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"Set the Record Straight" is a song from the episode "The Great Indoors". It is sung by Jeremy trying to tell Candace what he likes about her as they drift down the river in Phineas and Ferb's biodome.


Jeremy: All throughout history men fall in love with women
You wanna know why, well, let's start from the beginning
I've come to set the record straight
I've come to set the record straight

From scientific propagation of the species
To poets and philosophers, your Baudelaires and Nietzsches
I've come to set the record straight
I've come to set the record straight

But if you're asking for specifics
Well this isn't hieroglyphics
If you want to know sincerely
Listen up, I'll tell you clearly...

What I like about you is- (Hippopotamus snorting)

Candace: So, y-you were saying?
Jeremy: Oh, yeah.

I've come to set the record straight
I see you still don't get it
But you really shouldn't sweat it
I'll say it one more time with feeling
Here's the reason you're appealing...

What I like about you is- (flamingoes squawking)
What I like about you is- (parrots pecking, splashing) (Candace: AHH!! Not again!!)
What I like about you is- (crocodiles chomping)


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Background information

  • As explained by songwriter Jon Colton Barry: "So we needed a song where Jeremy attempts to explain to Candace what exactly it is he likes about her. The idea was that every time he got to the answer, something would happen, some kind of mishap, that would prevent him from revealing the juicy part, much to Candace's frustration. I got this groovy little riff thing going on Garageband and starting building [sic] a song around it.... These lyrics may or may not be there when the episode airs. Same goes for Martin."[1]
  • As the line indicates, Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) were a poet and a philosopher, respectively.
  • In the U.K., this song is named What I Like About You.


BMI Work #13083774


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