Phineas and Ferb build a Roller Rink similar to the old one that was in Danville in 1957. The design of the new Roller Rink is similar to the F-Games stadium, except that it is smaller design.


Phineas asks his grandmother how she learned to skate so well. Betty Jo begins the story, but is knocked down when she bumps into Hildegard. They immediately recognize each other from their days on roller derby teams: Betty Jo from the Tri-State Bombers and Hildegard from the Saskatoon Slashers. Phineas is surprised to learn this, and Betty Jo obliges him by relating the story of the final 1957 match between the two teams: on the final lap, both teams had decided to use "the whip" to win the event, but Hildegard knocked Betty Jo down and crossed the finish line. Phineas and Ferb decide to reenact the event so both ladies can have a rematch.

Design and construction

The design is similar to the old Danville Roller Rink, which at the time of Crack That Whip has been replaced by a tattoo shop. The design of the new stadium is similar to the one seen in in Got Game?, except that it isn't as tall as the F-Games stadium.


Outside the building, the Bread-inator shoots a beam that bounces off a mirror that's being carried in front of the statue Doofenshmirtz wanted to convert to bread, arcing down into the Flynn-Fletcher backyard. It strikes the arena just after Candace goes to get her parents who had just arrived back home. When she skates back to the boys, she sees a giant loaf of bread where the arena used to be. Later on, magpies have swooped through and eaten the bread, leaving no evidence that the building ever existed.

Background Information

  • This is the first stadium Phineas and Ferb build, the second being the F-Games stadium, which was a larger design than the Roller Rink. ("Got Game?")

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