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"Red Rubber Boots" is the song sung by Doofenwitchwarlock in "Wizard of Odd" after getting the red boots from Candace.


Doofenwarlock: Well, my wardrobe,
It used to be duller,
But now I got this
one splash of color. Look!
I got red rubber boots,
and I'm gonna go steppin' tonight.

Broom me!
Yes, I can go tip-tapping all over town,
(He gets cut off when a house lands on him)

"Dorothy": Golly!
("Toto" barks)
Doofenwarlock: Ugh, I didn't get to finish my song.

Background information

  • Since it shows Dorothy and her dog Toto at the end of the song, it can be assumed that this whole episode might be the history before Dorothy came in the book and movie was based on, The Wizard of Oz.
  • The demo version of the song is the full version, and includes three more sections:
I used to quite reprehensible
Still my footwear was always so sensible
Now I got red rubber boots
And I'm gonna go steppin' tonight
Don't even care if it rains.
I could walk through manure,
I could walk through a sewer
My footware's no longer mundane.
I used to wear mahogany loafers
That I bought for 10 bucks from my chauffeur
(He's from Holland!)
I got red rubber boots
And I'm gonna go steppin' tonight.


  • In the lyrics, Doofenwitchwarlock said that his wardrobe used to be duller, but he was seen wearing a pink track suit earlier, so he really has two splashes of color.


BMI Work #12298172

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