{{Infobox character
| color=
| name =
| image=
| caption=
| gender =
| genderappearance=
| age=
| height=
| nationality=
| hometown=
| born   =
| created=
| nemesis=
| profession=
| band =
| pband=
| major=
| affiliations=
| signature=
| parents=
| creator=
| stepparents=
| siblings=
| stepsiblings=
| grandparents=
| spouses =
| children=
| friends =
| loveinterests=
| pets  =
| title1=
| other1=
| title2=
| other2=
| title3=
| other3=
| title4=
| other4=
| first =
| last =
| voice =
| image2  =
| caption2=
| image3  =
| caption3=
| video=


Provides an information box alongside character pages. If you would like to use the character template on your own page, use the Infobox user character template instead.


Values are as follows:

Parameter Explanation
color The color of the infobox sections. The choices are case sensitive ("adult" is not the same as "Adult") and the selection is also used to add the page to the appropriate category.

Kid: light orange
Teen: orange
Adult: red
Senior: maroon
Animal: dark brown
Robot: light grey
Alien: forest green
Monster: purple

The color also sets the category for the character. For example, color=Kid creates Category:Kids. (The user version of this Infobox, Template:Infobox user character, will not auto-create this category.)

name Name to display at the top of the Infobox. {{PAGENAME}} should be used in most situations in case the page has to be moved to a new name.
image The name of the picture to be displayed, without the brackets or the "File:" prefix. Size is fixed at 200px, so images in a 4:3 aspect ratio are preferred over widescreen images.

Example:   Candace Flynn.png
instead of: [[File:Candace Flynn.png]]
If the picture is not specified, it will use No Screenshot 2.png as a default.

caption Caption for the picture.
gender The gender of the character.
genderappearance The gender that the robot or alien appears to be or sounds like.
age The age of the character. For most characters, this should be left blank or listed as "Unknown" since the age of only a few characters have been seen in any of the episodes.
height The height of the character.
nationality The country the character was born in.
hometown The city or village the character was born in.
born The date the character was born on. Like the age parameter, this field should be left blank or listed as "Unknown" unless specifically stated in an episode.
created The date the robot was created on.
nemesis Any known nemeses of the characters. Typically, each character only has one nemesis.
band The name of the band the character belongs to.

("Position in (band)" will only be displayed if the pband parameter is used.)

pband The position in the band the character occupies (lead singer, drummer, etc.)
profession The profession or job the character has.
major The character's major field of study.
affiliations The group(s) the character belongs to.
signature If the character's signature has been shown in an episode, include a picture of it here. Do not include the brackets or the "File:" prefix. Size is fixed at 150px.

Example: Candace's signature.png
instead of: [[File:Candace's signature.png]]

parents One or both of the character's parents if known.
creator The character's creator, if the character is a robot or monster.
stepparents The adoptive parent(s) of the character.
siblings Any known brothers or sisters.
stepsiblings Stepbrothers or stepsisters.
grandparents The grandparent(s) of the character.
spouses Any known current or former spouses of the character.
children The children of the character. Can include stepchildren as long as that is noted.
friends Any known friend(s) of the character.
loveinterests People that the character is dating or romantically involved with.
pets Pets owned by the character.
title1, title2, title3, title4 Custom fields that can be used to make categories not included above, such as "nieces", "cousins" or "rivals". Use the "title" to define the name of that category, and the matching "other" for the information in that category. Example:
        title1 = Uncles
        other1 = [[Bob Webber]]
other1, other2, other3, other4
first The first appearance of the character. In most cases this will be the first time they are seen on screen. If they are mentioned prior to their first on-screen appearance or have a speaking cameo where they are not seen, this should be noted in the "Appearances" section of the character's page.
voice The actor that provided the voice for the character.
image2, image3 Optional pictures and captions that may be included, such as a picture of the voice actor, or an addition picture of the character such as Isabella in her Fireside Girls uniform.

Same format as the "image" parameter above.

caption2, caption3
video Promotional video for the character.

Values marked with will not be displayed in the Infobox if they are empty or if that line is missing.

Values marked with indicate that at least one must be used in order for the section divider that it is in to be displayed.

Whenever it is necessary to specify more than one item, use the line breaks as follows:
        [[page 1]]<br> [[page 2]]
        instead of:
        [[page 1]]<br>
        [[page 2]]

The vertical spacing between the items will be different if they are put on separate lines as shown above. By keeping them on the same line, the vertical spacing will look correct. The explanation for the "image" parameter in the table above shows both the extra spacing and the normal spacing.


{{Infobox character
|color= Teen
|name= Candace "Candy" Gertrude Flynn
|image= Can't wait any longer for Jeremy to call.jpg
|gender= Female
|age= 15 (as of "[[Candace Loses Her Head]]")
|height= 5 ft. 8 in. (173 cm}
|nationality= American
|hometown= [[Danville]]
|born= July 11th <!-- The year of the show is unknown and has too many inconsistencies. Just
 because an episode airs in one year does not mean that's when it takes place. Please do not
 add the year. -->
|profession=Student (on vacation)<br> Fireside girl
|band=Phineas and the Ferb-Tones
|pband=guest singer
|affiliations= [[Har D Har Toy Company]] <small>(Possibly quit or was fired)</small><br>
 [[Fireside Girls]] Troop 46231
|parents= Unnamed father<br>[[Linda Flynn]] (mother)
|stepparents= [[Lawrence Fletcher]] (stepfather)
|siblings= [[Phineas Flynn]]
|stepsiblings= [[Ferb Fletcher]]
|grandparents= [[Clyde Flynn]]<br> [[Betty Jo Flynn]]<br> [[Reginald Fletcher]]<br>
 [[Winifred Fletcher]]
|spouses= [[Jeremy Johnson]] (possibly)
|children= [[Amanda]]<br>[[Xavier]]<br>[[Fred]]<br> (all 3 in future)
|friends= [[Stacy Hirano]]<br> [[Jenny]]
|loveinterests= [[Jeremy Johnson]]
|pets= [[Perry]]<br>  (Deceased)<br> [[Goldie]] (lives in the ocean)<br> [[Dennis
 (Agent)|Mr. Cutey Patootie]] (arrested)
|title1= Allergies
|other1= [[wikipedia:Wild Parsnips|Wild Parsnips]], [[wikipedia:Dairy|Dairy]]
|title2= Other relatives
|other2= [[Lorraine]] (great aunt)
|title3= Troop Leader 
|other3= [[Isabella Garcia-Shapiro]]
|title4= Records achieved
|other4= 50 patches in 1 day
|first= "[[Rollercoaster]]"
|voice= [[Ashley Tisdale]]
|image2=Future Candace.jpg
|caption2=Candace 20 years in the future
|video=[[File:Meet Candace|200px]]

(The code for some fields have been split onto separate lines in order to display correctly next to the example Infobox without sideways scrolling. When entering data into the parameters, do not break the code into separate lines.)

Above documentation located at: Infobox character/doc

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