• Hello! First of all, let me thank you for helping to explain Learnedhand41 how ridiculuos his fanfiction claims were and how they didn't belong to the wiki at all. Hopefully he will stop now. 

    I noticed that lately you earned administration rights on the Ice Age wiki which you indeed deserved. I'd like to ask one little favor from you. Another stubborn editor there named Kyuubikibakaizokadan keeps messing around in Shira's page, while I try my best to fix his mess he made. But now the other admin protected the page because of him before I could fix it. Can you place unblock the page for a few mins until I fix it, then you can put it under protection again. I would be very thankful. 

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    • I gave RRabbit42 content moderator not administrator priviledges. That said, you should be informing local admins first prior to someone who stops by at various wikis to try to lend a hand. These edit wars are getting out of hand.

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    • Can you unblock me at the Ice Age Wiki?

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    • A FANDOM user
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