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Team Improbable
Team Improbable
Baljeet, Ferb, Phineas, Isabella, and Buford
Format: Animation
Created by: Phineas Flynn
Ferb Fletcher
Writer(s): Unknown
Starring: Phineas Flynn
Ferb Fletcher
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Buford Van Stomm

Candace Flynn

First aired: Out of Toon

Team Improbable is a group of superheroes that starred in a cartoon of the same name produced by Phineas and Ferb using the PF 5000 Animatron at Phineas & Ferb Studios. It premiered to a large crowd in the backyard of the Flynn-Fletcher house.

Team Improbable featured supernatural versions of Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet. They fought a super-villain version of Candace.

Members of Team Improbable


Name: MultiMan
Alias: Phineas Flynn.
Super Power: "The power to be everywhere at once."

Ferb Guy

Name: Ferbguy
Alias: Ferb Fletcher
Super Power: "Has a utility belt and uses lots of crazy gadgets."

The Rainbow

The Rainbow
Name: The Rainbow
Alias: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Super Power: "Harness the power of rainbows, unicorns, and sweetness to defend all that is good and just."


Name: Belchman
Alias: Buford Van Stomm
Super Power: "Fights crime with different burps."


Name: HanumanMan
Alias: Baljeet Tjinder
Super Power: "A flying blue monkey that can grow as massive as he desires, to crush all in his way!"


Control Freak

Control Freak
Name: Control Freak
Alias: Candace Flynn
Super Power: "Use super mind control, and use telepathy, and telekinesis to keep you super-dweebs under control." In the animation, she also becomes fifty-feet tall and shoots beams of energy from her eyes.


  • Multiman, Ferbguy, Belchman and HanumanMan's introduction sequences have blue backgrounds with white bursts, while The Rainbow's background is pink with stars.
  • Only the Control Freak speaks on behalf of the others.
  • Ironically, Phineas and the gang record voices for their characters, but none of them speak in the cartoon. Similarly, Candace doesn't record dialogue for the Control Freak, yet she speaks.


  • It is somewhat like the show Teen Titans.
  • Multiman is one of the heroes in The Impossibles, a classic 60's Hanna-Barbera show, starring a superhero team of the same name.
  • HanumanMan is based on a Hindu deity Hanuman, who also looks like a monkey and can grow in size. He is from an Indian epic, Ramayana.
  • Control Freak is also the name of a villain in Cartoon Network's Teen Titans.
  • HanumanMan's appearance is similar to Nightcrawler from X-Men.
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