Tiny Cowboy is a famous British pop band of which Candace and Stacy are fans. They were mentioned a few times before in the series, before finally making their first appearance in Meatloaf Surprise.


Tiny Cowboy was first mentioned in Robot Rodeo by Candace and Stacy, who wanted to go see a live Tiny Cowboy concert. The chances of them going were dim at first, but Stacy's mom agreed to let them go. It is unknown whether they went or not.

In the episode Meatloaf Surprise, Candace and Stacy went to an auction, as Candace was bidding on a limited edition Tiny Cowboy bobblehead. Candace eventually left Stacy to bid for her, while she went off to bust her brothers for their bouncy house. Candace never ended up getting her bobblehead, and was very discouraged. Linda then introduced her to this year's 'Meatloaf Kings', which turned out to be Nigel and Adrian, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Tiny Cowboy, respectively. Candace was shocked to meet them. Nigel and Adrian revealed that they love music, but their true passion is meatloaf. Candace and Stacy then got the chance to perform Meatloaf with them on stage.

Candace was also wanting to go to another Tiny Cowboy concert in Mommy Can You Hear Me?, and they were also mentioned again in The Curse of Candace.


Autographed Tiny Cowboy poster
  • Nigel (lead vocal)
  • Adrian (guitarist and vocal)
  • Lungel (guitarist)
  • Tommy (drummer)

Known Songs

Background Information

  • The members of Tiny Cowboy are voiced by two actual British-born pop idols from the 1960's: Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits (Adrian), and the late Davy Jones from the Monkees (Nigel).
  • Despite the band's name, its members are neither tiny nor cowboys, which Linda was confused about.
  • There are some similarities between Tiny Cowboys and the popular british band Oasis, such as the way Nigel sings with his hands behind his back.


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