"That's so 90's."

Robot Bean & Tea Leaf
Robot Bean & Tea Leaf
The overpriced coffee franchise
Owner(s): Phinedroid
Employee(s): Phinedroid


Distributional Information
Stores: One coffee stand in Flynn-Fletcher house(backyard)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
I, Brobot

Robot Bean & Tea Leaf was an overpriced coffee franchise started by the Brobots when they ran out of projects. The coffee had disastrous effects on their operating systems, making the Phinedroids and Ferbots go haywire, with one Phinedroid trying to fall asleep without any success. Seeing the disaster wrought by the coffee, Phineas shut down the store. Desperate for more coffee, the Brobots rebelled against their creators. The coffee shop disappeared before Mom could see it, but it is unknown whether it was stolen by Santa Claus or destroyed when the Brobots rampaged.

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