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"Rusty Britches Song 3" is a song sung by Rusty Britches during the End credits of the "Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror".


Rusty: All is well that ends well
With a happy little cowboy song
(walking down the steps) Happy little steps with a happy little—
OW! (trips and falls over) Dangit!! Ah! I'm alright! You go ahead and read the credits. I...I'll just wait down here. (beat) Kinda nice down here, actually. There's a...There's a dandelion. It's all puffy and ready to go. Here ya go. (Blows, and the dandelion seeds float away.) Logo oughta be comin' up any minute. (Cue the Disney castle.) There it is!


BMI Work #17352564

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