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"This is Our Inspirational Song" is an early version of the opening song from "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!". It is much more satirical and self-aware than the actual "inspirational song" that replaced it, "I Believe We Can", with which this song only shares an intro (slightly rewritten).


What is this backyard?
It's just grass and dirt and a tree
And if you believe in Buford
That's all it will ever be
But if you can dream, be on our team
And here's a song to help you along

Every musical needs an inspirational song
Where the trumpets unfurl and the orchestra swirls
And because it's intense, it needn't be too long
If it's a little brassy, it's okay if it's classy
With a chorus that makes you feel strong
And it helps if you sing along

This is our inspirational song
With a melody that rises without too many surprises
Which explains why we sing the same note for so long
To amp up the emotion as we ramp up to the end of our song

Inspirational song
We sing it loud and strong
It helps if you sing along
Inspirational song
When you sing in a throng
It makes you feel you belong

And so it doesn't get moldy like a Broadway oldie
It helps if you bang a gong
And end our inspirational song
Inspirational song
Inspirational song
Inspirational song
Inspirational song
Inspirational song!

That was so inspiring!


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