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"Technology vs. Nature" is a song in "Perry Lays an Egg", which takes place while Candace, Phineas and Ferb are trying to figure out how to care for the egg.


Motherhood's for life; it's not something in which you dabble
For machines not built to last, our love is only techno-babble
Mother knows what's necessary 'cause she always pays attention
That's why they say necessity's the mother of invention

Now I got you on the run
Technology: 0, Mother Nature: 1!

When a child cries out in the night, it's rarely for the washing machine!
Science can't improve upon a mother's heart,
But given time, it could trick out a spleen!

So if you think that you could build a better mother, let it go,
'Cause nature already nailed it 60 million years ago,
You see, before we'd even begun:
Game over! Technology lost, Mother Nature won!
Game over! Technology lost, Mother Nature won!

Background Information

Dan makes a cameo


BMI Work # 10941734

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