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"Shark of Danville Harbor" is a song that retells how the inhabitants of Danville drove out a giant shark that had terrorized them by eating teachers and politicians in the 1700s. It is sung by Captain Squint in the Season 3 episode "The Belly of the Beast".


Won't you gather round and hear a tale
Of the shark of Danville harbor
Who terrorized our people,
Can you just imagine this?
If it's sharks you want to know about
You're bound to end up smarter
'Cause though technically a vertebrate
They're cartilaginous

The monster came upon us
And its eyes were black as coal
His jaws so big that we could see
His molars and incisors
He came at us and of our bladders
We did lose control
Then he ate a politician
And a curriculum advisor

He cornered us in Miller's Cove
We thought that we were dead
We've never seen his like, remember:
This was way before TV
We lost control again, there were a long line for the head (Open up!)
But the woman folk banged pots and pans and drove him out to sea
Yes, the woman folk banged pots and pans and drove him out to sea!

Background Information

  • The politician eaten by the giant shark bears a striking physical resemblance to Roger Doofenshmirtz.
  • The restroom is referred to as the head. ("Swiss Family Phineas")
  • The song has a very similar tune and musical accompaniment as that of Sink the Bismark, a song released in 1960.


BMI Work #13336246


  • Sharks have neither molars nor incisors.
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