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"Shimmy Jimmy" was, at the time of its introduction, the flagship product of the Har D Har Toy Company. It is described as a "Climby toy"; a toy that has a small figure that moves up and down a pole, in this case a monkey up a coconut tree.

There was also different Shimmy Jimmy merchandise stocked on the shelves of the Har D Har toy shops, but mainly the toy. It was preceded by Climbin' Simon, Ascendin' Brendan, Ladder Man Larry and Climby Jaimie. In the episode "Toy to the World", Phineas and Ferb, finding Jimmy's concept lacking, decide to design a new toy.


Doot do-do-do do doo
Doot do-do-do doo
Shimmy Jimmy!

He can climb up a tree in nothing flat
Grab a ripe coconut and shimmy right back
He's a real wild monkey
He can swing and dance
You'd better watch what he's throwing
He ain't wearing no pants

Shimmy Jimmy
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh-ah!
Shimmy Jimmy
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh-ah!
Man this monkey is the coolest toy around
Doot do-do-do doo
Shimmy Jimmy

Announcer: Another gem from the Har D Har Toy makers!

Hyena: Ha ha ha ha!

Background Information

  • The dancer on the left is also shown in "Unfair Science Fair".
  • The Shimmy Jimmy song sounds similar to the original song: Rockin' Robin.
  • The hyena mascot laughs the same way as Woody Woodpecker.
  • The artistic style of the commercial resembles Rocko's Modern Life, a series that Dan and Swampy did together.
  • The same monkey in the song appears again in the song Carpe Diem from "Rollercoaster: The Musical!"
  • All the dancers in the commercial appeared in "Big Ginormous Airplane".
  • Shimmy Jimmy looks vaguely like Jimmy Two-Shoes, another Disney show.


  • At the end and start of the commercial, the Shimmy-Jimmy logo shows Shimmy-Jimmy as black, instead of brown.


BMI Work #9664237

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