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The machine before Ferb's upgrade.

The Sith-Inator is a machine created by Darthenshmirtz in order to bolster his rank within the Galactic Empire. By harnessing the power of the dark side of the Force, the machine can fire a ray that turns living beings into powerful Sith warriors. Because Darthenshmirtz is not Force-sensitive, the machine is powered by dark Force energy accumulated from items touched by Darth Vader and thrown in the trash. Darthenshmirtz plans to use it on himself so that he can be Force-sensitive in nature, but to ensure that it would work, he attempts to test it out on a carbonite-trapped Perry the Rebelpus. However, Jedi Ferb ends up taking the shot by accident, and is thus transformed into a ruthless Sith warrior. As Darthenshmirtz leaves to collect more items touched by Vader to power, Ferb (now going as Darth Ferb) notices the Sith-Inator, and decides to use it to create an army of Sith warriors. To that end, Darth Ferb modifies it by adding it more lasers; along with replacing the need for detritus to power it, possibly using his own mastery of the Force to directly fuel the machine. Phineas looking for his brother stumbles across the device as he felt its presence through the Force and encountered Ferb who offered for Phineas to join with him or die. Refusing, Ferb engaged his brother in a lightsaber duel. Phineas is put on the defensive due to being the weaker of the two and was eventually defeated and had his Lightsaber crushed by Ferb using the Force.Ferb activated the Sith-Inator declaring that his brother now had no choice but to join him. Before the Sith-Inator could fire however, his step-sister Candace enters the fray by firing upon Ferb, disorienting the Force Sensitive briefly enough, angered by this distraction Ferb leaps towards the rogue Stormtrooper and easily performs Sun djem to destroy her blaster rifle, distracted long enough; Ferb notices as Phineas is charging towards the Sith-Inator to destroy it, only for Ferb to Force Leap to block his path. Candace creates a makeshift pair of bolos by using cut blocks of Carbonite loaded into black socks that were meant for Darth Vader, easily distractingFerb long enough for Phineas to destroy the Sith-Inator by throwing his broken lightsaber hilt into the machines self-destruct port, while Darthenshmirtz laments from his semi-frozen prison that he really should have Ray-Shielded that port shortly before the machine detonates. With the Sith-Inator destroyed Ferb quickly reverted back to his normal self.
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