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This article is about the board game. You may be looking for the episode, the song, or Phineas and Ferb's larger-than life size version of the game.

Skiddley Whiffers is a board game manufactured by Wiff-O! and advertised in the Danville area. The commercial features the original 1950s-era television advertisement with a voice-over at the end, announcing its re-release: "Your parents played it. Now you can, too!"


Gameplay is for two or more players and takes place on a rectangular game board. Players can choose from the following tokens:

  • Upside-down fedora
  • Nose
  • Hair dryer
  • Tennis shoe
  • Jeep
  • Unicorn

Two six-sided dice are rolled by the players to determine the number of spaces they will move. One face on each die displays a crown in place of one of the numbers, though the number it replaces appears to change, which may indicate that there is more than one set of dice used at different points during the game.

Some of the spaces on the board include a mud pit, a car wash, the Terrible Tower, Leg Irons and a "roll again" space.

Gameplay ends when a player lands on a corner square, launching a marble onto a ramp that rolls down to release a bell on a spring-loaded pole. The player then rings the bell and yells "Skiddley Whiffers".


As with most games, Skiddley Whiffers has been updated and re-released for a new generation. The current version includes mud in the mud pit, a working car wash and a spring-loaded launch pad. The game pieces have also been modernized.

The 1950s-era advertisement uses a minimalist animation technique to appear like it was made on the cheap. It presents the game as a must-have item, reinforcing this with the following messages:

  • "What's the new game that your friends all wanna play?"
  • "Every bit as great as we have advertised. If you don't own a copy, you'll be ostracized at school."
  • "Skiddley Whiffers is cool" overlapping with "Skiddley Whiffers is all you need. Skiddley Whiffers is guaranteed. Skiddley Whiffers is all you need."

Flynn-Fletcher household

Candace Ringing Victory Bell after her 13th straight win.

The Flynn-Fletchers have owned a copy of the game for six years. Candace declared it "the best game ever" since she has won so often. Her record is 19 wins out of 24 games in the last year, with a current winning streak of 13 games. However, winning so often makes her realize she needs to move on to a bigger challenge, which Phineas and Ferb use as their inspiration for a giant-size version that can be played throughout Danville and into the nearby countryside ("Skiddley Whiffers").


  • The manufacturer, Whiff-O!, is an allusion to the Wham-O toy company.
  • Skiddley Whiffers shares an element with the game Mouse Trap, in that the game pieces interact with three-dimensional objects on the game board.
  • Monopoly - The option of choosing a shoe or a car is like the options in the game Monopoly.