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Tour de Ferb
Tour De Ferb song HD
Tour de Ferb
Type: Bike Race
Episode(s): "Tour de Ferb"

The Tour de Ferb is a bike race Phineas and Ferb created. The racers were: Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, and Greg LeMond (only for a few moments) ("Tour de Ferb").


When Phineas and Ferb offer Baljeet to a remote control bike race, he refuses and tells them how all his relatives got attacked by tigers when they raced. Phineas then states that they're going to help Baljeet.

Design and Construction

Not much is about how it was built, but they tricked out the bikes and they each had different bikes:

  • Phineas - a triangular orangish-yellow bike with a red stripe
  • Ferb - a yellow normal bike
  • Isabella - a pink bike that you have to hunch over to grab
  • Baljeet - a blue "old-fashion" bike
  • Buford- a green bike where you have to lean back to ride
  • Greg LeMond - a yellow normal "old-fashioned" bike (different from Ferb)


  1. Baljeet (winner)
  2. Isabella
  3. Buford
  4. Ferb
  5. Phineas
  6. Greg LeMond

Background Information

  • Tour de Ferb is a pun on the famous Tour de France, which was won three times by Greg LeMond, who voiced himself in this episode.
  • Baljeet might of been the one who was attacked by the tiger, but since Greg speed in front of him, the tiger mistook him for Baljeet.
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