The Princess Sensibilities is a play that the Danville drama club would be performing, for which Candace Flynn practiced the entire summer to be the lead in the play. When she heard they were making a film, she told the producer that she would do it for free. But when the producer hired Phineas and Ferb to direct they turned it into a monster movie.


Only a small fraction of the play's text is known: "To think, to dream. Whether 'tis nobler to love, I know not."

Movie version

The Curse of the Princess Monster!

Monster movie version of the play

Filming began on a movie version of the play near the Flynn-Fletcher house. Candace was able to secure the lead role when the previous actress quit and she volunteered to perform the role for free. This allowed the producer of the movie to hire two hot directors: Phineas and Ferb.

Shortly after taking the job, the boys re-wrote the script and titled it The Curse of the Princess Monster! The movie was initially a hit at the test screening, but was declared a flop after the audience's attitude changed due to being struck by one of Heinz Doofenshmirtz's inators therefore becoming old and disliking the teen movie. ("Lights, Candace, Action!")


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