• We're going through the list of users with advanced rights and checking in with them. The last time you made an edit here was in June 2012.

    We'd like to know if you're still interested in being an admin here. If so, it will help if you tell us, and help us even more if you could stop by on a more frequent basis. If we haven't heard anything from you by the end of the year, what we will probably do is drop you down a level to Rollback and Chat Moderator. After that point, you could request admin rights again, provided that you knew you could take a more active role in the wiki.

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    • Since we haven't heard back from you and you haven't even logged into your account, I am going to drop you back to a regular user. As stated, you can ask for the user rights back, but it would help to know you're going to be around for a while before we would do that.

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    • A FANDOM user
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