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"Then we'll name him Steve... 'Cause he looks like a Steve."
Phineas Flynn[src]

Steve is the North American chameleon pet of Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher.

Physical appearance

Steve is a small, usually orange, sometimes spotted, rare North American chameleon. He can turn invisible.

Personality and traits

He is scared of loud noises, which makes him become invisible immediately. He likes mushrooms and people, especially Ferb.


Ferb Fletcher

Steve likes Ferb, especially when he gives him mushrooms, and Ferb likes him as well. His friendship with Ferb seems to be the strongest of anyone who knows him.

Phineas Flynn

Phineas cares about Steve, and Steve appears to like Phineas as well.

Linda Flynn-Fletcher

The only known time where Linda actually sees Steve was when he was a normal sized chameleon. Though Linda most likely likes him, since she let Phineas and Ferb keep Steve.

Candace Flynn

Steve gets scared when Candace screams, and blends in so no one can see him.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Steve appears to like Isabella, and Steve likes her enough to give her a ride when he was 40 ft tall.

Background Information

  • He once grew to a height of 40 ft because he was hit by Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Gigant-Inator. He comes back to normal size when he is again accidentally hit by Doofenshmirtz's ray again.
  • Carl thought Steve was a dinosaur while he was 40 ft tall.
  • Major Monogram wanted to recruit Steve into the O.W.C.A., but he said they "don't have a hat that big".