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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the episode.

"Run, Candace, Run" is the title song of the Season 3 episode "Run, Candace, Run". It is sung as Candace runs back and forth from the Johnson Family Picnic and the library while wearing unstable prototype running shoes built by Phineas and Ferb causing her to run at uncontrollably at superhuman speeds. Before Candace destroys the Johnson Family Picnic, one of the verses of the song plays very quickly. The middle part of the song is repeated again late in the episode.


Danny and Laura: Run, Candace, run!
Run, Candace, run!
Run, Candace, run!
Faster, faster!

(Verse repeats 3x)

Danny: Come on girl, gotta move, gotta run
Gotta feel the road burning
From the heat of the sun
On your feet as you flow
Through the streets, down the hills,
Passing dogs, passing cars,
Passing old rock stars

Laura: You can feel all the power
Of the earth as you ride
As it pulls, as it pushes,
Up and down, side to side
You can show they can see
There's the proof on your feet
You're a blur in the air
You've got style, you've got flair

(Candace runs past a random bystander in slow-motion.)

Danny and Laura: Run, Candace, run!
Run, Candace, run!
Run, Candace, run!
Run, Candace, run!
Run, Candace, run!

Run, Candace, run!
(Run, Candace, run!)
Faster, faster! Laura: You're light on your feet
You're almost home free
Danny and Laura: Nothing can stop you
Look out for that tree

Background information

  • The creators replaced "Passing men with cigars" to "Passing old rock stars" possibly to due to the show's young viewers.
  • This song is heard in the Robot Riot! game on levels 2 and 8 as well as on the Patagonia level of Hoverboard World Tour.


  • After Candace destroyed the tent in the picnic, her skirt is red instead of white.


  • Run Lola Run - The format of the song parodies Lola rennt from the film Run Lola Run, as well as parodying the phrase Run Forrest Run from the movie Forrest Gump.

George of the Jungle - The last line, "Look out for that tree", is from George of the Jungle.


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