Reginald Fletcher's father
Mr. Fletcher
Reginald Fletcher's father and his son in front of Fletcher & Son Fish & Chips
Gender: Male
Age: Elderly (presumably deceased)
Nationality: England
Friends and Family
Reginald Fletcher's mother
Reginald Fletcher
Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle:
Lawrence Fletcher
Linda Flynn
Great Grandchildren:
Candace Flynn(step Granddaughter)

Ferb Fletcher, Ferb's English cousins, Ferb's Scottish cousin, Eliza
Phineas Flynn(step Grandson)

daughters in law:
Winifred Fletcher
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "The Flying Fishmonger"
Final Appearance:
  "The Flying Fishmonger"
Reginald Fletcher's father(name unknown) is the father of Reginald Fletcher and the husband of Reginald Fletcher's mother. He owned a restaurant named "Fletcher & Son Fish & Chips" in England. His grandson, Lawrence Fletcher, married Linda Flynn which is Phineas and Ferb's dad and mom.

At present, he has only been seen in photographs in Reginald's scrapbook ("The Flying Fishmonger").

Background Information

  • His wife is still alive and rather healthy despite her long age.
  • According to Lawrence Fletcher, he spoke in an unintelligible Celtic accent (although Lawrence may have been referencing another grandfather) A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas.


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