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Sassy Miss K is a teenage girl from Danville that Jeremy Johnson nicknamed. Her real name, so far, is unknown, though it can be assumed that it starts with a 'K' ("The Baljeatles").

Sassy Miss K once appeared in a TV commercial for the show Bust 'Em. In the commercial, Lulu "Busting" Jones helps her to bust her younger brother, who is destroying plates and painting on walls. It is unknown if she truly has a brother or if she and the boy in the commercial were actors.

Background Information

  • The flatness of the top of her hair style somewhat resembles Isabella's, though Sassy Miss K's is an orangeish color, and is pulled back into a ponytail.
  • She has appeared many times but has never talked.
  • She sometimes appears with blonde and brown hair.
  • Her face somewhat resembles Candace.
  • She is seen dancing behind Candace and Jeremy. She is later seen dancing behind Stacy and Coltrane. ("The Baljeatles")
  • She has appeared in a relationship. ("Out to Launch", "Meatloaf Surprise")


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