Part 1

(The scene opens showing a large structure on top of the Flynn-Fletcher house)
Phineas: Here it is. The Phineas-and-Ferb-edge-of-insanity-kiss-your-butt-goodbye-gravity's-a-stone-cold-sucker-nightmare-rail-skate-track-obstacle-course of doom! You ready, Ferb?
(Ferb gives a thumbs up before he picks up Phineas' board. He accidentally drops it and it goes down the track)
Phineas: Oops. (He and Ferb watch, cringing as the board is going down hit by hammers, attacked by a leopard, among other things before it reaches the bottom and blows up) You know, it occurs to me we could get hurt. I guess the "of doom" in the name should've tipped us off. Well, Ferbooch, unfortunately, there's only one way down: the stairs.

(The scene switches to a dentist office where Linda is about to have a root canal)
Dentist: Okay, Linda, you may feel a little pressure.
(The door bursts open and Candace comes in)
Candace: Mom, you've gotta come home! Phineas and Ferb built a nightmare-rail-skate-ramp of doom on top of the house! You've gotta—!
Linda: (Her words sound funny because she has a dental instrument in her mouth) Oh, you have got to be kidding me! In case you haven't notice I'm kind of in the middle of something here!
Candace: Is that even English?
Linda and the dentist: Out!
Candace: Alright, alright, jeez! Don't take it out on me; I'm the good guy here! (She leaves)
Dentist: Alright, let's get back to your root canal.
Linda: Ah, thank goodness.

(Scene switches to the backyard)
Phineas: Hey, Isabella. What's up with the getup?
Isabella: I'm going for my Intrepid Reporter Patch. Can I report on what you guys are doing?
Phineas: Sure.
Isabella: Cool! Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, the Fireside Girl Gazette. Whatcha doin'?
Phineas: Ferb and I have built the ultimate extreme skate track obstacle course!
Isabella: Awesome! I knew I could count on you for the coolest story ever! Have you attempted a run yet?
Phineas: Well, we decided we need to make a few tweaks and adjustments so we can, you know, survive and stuff.
Isabella: Okay, I'll be back in an hour. Hopefully I can make the Early Mid-Morning Edition! See ya! (She leaves)
Phineas: Hmm. Instead of modifying the track, maybe we should modify ourselves. Together we could be the best skateboarder ever! Hey, where's Perry?

(The scene switches to Perry, who is seen entering his lair. On the screen is Major Monogram along with Carl who repeatedly runs onscreen shredding objects and shouting in terror)
Monogram: Agent P, we've just received an alarming message from Doofenshmirtz. Watch closely, and join us in girlish panic if you're into it.
(The video shows Doofenshmirtz shaking hands and walking with citizens of Danville)
Doofenshmirtz: (voice over) Citizens of Danville, I, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, have seized control of the Tri-State Area and am now your supreme leader. Seriously, life as you know it is over. (Shows him speaking to a crowd) Thank you and remember: Doof you, doof me, doof us! (In a small box on screen, he appears saying) I'm Heinz Doofenshmirtz and I approve this evil message.
(Monogram appears on screen again, in a dress along with Carl who is now shaving his head and is only wearing a diaper.)
Monogram: With Doofenshmirtz in charge, no man, woman, child, or hat-wearing mammal is safe. You must find out what's going on. (He puts on a wig and Carl gets in a baby carriage) Carl and I will be on the lamb, incognito. Good luck, Agent P!

(Back with Phineas and Ferb)
Phineas: We have to blur the line between skateboard and skateboarder. We can combine dirt biking, ATV racing, in-line skating, street luge, motorized scooters, and Bulgarian folk dancing. Of course, all this extreme fun requires extreme safety: shoulder pads, goggles, gloves, Bulgarian folk athletic supporters, and rocket boosters, razor wire, grappling hooks and laser blaster. Then we lock it all in with an indestructible titanium exoskeleton which increases strength, jumping ability, and other physical attributes one hundred times, including the senses and folk dancing ability.
(Ferb gives him an odd look as a record scratches)
Phineas: What, you think we should add more Bulgarian folk related elements?
(Ferb rolls his eyes before giving him the look again)
Phineas: Oh, less! Less Bulgarian--okay, wow. I thought we were on the same page. But no. It's cool. Whatever. Time to suit up!
(They’re shown in the backyard, getting in the suit before a mask is placed on Phineas' head)
Phineas: Okay, video link active. (in a deeper, robotic voice) How you doin', Ferb? Oh cool! Look what it does to my voice! Ohhh, yeaaah. How about a little test run?

(Song: "Yippy Ki Yi Yay!")
(They go down the skate track they built and reach the bottom unharmed when Phineas hears something)
Phineas: (In the robotic voice) Hey, what's that? Turn down the music.
Buford: (Distantly) He's stuck in a tree, and I can't get him down!
Phineas: (In the robotic voice) Sounds like Buford's in trouble. Hey, Ferb, maybe we can use this suit to help him. Hold on tight! (He jumps in the air) Hit the rocket boosters!
(Ferb does and the rockets come out of the rear of the suit causing Phineas to falter somewhat)
Phineas: (In the robotic voice) Whoa! Yeah, hey Ferb, check us out! We're flying!

(Back at the Flynn-Fletcher house, Isabella walks into the yard)
Isabella: Phineas, I'm back! Phineas? Ferb? (She sighs) Well, I guess there goes my Early Mid-Morning Edition story...

(Switches to Buford, who is standing near a tree which Baljeet is sitting on a branch of)
Phineas: (In the robotic voice) There they are!
Buford: Help, my nerd is stuck in a tree! (Clicks his tongue holding up a piece of paper and a calculator) Look, it's your favorite calculator and some math problems!
Baljeet: Oh! Fractions? (While he stands he loses his footing and falls, shouting)
Buford: Baljeet!
(Phineas and Ferb, in the robotic suit, fly over and catch Baljeet before he hits the ground)
Phineas: (In the robotic voice) I got you!

(It switches to Isabella, a distance away, seeing the suit flying around in the air)
Isabella: What is that?

(Switches back with Phineas, still holding Baljeet, who's still screaming)
Baljeet: Oh! This is so much worse than hitting the ground! (Continues shouting)
(Isabella runs over taking pictures before Phineas quickly sets Baljeet on the ground, taking off again)
Buford: (Hugs Baljeet) He saved my nerd!
Isabella: Wow! That was amazing! I can't believe Phineas and Ferb missed it...

(The scene switches to Candace, who is riding her bike)
Candace: It's not fair. Every time I try to bust Phineas and Ferb it's always "Candace, I'm shopping," "Candace, I’m having root canal surgery," "Candace, I'm deliberating with a sequestered jury. How did you even get in here?" Then my-- (seeing Phineas and Ferb fly past in the super suit) Oh look, a flying man! (She suddenly stops) Wait a second. Isn't that impossible? Wait another second! Something impossible plus that thing existing in real life equals... (She gasps before pedaling toward home) Phineas and Ferb!

(With Phineas and Ferb)
Phineas: (In the robotic voice) Well, we've figured out how to fly. Now we need to figure out how to stop flying. Deploying grappling hook!
(The grappling hook attaches to the skate track they built and he flies around it before he finally comes to a stop, causing parts of the track to scatter all over the yard and roof)
Phineas: (In the robotic voice) Well, at least we stopped flying.

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!
Doofenshmirtz: Ex-leaders of the Tri-State Area, I have called you here to help ease the citizens into this exchange of power.
Building Superintendent: I thought you called me here to re-caulk your tub.
Crossing Guard: I'm only the crossing guard at Fourth Street and Maple. I'm not really sure how much authority I have.
Doofenshmirtz: Silence! Are you suggesting that I attempted to gather the leaders of the Tri-State Area but the best I could do was a crossing guard and my building super?
Crossing Guard: No, but now that you mention it...
Doofenshmirtz: Silence! Wrong! You're wrong! Do you know who that is? It's only Roger Doofenshmirtz, the mayor of Danville! So shut up! What do you know; you're only a crossing guard!
Crossing Guard: That's what I'm trying to tell you!
Doofenshmirtz: Silence!
Roger Doofenshmirtz: I'm sorry, but if we're not really gonna plan Mom's birthday, then I gotta jet.
Crossing Guard, Building Super: Yeah, us too.
Doofenshmirtz: Hey, hey, hey, wait!
(The door slams and Perry then comes in)
Doofenshmirtz: Oh, great, Perry the Platypus. This is all I need... So what did you want to talk to me about-- (He's suddenly hit by a chair and Perry starts going toward him. Doofenshmirtz quickly tries to scoot away) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa!

(Switches back to the Flynn-Fletcher backyard)
Phineas: Wow, the suit makes the clean-up fast, fun and efficient! I feel bad about missing Isabella. I hope she found something else to write a story about.
Unknown blonde Fireside Girl: Early mid-morning edition! The Beak saves the geek! (Tosses the newspaper at the driveway)
Phineas: (picks up newspaper) "Superhero comes to Danville, by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. I call him The Beak." Hey, I like that. (During this sentence the scene switches to Khaka Peu Peu's house, with him reading as well) "With The Beak watching over us, everyone in Danville is free to have...
Khaka Peu Peu: "...the best day ever." Best day ever, huh? (picks up an eye mask) We'll see about that.
Khaka Peu Peu's Wife: Are you in there complainin' again about never havin' a good day in your life?
Khaka Peu Peu: Well, I never did! Where's my best day ever, thank you very much? Ha, I told her. (is hit by a chair) Oh!
Khaka Peu Peu's Wife: I heard that!

(Back with Phineas and Ferb)
Phineas: A superhero? That's not at all what we planned to do today! (His phone rings and he answers) Oh, hi, Isabella.
Isabella: Phineas, where'd you go? You really let me down.
Phineas: Yeah, sorry about that.
Isabella: It's a good thing something else came along for me to report on.
Phineas: Yeah, I know, but, hey, maybe we can make it up to you.
Isabella: Really?
Phineas: Yeah, how would you like an exclusive?
Isabella: (Excited) Great! Meet me downtown in five minutes!
Phineas: Will do. (He hangs up) Come on, we have to go tell Isabella we're The Beak.
Ferb: Ahem.
Phineas: Fine, we can take the suit.
(They take off in the suit and Candace sees from the front yard)
Candace: I knew it was— (Is hit by a newspaper) Blech! "Superhero comes to Danville." Well, they're about to get super-busted!

(Back with Doofenshmirtz)
Doofenshmirtz: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

(With Phineas and Ferb. (Phineas, when in the suit will now just be called “The Beak”))
The Beak: Well, I've gotta admit this flying thing is pretty fun. Hey, look, there's Isabella. Yo, Isabella-- (He's hit into a building by Khaka Peu Peu)
Khaka Peu Peu: Take that, birdbrain! Behold, the Khaka Crawler. I built it in my basement out of discarded washers and dryers, thank you very much. And I'm gonna make sure no one has the best day ever!
(The crowd murmurs and Monogram, still disguised as a woman, runs past)
Monogram: Hide my baby!
Isabella: Phineas, where are you? There's this giant robot machine attacking downtown Danville! I'm all alone here! Call me as soon as you get this. (To herself) Come on, Isabella, this is what being an intrepid reporter is all about!

(Switches to inside City Hall, where Roger watches Khaka Peu Peu pass by)
Roger Doofenshmirtz: Oh, this is not good, Melanie. I'll bet they'll try and pin this on me.
Melanie: It's not like you're the one who used the unsigned proposal for defending Danville from giant robot attacks as a coaster. Oh, wait, you were.
Roger Doofenshmirtz: Yes, it's so easy to blame the guy in charge. "The guy in charge." Ha-ha! That's it.

(With Perry and Doofenshmirtz)
Doofenshmirtz: And... whoa! Uh, you know that whole taking over the Tri-State Area thing? I-I was just bluffing. I-- I hoped maybe if I just told everyone I was in charge, they'd be too lazy or too busy to, you know, actually... check. (His phone rings) Oh, hello, Roger. (He makes a face to Perry) Uh-huh. What? You are? Me? In charge? It worked? You're kidding! Y-You're not kidding?

(Back in Danville, everyone is screaming and running from the Khaka Crawler while Isabella is nearby, taking pictures. It switches to The Beak who is lying, seemingly passed out, in the building he'd been knocked into)
Isabella: Oh, where is Phineas? He'd know what to do. Please, Phineas. Where are you?
(Phineas seems to frown as the suit can be heard turning back on.)

(Back outside)
Khaka Peu Peu: Who knew wrecking everyone's day would be this much fun?
The Beak: Hey, you!
Isabella: The Beak!
Khaka Peu Peu: Oh, you're back for more, thank you very much.
(Khaka Peu Peu starts walking toward the Beak. The Beak jumps and runs into the Khaka Crawler, causing them both to fall. The Beak quickly stands up and he dodges a few attacks and lands on a power line. The Khaka Crawler touches the line and causes it to malfunction. The Beak jumps back down on the road below)
Khaka Peu Peu: Oh, great. Now I have to restart, thank you very much.
The Beak: Dude, who are you, anyway?
Khaka Peu Peu: If you're here to give Danville the best day ever, then I'm here to give Danville the worst day ever. You can call me "Khaka Peu Peu!" (The crowd laughs) What? Oh, come on. It's a family name, loosely translated as "The Strong Fist," or "That Strong Fist." Thank you very much!
The Beak: All right, let's wrap this up. (He uses the grappling hook to wrap up the legs of the Khaka Crawler) Hey, cool, my first superhero pun.
Khaka Peu Peu: (Sarcastically) Well, don't quit your day job, Mr. Comedian.
Man: Actually, I thought it was pretty clever.
Charles: Yeah, 'cause, see, it, it wrapped around the legs.
The Beak: If you didn't like that one, maybe this'll be a hit. (He hits the Khaka Crawler into the air with one of its legs)
Charles: (To the man beside him) Yeah, see, 'cause--'cause he hit him.
Man: I'm not an idiot, Charles.
Khaka Peu Peu: This isn't over. You haven't seen the last of Khaka Peu Peu! I'll come at you through what's most important to you. Thank you very much!
(Khaka Peu Peu flies off and The Beak tosses the leg of the Khaka Crawler he's holding to the side)
Isabella: You were amazing!
The Beak: Huh?
Isabella: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, the Fireside Girl Gazette. Would it be okay if I asked you a few questions?
The Beak: Um, I can't talk right now. Gotta go, bye. (He flies off)
Isabella: Oh, uh, okay. Bye. Thanks for saving me.

(With the Beak)
The Beak: We can't tell Isabella we're The Beak now. That would put her in danger. The life of a superhero is a lonely one, Ferb. Even after only eleven minutes.
Narrator: What will become of our heroes now? Find out in the next exciting episode of The Beak.

Part 2

Narrator: We now return to suburban Danville, where things continue to happen.

(In Candace's room)
Stacy: Are you sure Phineas and Ferb are really The Beak? He's just so heroic and hunky.
Candace: Ugh! Barf-aroni with cheese! Stacy, please. Phineas and Ferb are doing something totally bustable that's also mobile. We can lure them right to Mom to bust themselves.
Stacy: And how exactly will we do this?
Candace: Well, if they wanna play superhero, then we're gonna play super-villain. Call me The Dangiraffe.
Stacy: Right, and where do I fit in?
Candace: You'll be my henchman.
Stacy: Your what?
Candace: It's like the bridesmaid of crime.
Stacy: Okay, got it. Although, it looks like they've got their hands full with Khaka Peu Peu.
Candace: That's obviously some big, stupid dress-up game they're playing with their little loser friends. Now, if my research is correct, the way to defeat a superhero is to come at him through what's important to him. (She holds up a picture of the boys and Linda before laughing maniacally)

(In City Hall)
Doofenshmirtz: Hey, check this place out. Suh-wanky. Melanie?
Melanie: Hello, Heinz.
Doofenshmirtz: No, no, please call me Supreme Leader Doofenshmirtz. The Great.
Melanie: No.
Doofenshmirtz: Oh, I see Roger left me a note. Let's see. "Bro, thanks for filling in for me. You're going to make a great fall guy. I mean, mayor." Aw, that's so sweet. (Perry shakes a box he's holding) Go ahead and put that on my new desk. (Perry sets it down only to have it wrap around him, trapping him) Ha ha! Made you carry your own trap. Now, my first order of business is to make all the citizens of Danville bow down--
Melanie: No, it's not. Here's your schedule and all your missed phone calls. Let's focus.
Doofenshmirtz: Oh, uh, wow, uh, okay...
Melanie: And if you hadn't noticed, the city is in the grip of fear and panic caused by an evil super-villain intent on destroying our way of life.
Doofenshmirtz: What? But--but that's my job!

(Back with Phineas and Ferb in the backyard)
Phineas: There. You can't even tell we've built our secret lair up in the tree.
Isabella: Hi, guys.
Phineas: (Hides the remote behind his back) Nothing! I mean, hi, Isabella. We're not doing-- Nothing!
(Ferb gives him a sarcastic thumbs up)
Isabella: Where have you been?
Phineas: (He scratches his ear) Um, oh, you know us. Busy, busy, busy.
Isabella: Right. While you two were busy making sure your summer day was "fun", other people were busy saving Danville. (She holds out a newspaper showing the Beak)
Phineas: (He scratches his ear again) The Beak, huh? Check it out, Ferb. A real superhero.
Isabella: And I need your help to find him. I thought there might be some clues in the photos I took that could help him stop Khaka Peu Peu.
Ferb: (Snorts at the name)
Isabella: Fine, if you guys aren't going to take this seriously, I'll find The Beak on my own.
Phineas: Isabella, wait.
Isabella: I gotta go. Bye, Phineas. (She leaves)
(He and Ferb exchange a look)
Phineas: Ferb, to the nest.
(He clicks the button on the remote and a giant egg pops out of the tree and opens to reveal a seat. He and Ferb get in. The egg lands inside the secret lair, it wiggles before Phineas cracks it open with his nose)
Phineas: Ready, Ferb? Let's wing it.
The Beak: Ba-caw!

(Song: "The Beak")

The Beak, The Beak
Flies as fast as a supersonic jet
The Beak, (The Beak)
The Beak, (The Beak)
You can't fly Be honest, you can't
The Beak, (The Beak)
The Beak, (The Beak)

He's strong enough to move a mountain
You're pretty weak
Seriously, what do you bench?
You really are pretty lame compared to The Beak
The Beak, The Beak
The Beak, The Beak!

(With Candace)
Candace: (She calls Phineas' phone) Phineas, quick, Mom is in danger! (She screams before hanging up) And the award goes to... Oh, wait, shoot. (She calls him again) On the corner of Fourth Street and Maple Drive! (screams before hanging up again) Beautiful! Now it's all up to The Dangiraffe.
Stacy: So then what does The Dangerbil do?
Candace: I told you. You're my henchman. Hench or something.
Stacy: Oh, no, you did not just tell me to hench.
Candace: Okay, just watch my bike! (She chuckles evilly as she runs passed her mom, grabbing her purse)
Linda: Candace, what on Earth are you doing?
Candace: Err, give, woman!
Linda: What do you need? Gum?
Candace: Help, help! I'm taking her purse!
Linda: Here, honey, here's a 20. Why don't you go see a movie?
Candace: Aha! I stole 20 bucks from this woman! Help! The Beak!
Phineas: Hi, Mom. Hi, Candace. Everything okay?
Candace: What? Where's The Beak? Mom's been robbed.
Linda: Oh, yes, right. Apparently Giraffe Girl has robbed me.
Candace: Oh, come on, admit it. You two are superheroes.
Phineas: Well, Ferb has been working out. Thanks for noticing.
Candace: Tell her the truth. You're making me look ridiculous.
Linda: Way too easy.
Stacy: I lost your bike.

(With Doofenshmirtz)
Doofenshmirtz: Well, as much as I hate joining forces with good, I need to take my responsibilities as mayor very seriously, if I plan to abuse the position later, so... (He presses something on his desk) Melanie, have you gotten me the phone number of The Beak--?
Melanie: That's your stapler.
Doofenshmirtz: Oops, sorry. (He presses something on his desk again) Have you gotten the phone number of The Be--?
Melanie: Still your stapler.

(With Candace)
Candace: "Apparently Giraffe Girl has robbed me." "Ferb has been working out." "Excuse me; my child can't see the movie over your monstrous giraffe head!" Oh, I'll show them. I'll show them all.
Khaka Peu Peu: Hello there.
Candace: (screams) Hey, you're Khaka Peu Peu. (Snorts) No offense.
Khaka Peu Peu: None taken, thank you very much. I had no idea we had another player in this game.
Candace: Aha! I knew it. It's all some stupid game. I'm The Dangiraffe.
Khaka Peu Peu: Right... What do you say we join forces to defeat The Beak?
Candace: Fine, but if my friends see us, I don't know you.
Khaka Peu Peu: Hmmm...

(In town with Phineas and Ferb who are riding their skateboard and bike, respectively)
Phineas: Come on, Ferb. Let's get back to the nest.
(They stop after seeing Isabella)
Isabella: Oh, hello, Ferb. Phineas.
Phineas: Hey, Isabella. Sorry we had to duck out on you earlier.
Isabella: Well, that's okay. It's just kind of weird for me not to know where you are or whatcha doin'.
Phineas: Fair enough.
Khaka Peu Peu: Miss Garcia-Shapiro? I've got your next headline: "Everybody's day ruined once and for all and The Beak powerless to save it!"
Isabella: Um, it's a little wordy for a headline.
Khaka Peu Peu: Enough! Okay, Danville, nothing ruins a day faster than unexpected... rain showers.
Man: You monster! Now I'm wet.
Khaka Peu Peu: (laughing maniacally)

(With Doofenshmirtz)
Doofenshmirtz: Melanie?
Melanie: That's your tape dispenser.
Doofenshmirtz: Mela--
Melanie: Paperweight.

(Outside with Phineas, Ferb and Isabella)
Isabella: Oh, no. This is terrible. I'm so glad you're here with me, Phineas. Come on, we can cover the action better from the top of City Hall! (She starts running toward city hall, before she notices Phineas isn’t with her) Phineas?
Phineas: I'm sorry, Isabella. We can't go with you.
Isabella: You're gonna leave me again?!
Phineas: You're gonna have to trust me. Have I ever let you down?
Isabella: Yes. Like, four times today alone.
Phineas: I'm sorry, Isabella. Maybe one day you'll understand. Come on, Ferb. Let's roll. (He and Ferb head back home)
Isabella: Phineas, don't you leave me! Phineas!!

(In City Hall)
Doofenshmirtz: Melanie, could you come in here--
Melanie: And that would be a bowl of mints.
Doofenshmirtz: I've got my finger in a bowl of mints?
Melanie: Yes, you do.
Doofenshmirtz: Oh, well, that would explain why there are so many buttons.

Khaka Peu Peu: I guess your superhero turned out to be a chicken beak. (imitating a chicken)
The Beak: Well, which came first, the chicken or the egg? (He shoots Khaka Peu Peu with an egg)
Khaka Peu Peu: Ugh! Well, I've got a surprise for you too. I'm not alone this time. May I introduce... The Dangiraffe!
Candace: Busted.
Man: (Gasps) Her name's funny, but not ha-ha funny.
The Beak: Oh, no. He's got Candace. I can't believe it. He actually found out what was important to us.
Khaka Peu Peu: Your move, worm breath.
The Beak: Um, okay, I give up.
Khaka Peu Peu: Then to the death it i-- Wait, what?
The Beak: You win.
Khaka Peu Peu: Huh? Why?
The Beak: Well, 'cause you've got her.
Khaka Peu Peu: What? The Dangiraffe? You're kidding! She's just my henchman.
Candace: Oh, I do not hench, thank you very much. Dangiraffe is out. Peace.
The Beak: Ba-caw.
(The Beak rushes toward Khaka Peu Peu, suddenly a much greater distance away than he had been seconds before)
Khaka Peu Peu: Wait. How did he get so far away?

(In City Hall)
Doofenshmirtz: Melanie, do we even have an intercom?
Melanie: We do not.
(A whooshing is heard outside as the Beak and Khaka Peu Peu fly past the window)
Doofenshmirtz: Hey, look, it's The Beak. Awesome! I'm gonna go check it out.

(Back outside The Beak and Khaka Peu Peu are fighting when Khaka Peu Peu knocks the Beak into City Hall, unknowingly knocking Perry out of his trap and causing Isabella to lose her balance)
Isabella: Whoa! (She falls off City Hall and screams, barely grabbing onto the edge of the building) Help!
The Beak: Oh, no! Isabella!
Khaka Peu Peu: And that's not all, do-gooder. Watch as I destroy the very symbol of good days everywhere!
(He shoots a ray at a billboard for Bango-rus on Ice and sends it down toward a group of citizens who all begin to scream and shout. The Beak looks between the falling billboard and Isabella, not sure what to do)
Isabella: Beak, save me!
Khaka Peu Peu: Uh-oh, two problems, one Beak.
Isabella: I can't hold on! Aah!
(As she lets go, another hand grabs her own)
Phineas: Gotcha!
Isabella: Phineas! But what happened to The Beak?

(The camera flashes back to the Beak suit, it's running toward the other side of the building. It shows Ferb struggling to keep the suit going by himself. He quickly turns an analog stick causing the top half of the suit to spin before he jumps and runs into the board, breaking it into pieces. The crowd below cheers)
Khaka Peu Peu: Come back here, you!
Isabella: Thanks for coming back, Phineas.
Phineas: No problem. Ah, gotta go. (He runs and jumps off of the edge of the building)
Isabella: (gasps before running over)

(The Beak flies up from where Phineas had jumped, stopping Isabella)
The Beak: Don't worry, your friend's fine. He landed on a... ledge, but don't look for me because he... crawled in a window. You know, perhaps I'm over-explaining this. Gotta go! (He flies back to Khaka Peu Peu knocking down the Khaka Crawler)
Khaka Peu Peu: Admit it, you're having a bad day.
The Beak: Never! Nothing's gonna stop me from having the best day ever.
Khaka Peu Peu: Oh, yeah? Well, I never had a best day ever. Thank you very much.
The Beak: I get it, Ferb. All this guy ever wanted was to have the best day ever. You know what we have to do, right?
Khaka Peu Peu: Now, Beak, we finish it.
The Beak: I coul-- (He takes off the mask, causing Phineas' voice to return to normal) --dn't agree more.
Khaka Peu Peu: Huh?
Isabella: Phineas is The Beak?!
Candace: (Sarcastically) Hey, you just earned your "Uh-Durr" patch.
Khaka Peu Peu: You're just a couple of kids.
Phineas: Sure, my name's Phineas and this is my brother Ferb.
(It shows Candace running over to her mom, who's coming out of an eyeglass store)
Candace: Mom, did you see them? Did you? Did you? Did you?
Linda: Um, no, the optometrist just dilated my pupils. Everything's actually a big, blurry blob at the moment. But get me. "I'll be back."
Khaka Peu Peu: But there's no point in being a super villain if there's no superhero to fight with.
Phineas: Exactly. We were thinking of rebuilding our cool skateboard ramp. Wanna help? It'll be fun!
Khaka Peu Peu: Really? You want me to help? Wait a minute, how is that fun? It's like 85 degrees out here. That sounds dreadful!
Phineas: But--
Isabella: But--
Candace: But--
Khaka Peu Peu: Forget it! (He's knocked out of the Khaka Crawler after getting hit by a chair)
Khaka Peu Peu's Wife: Where you been?
Khaka Peu Peu: Oh, hi, honey.
Khaka Peu Peu's Wife: Shoo-ush, you! You were supposed to take me shopping. I need me some more throwing chairs!
Khaka Peu Peu: Yes, dear. (He walks away, mumbling) There goes my day, thank you very much.
Phineas: Well, it looks like he's gonna get his punishment after all. (He and Ferb walk away)
Doofenshmirtz: Finally. It's my turn. (He jumps into the Khaka Crawler) Now, let the master show you how evil is done!
(As Doofenshmirtz takes off, Perry runs and jumps into the abandoned Beak-suit. He takes off after Doofenshmirtz)
Isabella: Phineas, I'm sorry I doubted you. I should have known you were The Beak all along.
Phineas: That's okay, Isabella. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you.
Isabella: I know you were just trying to protect me.

(Back with Doofenshmirtz and Perry, Perry runs the Beak-suit into the Khaka Crawler)
Doofenshmirtz: What? (Perry jumps out of the suit while Doofenshmirtz begins to crash) Curse you, Perry the Beakapus!
(Perry lands in Monogram's baby carriage, right behind Phineas and Ferb. Phineas looks back, hearing it, but Monogram's already walking away.)
Phineas: What was that?!
Monogram: Good work, Agent P.
Linda: Oh, hey, my vision's clearing up. So, what did you want me to see?
Candace: Oh, forget it.
Linda: Okay, then. Why don't we all go home for some snacks?
(The town cheers before everyone starts to head to the Flynn-Fletcher house)
Isabella: (flirtatious) By the way, Phineas, you were very brave.
Phineas: (Obliviously) Thanks. You were too.
Ferb: Um, hello? Entire lower half of amazing superhero here. (He sighs) I guess there's no glory in thighs.
Narrator: And so things pretty much worked out. I guess. Narrator guy is out. Peace.

End Credits

(Song: "The Beak")

The Beak, The Beak
Flies as fast as a supersonic jet
The Beak, (The Beak)
The Beak, (The Beak)
You can't fly Be honest, you can't

The Beak, (The Beak)
The Beak, (The Beak)
He's strong enough to move a mountain
You're pretty weak
Seriously, what do you bench?
You really are pretty lame compared to The Beak
The Beak, The Beak
The Beak, The Beak!
The Beak

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