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"Straight Up Bust" is a song performed by Candace in "Imperfect Storm". It's sung when she mistakenly believes her mom has finally busted Phineas and Ferb.


I don't believe it, Stacy
The moment is here
My brothers are busted
Put it on the blogosphere
I've been vindicated
There's no more to discuss
I did not anticipate it, it's a straight up bust!

It's a straight up bust, say it all over town
Things are looking up because my brothers went down
It's a brand new day, may take a while to adjust
And it makes me wanna say, everybody, it's a straight up bust!

I got more time to play
(And this is totally a straight up!)
My life's a big buffet
(And this is totally a straight up!)
I know this sounds cliché
But this is totally a straight up bust!


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ASCAP Work #886784556
BMI Work #18047691


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