"Subterranean Crocodile Apprehension Expedition"
The Gang on Jetskis
The gang on jetskis
Song by Dan Povenmire
Venue: Danville
Genre(s): Country rock
Length: 1:15
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Phineas and Ferb - Subterranean Crocodile Apprehension Expedition

Phineas and Ferb - Subterranean Crocodile Apprehension Expedition

"Subterranean Crocodile Apprehension Expedition" is a song from "What A Croc!", as the kids chase Candace and Crikey the Crocodile through the sewers and canals of Danville via jet-ski.


It's a subterranean crocodile apprehension expedition.
If you've never apprehended a croc underground,
Then you don't know what you're missing.

Going through the sewers in a big fanboat,
Gonna grab a gator, and that's all she wrote.
Get him in a net, and then we're gonna gloat for a while...
Cause he's a big reptile.

Lord, look at the size of that gator! Ha-ha!

Cause he's a prehistoric lizard with a streak of mean,
Eyes so black and scales so green.
More sharp teeth than you've ever seen in his smile...
Yeah, he's a big reptile.

Yeah, that's one mean gator.

Phineas: Nice shortcut, we're right behind her. Hey, what happened to Buford and Baljeet?

(Seeing Buford and Baljeet with a hotdog vendor)
Baljeet: Come on! She is getting away!
Buford: Give me a second. If I eat nine, the tenth one is free!

It's a subterranean crocodile apprehension expedition.
Subterranean crocodile apprehension expedition.

Background information


  • When Phineas and Irving switch places, Phineas was with Milly instead of Holly.
  • The jetskis keep changing color between red and green.
  • It was mentioned a crocodile's eyes are black, but Crikey's are red.


BMI Work #14856562


"Evil Jingle" ("What A Croc!")
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