Remodelling Mount Rushmore
Candace Mt. Rushmore
The new and improved Mount Rushmore
Type: Renovation
Episode(s): "Candace Loses Her Head"

"It's Candace's birthday! We gotta do better than last year."
— Phineas

Remodelling Mount Rushmore was Phineas and Ferb's gift for Candace's 15th birthday. They successfully carved her face into the monument before an unexpected eruption of lava erased it. ("Candace Loses Her Head")


Gorilla in the cake

Last year's unsuccessful gift.

When Phineas woke up and saw that it was Candace's birthday, he told Ferb that they had to do something better than what they did for her last year. On her last birthday, the boys put a gorilla in the cake which popped out and scared her. Phineas added that their next gift had to be bigger as well.


Their idea

Candace's expression when she found out where they were going, and who suggested to go there.

Phineas and Ferb suggested to Mom and Dad that they should go to Mount Rushmore for Candace's birthday. The whole family drove out to the monument without telling Candace at first, but when she did learn about the destination she was not pleased. Phineas and Ferb brought their equipment to the site, and also enlisted the help of the Fireside Girls as lookouts.


The boys had scaffolding and climbing ropes to navigate on the monument. They employed several unorthodox techniques in their carving, utilizing tools such as pickaxes, hammers, dynamite and jackhammers.

Construction techniques

Plan B

Plan B in effect

The end product of "Plan B".

When Candace succeeded in getting Linda to come with her to see Mount Rushmore, Isabella immediately alerted Phineas. They sped up their construction as Linda and Candace approached. When they got too close, Phineas called Isabella to switch to Plan B which involved using a cardboard version of Mount Rushmore to hide the real one. Linda fell for it, commenting that some things looked better in pictures. Phineas and Ferb were able to continue to work on their gift safely and secretly behind the decoy.


Candace's monument revealed Candace's proper monument revealed
The rough version.
The final sculpture.

Once Linda left to join Lawrence, a bird knocked the decoy down and Phineas and Ferb pulled the drape to reveal the surprise to Candace. At first it looked rough and unflattering to her, but one final tap from Ferb with a sledgehammer made it look perfect. Candace was thrilled with the gift and left to tell Mom about it.


Lava breaking the surface

The destruction of Candace's gift.

Amidst all the construction, Dr. Doofenshmirtz was inside Mount Rushmore about to drill a hole to China when Agent P arrived to stop him. As Doofenshmirtz started to drill down, Agent P followed. Once the drill had reached the Earth's core, Heinz noted that he had completely forgotten about the lava at the center of the Earth. With Agent P steering them out, they managed to escape being destroyed by the lava. The lava instead seeped out through the carving of Candace's head, ruining the sculpture by the time Linda was able to look at it.

Background Information

Roosevelt's glasses

The Mount Rushmore cameo.


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