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"Such a Beautiful Day" is a song sung by Candace in the opening scene of Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe. It was released as a digital single by Walt Disney Records on July 24, 2020.


The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky
My stars are aligning and I swear that I
Could do anything
On such a beautiful day
(It really is, it's such a beautiful day)

And like a baby bird comin' out of my cage,
My life's an open book, I'm gonna write a new page
And I know that I'm mixing my metaphors
But you can probably get the main gist of what I'm trying to say
(She mixed her metaphors but we know what she's sayin')

I don't remember ever feeling so optimistic
I'll admit it just a little uncharacteristic
'Cause I know that I've been known to be antagonistic
But I don't even think I'm gonna go ballistic
As long as my brothers don't...

Build some big enormous thing
That makes me go "no way!"
But disappears before my mother gets home
Like when they built a giant rollercoaster...
Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope! I'm not gonna go there.

(It really is, it's such a beautiful day)
I'm gonna keep my outlook bright and cheery
Gonna think some happy thoughts and gonna keep 'em near me
Though my brothers' crazy antics could make anyone weary
I won't get sucked into their chaos theory
As long as they don't...

Build a giant rollercoaster
Robot versions of themselves
Or strand me in a video game
You'd know what I mean if you had seen
The cattle drive, the time machine
The giant Paper Pelican plane
They built motorized chariots, an escalator to the moon
The tallest building, treehouse robots, other nonsense coming soon
A shrinking sub, a waterfall
A robot dog, a Trojan horse
A growth elixir, Perrytronic
Pyramid-related sports!

[Gasp] But today I'm not worried about any of that noise
Today it doesn't even matter what those silly old boys
Are doin'
It's such a beautiful day
(It's really such a beautiful day)
It's such a beautiful day
(It's really such a beautif...)
Wait a minute...


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Production information

  • This song was actually the last to be written for the film. Initially, the film was going to open with yet another futile attempt by Candace to bust her brothers, but, since Candace was supposed to be the main protagonist of the film, it made her look too mean. So Dan Povenmire wrote this song with his old college friend, Karey Kirkpatrick (Something Rotten!).
  • It was Kirkpatrick's idea for the song to switch genres when Candace begins complaining about her brothers.
  • Background vocals were provided by Danny Jacob and the song was mixed by Gabe Moffat.
  • The pictures that show up behind Candace when she describes everything her brothers have built were drawn by Ashley Michelle Simpson.


  • Candace did not actually see the Paper Pelican because she was at Jeremy's pool party, so she would not have known about the event. Likewise, Candace didn't see the boys doing pyramid sports from "Thanks But No Thanks" and the water sculpture from "Buford Confidential" (the latter for being at home the entire time), and she didn't try to bust her brothers during the events of "Tree to Get Ready" and "Canderemy".
  • Candace sings "not a cloud in the sky", though throughout the song clouds can be seen in uniform layers.
  • When Candace sings "But I don't even think I'm gonna go ballistic", her nose turns black twice like it was in Season 1, when it is usually the same color as her outline.
  • In the memory of "Rollercoaster", the safety bars are gone and the other boys are not in the cars.
  • In the memory of "Tree to Get Ready", Candace is shown looking up at her treehouse robot, while in the actual episode, she enters it when normal, and it turns into a robot when Stacy pressed the THF button.




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