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"Princess" is an unused song for "Make Play". It was to be sung by Jeremy Johnson to Princess Baldegunde of Drusselstein.[1]


You think you've fallen for a princess
But a part of you is not exactly sure
How to tell if she's a princess
And, if so, how much, and do they have a cure?

There oughta be some kind of test
You know, part written and part quest
But here's some ways to prove that she's royalty

You know you've fallen for a princess
When she tells you her godmother owns a wand

She very well may be a princess
If she's kissed amphibians down by the pond

If she's graceful, upper class
And all her shoes are made of glass
There's a good chance that her daddy's the king

Production Information

This is a demo idea written for a "Phineas and Ferb" episode that was not used. The episode where Candace switches places with the Princess from Doof's homeland who looks exactly like her. I wrote this for Jeremy to sing, but it was decided Jeremy shouldn't have feelings for someone who isn't Candace even if she really IS Candace pretending NOT to be Candace. Do you understand? Me neither. Thus the song was chucked. Oh well. It was a cute idea.[1]


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