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Spider-Man is a superhero with spider-like powers. He is one of the heroes that lost their powers due to one of Doofenshmirtz's inators. He along with the rest of the heroes later go to Phineas and Ferb for help.


Spider-Man's powers, along with those of Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man, were drained. The heroes approached Phineas and Ferb, believing they were the ones who drained their power.


Peter Parker was originally a bullied 15 year old high school geek until he was bitten by a engineered spider that gave him spider like superpowers in the form of the proportionate strength of a human sized spider, superhuman agility and reflexes, the ability to sense danger around him, and the ability to cling to surfaces. Though he didn't get the ability to make webs he got around it by using his science skills to create wrist worn web shooters to fire artificial webbing. His Uncle Ben often told him that "With great power comes great responsibility". In a cruel twist of fate Uncle Ben would be murdered by a common criminal whom Spidey could have easily stopped earlier with his powers but had chosen not to due to arrogantly believing it to not be his responsibility to do so. This lesson inspired him to dress up as a hero and use his powers to help people and live by the motto his Uncle Ben had told him. A year later when he's sixteen he was approached by Nick Fury who went on to train Spider-Man to be a more effective superhero, the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Physical appearance

Spider-Man wears a red-and-blue suit with the red having web designs on them along with a spider on his chest with the blue covering him mid calf up to his waist as well as his sides and arms down till his forearms with a red spider design on his back which is blue beneath the shoulders, and the mask has white one way mirror lenses rimmed with black

Personality and traits

Spider-Man is an overall heroic teenager. He usually makes jokes, just to lighten up a tense situation and catch enemies off guard. Due to still being young he tends to make his share of mistakes but always manages to come through. He is also a scientific genius.




  • Spider-Man frequently breaks the fourth wall by talking to the audience, or we see what's going on in his imagination.
  • He has his own show, "Ultimate Spider-Man" with this version of the superhero presumably being the same one in "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel".
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