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"Pyramid Sports" is a song from the episode "Thanks But No Thanks", sung by Robbie Wyckoff, while the gang is playing different pyramid sports.


Robbie Wyckoff: Pyramid sports, pyramid sports, pyramid;
Pyramid, pyramid sports.

If you want something new, we've got the game for you:
It's a sport of a different sort; you can do what the pharaohs do.
The new recreation that is sweeping the nation with pyramid formation:

Pyramid sports, pyramid sports, pyramid;
Pyramid, pyramid sports.

Here's how you play!

Form yourselves into a pyramid, I guess that's step number one.
Try any sport, now experiment,
Just go and have some fun.
You can do any sport you wish: archery, bowling,
You can even pyramid fish.

I don't care if it's played in a field or on a court,
'Cause everyone here is into pyramid sports!

Pyramid sports, pyramid sports, pyramid sports;
Pyramid sports, pyramid sports!

Background information

  • Milly is the only Fireside Girl who is not shown with the gang and the other Fireside Girls, even though she was shown with the Fireside Girls in their cheerleader outfits.


BMI Work #16852540

"Perry the Platypus" (Short Version 44)
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