mary McGuffin."
  • The dancers from Impress My Professor makes an appearance at the grocery store.
  • During Doofenshmirtz's number, Norm can be seen dancing at the end of the male chorus line and Balloony can be seen in the background during the song.
  • The third time Ferb is seen dressed like a woman. ("Let's Take a Quiz", "Gaming the System")
  • Perry's entrance to his lair and Major Monogram's briefing is the same as "Rollercoaster".
  • Nearly every character in the series up to Season 2 appears in the song Carpe Diem, including Balloony, Meap, and Mitch from "The Chronicles of Meap" the Brobots from "I, Brobot", Nosey from "The Lake Nose Monster", Mishti Patel from "That Sinking Feeling", and Blay'n and Clewn't from "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!", among others.
  • The Santa that appears is the one seen in "I, Brobot", not the one seen in "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!. Despite of this, he is seen with the reindeer and elves (Blay'n and Clewn't) from "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!".
  • The Goozim makes his second appearance ("Got Game?").
  • Ferb is called a man of few words a third time, the first was in the original "Rollercoaster" episode, and the second time by Grandpa Clyde in "Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!".
  • Despite this episode being an adaptation of the boy's first project of the series, many characters who did not appear in this episode originally appear during or between songs (Stacy, Jenny, Coltrane, Jeremy, Vanessa, Irving, Buford, Baljeet, the Fireside Girls (except Ginger and Katie), Norm, Good Future and Bad Future Candace and Dr. Gevaarlijk).
  • Major Monogram said "Oh Come on!" similar to the way Dr. Doofenshmirtz said it in "Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)" and "The Baljeatles".
  • Before unveiling the rollercoaster, Phineas says "Mark your calenders 'cause you're gonna want to tell your grandchildren about the time you rode the coolest....coaster...Ever!". As seen in the Original Pitch, this line was originally going to be in "Rollercoaster" but was removed.
  • Isabella's ears are seen for a fifth time ("[Got Game?", "That Sinking Feeling", "Robot Rodeo", "The Secret of Success")
  • This is the second time Perry dances. ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")
  • This is the first time almost everyone appears. Most of the characters appear in Carpe Diem.
  • The line "Oh, for crying out loud" is said again, this time by Linda. Buford said it in "We Call it Maze" and Phineas in "No More Bunny Business".
  • Second time Stacy wears earrings. ("Put That Putter Away")
  • Second time Stacy ties up her hair. ("She's the Mayor")
  • Fourth time Candace's ears were seen. ("Got Game?", "Journey to the Center of Candace", "Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C.")
  • This is the second time in which someone says "Oh, come on!" during the end logo. The first was "Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)".
  • Second time that someone says to the audience: "Ladies and Gentlemen", being the first Dr. Doofenshmirtz in "Thaddeus and Thor", introducing Love Händel, Phineas introducing various people in "Flop Starz", "Rollercoaster", and "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown".
  • Third time Candace spells in a song. (first E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. in "Jerk De Soleil" second in Busted in "I Scream, You Scream")
  • Second time Candace wears a cop-hat. ("I Scream, You Scream")
  • Gretchen's scleroses are visible again ("Candace Loses Her Head", "Lights, Candace, Action!", "It's About Time!", "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!", "Tip of the Day").
  • Third time someone wears Perry's fedora. The first was Rollercoaster. The second was Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?. This is the second episode in which Isabella wears Perry's fedora.
  • Second time Isabella is scared of the Big Idea. ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!")
  • Second time Phineas gives an instruction in Spanish on a rollercoaster. ("Fireside Girl Jamboree")
  • The man behind Vanessa and Doof in the final scene also appears in "I Was a Middle-Aged Robot".
  • This is the second episode where every song is sung by someone onscreen, the first was "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together".
  • Just like the original episode, the word "bust" is never mentioned, even though Candace was trying to bust her brothers.
  • This episode was named #5 on's Top 10 Phineas and Ferb Episodes.[7]

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Candace Gets Busted

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