Reginald Fletcher's mother
Mrs. Fletcher
Mrs. Fletcher watches as her son Reg jumps over her Tea Society
Gender: Female
Age: Elderly
Nationality: English
Friends and Family
Reginald Fletcher's father
Reginald Fletcher
Lawrence Fletcher
Adrian Fletcher
Linda Flynn
Lucy Fletcher
Great Grandchildren:
Candace Flynn (step granddaughter)

Ferb Fletcher, Ferb's English cousins and Eliza Fletcher (granchildren), Ferb's Scottish cousin (possibly) Phineas Flynn (step grandson)

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Flying Fishmonger"
Last Appearance:
  "Bad Hair Day"

Reginald Fletcher's mother is the English mother of Reginald Fletcher and wife of Mr. Fletcher. She was a part of a Tea Society, and at one point, her son jumped over her on his motorcycle and the other member while gathered to drink tea. ("The Flying Fishmonger") Her grandson, Lawrence Fletcher, married Linda Flynn.

She appears in the song, "Mix and Mingle Machine" ("Cheer Up Candace"). She later attended the Endangered Animal Benefit in Danville with an unnamed acquaintance ("Bad Hair Day").


Background Information


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